Antifa mobs and threatens respected conservative woman


Isn’t this a fascist move, to mob and threaten someone just because you don’t like their ideas?

Hey it’s Ashleigh Dunn and today, Candace Owens tells the full story of her breakfast being mobbed and threatened by Antifa thugs.

Ironically they are shouting, “no more white supremacy”

And in other news, the Hongkong “CEO” withdrew a bill that has caused all the millions of protesters to take to the streets.

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And today we have two excellent original pieces by highly placed anonymous reporters.


O’Sullivan’s Law
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

You know the big problem we’ve got in America today?

No one will just leave anyone alone.

They have to meddle in our business.

Everything that already exists must be changed so that it’s as they want it.

The left that is, the snowflake generation, that Woken SS.

This is also known as O’Sullivan’s Law.

The basic problem is that these people are being un-American.

When our ancestors, Pilgrims, Mormons or just plain folk, hated the way the place was being run they got in the wagons and went West.

They created a new thing. They made the world new, as they wanted it.

Hey, maybe it wasn’t perfect after all. But that is that American way. You want this? I don’t? Fine, off we go and start again.

That’s what drives business along.

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What drives every major change in fact.

Sure, the old guys did it with some trail mix and an axe, carving a civilisation out of the forests.

Today it can be a new business. Google started that way. Uber. Facebook. And before that, Apple, Microsoft…

But it’s the same idea.

“I don’t like today so I’ll go create something new.”

For the left this isn’t how it’s done.

As David Cole says at Takimag, his publisher, Adam Parfrey at Feral House passed away and oh no!

Parfrey built something new and interesting by doing what he wanted, creating it.

Now he’s dead and the snowflake scumsuckers that make up his staff are turning it into yet another woke operation.

As with every movie about the past, can’t have something about a couple of white guys any more.

Has to be a woman, maybe person of color, who tells dim Whitey how to do it. And that ain’t the way the past was.

Sure, it can be the way the future is.

But we got to here, where we are, because people went out and tried those new things. Often enough dying in the process. And yep, most of them were white men.

Pretty much the point that O’Sullivan’s Law makes too.

“Any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time.”

Because any right wing type – freedom and liberty loving as we are – who wants to change things goes off and starts again.

The new country, the new farm, the new business.

The left don’t want to have to do that work.

So, they colonise – like termites in the basement – the stuff created by the hard workers of the past.

Hey, mebbe it’s just because they can’t actually do that hard work. Creation is difficult after all.

But it is what happens.

Everything made new by the last generation ends up being left wing by the end of this one.

Which is why any organisation more than 50 years old is pretty much shit.

Not because there was anything wrong with it but because it’s got the wrong people in it now.

You think Henry Ford would be happy with what the Ford Foundation spends money on today? Rockefeller and his money?

And let’s remember that more than 80 years ago the Federal Government did pretty much nothing except the Army. Now it does more it’s colonised, isn’t it?

Google’s Mission Was To Organise The World’s Information. Now It’s To Control It
By Dorian

If it’s not government doing it then it’s not censorship.

A private business can allow, or not, whatever it wants as speech. We could praise Maxine Waters here if we wanted to – we don’t.

But it’s still appalling to see how Google’s mission has changed.

They started out, their claim was, to organise the world’s information. That’s after the Don’t Be Evil thing.

This has now changed – as those snowflakes and leftists have colonised the company – to trying to control that information.

Take their boast about YouTube. They’ve banned 100,000 videos for “hate speech”.17,000 channels closed down for it.

500 million – million – comments removed.

Sure, they can do it. It’s private property. They can do anything they like there. It’s not censorship. But it is still wrong.

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Not just because of who is telling us what hate speech is.

Jessica Yaniv, for example, tells us that she, a trans woman, must be offered a Brazilian wax.

On her still entirely male genitals.

By waxers who work only with women. Anyone who says otherwise is a hater – doing hate speech.

Or someone against gay marriage – that’s hate speech now. Hey, it might be right or wrong but hate? Hate speech is now defined as anything the cultural left disagrees with.

Which isn’t good for society, when anything unfashionable can’t be said. But that’s where we’re headed – and on YouTube that’s where we already are.

Sure, there’s the good side to this. We’ll go off and create something new again. Or some of us will.

But then that’s how Twitter used to be too, right? Absolute free speech as long as it was legal. And didn’t that change?

Now you’re thrown off for triggering someone by stating simple facts at them. Like, you know, the trans aren’t real women thing. Just noticing that genitals don’t change just because you say so gets you closed down.

Time to go back to how the Founding Fathers – the sexists! – had it. As PJ O’Rouke said:

“There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.”

Both we and they get to say whatever and anyone can shout at us or them for having done so.

We’d be OK with that because we believe in freedom, they on the other hand…..




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