A spy infiltrated the White House – and still there

White House

Secret story that the Lamestream media isn’t telling you

Hey it’s Ashleigh Dunn and a Big Fat Happy Labor day to you…and a recent DOJ “investigation” may say naughty things about Comey but it clears him from leaking classified information. And there is a reason for that…

Why are they so eager to clear Comey? And so quickly?

The real problem with Comey is that he and the FBI and probably the CIA were spying on the Trump candidate and then President Trump.

This whole DOJ “investigation” is just a charade like a magician who directs our attention to somewhere on stage so he can do a trick where we are not looking.

The facts are that the FBI spied and this is NEVER going to be investigated.

I think it’s because members of Congress are themselves being spied on and they are afraid that their secrets will get let out.

President Nixon had the IRS audit his political opponents. That was back in the day when the FBI was the personal fiefdom of cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover.

Today it’s continuing but far worse…

A few drops of this rejuvenates your bedroom life

Men LOVE this little dropper bottle.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

And just a few drops can turn a dead bedroom into an erotic playpen.

Here’s the special little dropper bottle that can rejuvenate your bedroom life.

That huge data center in Utah sucks up all our tweets, emails, phone conversations, internet traffic and probably a lot more…

…and although YOU may have “nothing to hide” politicians have a lot to hide — and this new data surveillance is a license to blackmail.

Don’t worry your kids and grandkids will be learning all about lesbian history

Illinois passed a law requiring kids to “learn” about LGBTQ “history”…in 8th grade.

If this doesn’t get your blood boiling, nothing will.

This is war, folks. The war is being quietly won by the Left for your child’s minds.

The universities are already a lost cause and now so is public school.

Anyone with half a brain and the money to do it is home schooling their kids or putting them into private school. Full story here

Epstein and the murder of Arthur Shapiro

Leslie Wexner is the billionaire who made his money from Victoria’s Secret.

We find out that he gave his mansion in New York City to Epstein.

And Wexner’s name is wrapped up in the murder of an accountant, Arthur Shapiro. From Steve’s piece:

Shapiro was supposed to testify to the grand jury on March 7, 1985 about why he hadn’t filed a tax return in seven years. On March 6, 1985, an unknown gunman chased Shapiro through a Columbus cemetery and shot him dead. The case remains unsolved today.

There’s a pretty good suspect in Barry Kessler, an accountant involved in setting up shady tax shelters with Shapiro. Kessler was accused in several other murders and eventually died in prison.

On the other hand, local journalist Bob Fitrakis has long been implying that the conspiracy to murder Shapiro before he testified goes all the way to the top, or at least as top as you can get in Columbus, Ohio.

And, we find that Epstein may have been a really lurid criminal. He specialized in helping embezzlers hide their money, and helping people recover from embezzlers.

Are these common treatments causing diabetes in men?

Doctors prescribe these treatments thinking they will make men better…but they just make men sicker…

And now I have reason to believe that these treatments doctors are told to prescribe might actually be causing diabetes in men…

Leslie “Victoria’s Secret” Wexner has claimed Epstein embezzled a large amount of money from his charitable foundation. $46 million, maybe much more. So why give the guy your mansion?

Lots more than meets the eye. I’ll continue monitoring developments the lamestream media is afraid to talk about.

And you have a great holiday!