Apple & Google delivering gun owner information to US

Apple and Google

The beginning of confiscation?

Hey it’s Ashleigh Dunn here and It’s NOT common for the U.S. Government to request private information from its citizens, in secret…

… but did you know company tech giants, Google & Apple, are being demanded by the U.S. Government to sneak Gun Owner Privatement Information? Read it here

And Dem. Pete Buttigieg uses the bible to convince you that unborn babies can be aborted up until they inhale

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Liz Warren Wants To ‘Axe’ Gas Drillers To Smithereens

By Dorian, a highly placed Washington DC government source

Senator Warren wants to take an axe to the Constitution again. Anyone remember whether Lizzie Borden had Cherokee blood too?

And given what the Feds did to the Indians the hacking away doesn’t seem all that wise either.

Pocahontas has this idea. The people who work in The Swamp of DC are so much wiser, smarter, than everyone else that they should have all the power.

It’s not just that we folks might not like it but the people who run the States have to be told too.

This was, we all recall, what started the Civil War of course.

Here’s the stuff the Feds get to do, here’s the State and the people. The Constitution does actually say that.

The Feds do this, if it don’t say the Feds then maybe the States, and if it don’t say either then it’s up to the people.

That’s not good enough for Lizzie of course. She knows best so she’s going to have the Feds do it all.

Because, obviously, she’s running for Federal office.

If she was running for the County then she’d be arguing the county should decide everything.

The specific thing here seems pretty small. It’s who gets to regulate fracking.

On my first day…..I will ban fracking – everywhere.

At the moment each State gets to decide. New York said no, Pennsylvania yes and it’s PA getting rich on it.

But if that’s the way the people of NY want it then fine, that’s up to them. That’s what States Rights means, people get to decide locally.

Even Lizzie’s Axe doesn’t have that power. At least not right now. It shouldn’t either.

For a reason Warren should be able to understand but obviously doesn’t.

She’s also got a plan for the Indians – Native Americans these days. She’s right, things are bad. The system needs reform. A heck of a lotta reform.

What’s the one group of Americans who have been run by the Feds for the past century and more?

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The Indians on the reservations, right?

And as everyone points out the reservations are shit.

The logic of having the Feds run everything for everyone is therefore what?

Pretty strong if you want it all to be shit for all but otherwise?

Warren’s not just taking an axe to the constitution but also to basic logic. At least Lizzie Borden only chopped up the saloons….

Trump’s Success In Cutting The Welfare Rolls

By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

From the first month of Trump being in office there are 6.2 million fewer people on food stamps – SNAP.

For the usual suspects among the Dems this is terrible, think of all the voters getting less from government!

For everyone else, especially us who pay for it, this is great. Actually, it’s great for everyone.

There’s more than one thing going on here. Hey, the country’s a big place, the economy is complicated.

Stealing the milk and cookies from a poor child is pretty terrible – a poor child getting milk and cookies without needing welfare is just great.

The first thing is that food stamps were given to many more people because that recession. The economy collapses, why not help people a little bit more?

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Just because Wall Street can’t get its act together why should the unemployed starve?

Now the economy is better – pretty much everyone who wants a job now has one – we can pull back on the free stuff, right?

So, we have. The expansion of food stamps to deal with economic disaster has been reeled back in as we’ve no economic disaster.

The second is that people are richer now.

Sure, wages haven’t been going up all that fast but they have some. And people coming off unemployment into work, their wages sure do rise.

So, fewer people need welfare whatever our system is. This is good, we like this, who doesn’t like that our fellow Americans are doing better?

It’s also great we don’t have to pay for it.

So, we’ve changed the rules a bit because no recession, we’re all richer so few need us to be taxed to help them. Ain’t that all a good thing?

Which brings us to number three and what we do next.

As the economy continues to grow, as incomes keep increasing, welfare – not just food stamps – will shrink.

Sure, some people just never will make it at all, but near all will get somewhere in these good times.

Except, what about the immigrants?

That’s the next thing to change. As Trump is changing it. We’ll all dig deep for our fellow Americans in the bad times.

No country or people in the world do more in charity after all.

But for the people who aren’t us? Sure, some of them can come in. But come and live off us? Nope, that’s not the way we want it, not the way we want it at all.

So, you want to immigrate then you get no welfare. And if you have been using welfare then you can’t get your Green Card nor the citizenship.

Seems only fair, we want people who stand on their own two feet.

Nothing wrong with a helping hand to us, but handouts to everyone?

In the long term the best way to reduce welfare is to make the country rich so no one needs it. We can do that too, we are doing it.

But along the way we’ve got to limit who becomes part of the country otherwise we’ll be paying for the entire world.

Elizabeth Warren‏ @ewarren

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