Assange Under Brutal Deep State Slander

The apprehension of Assange was extremely revealing.

One would think that news organizations across the world would stand firmly with Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

After all, Wikileaks has a 100% no-retraction record.

Wikileaks revealed the inner workings and malfeasance of governments and organizations.

Truly, a golden standard for journalism.

There was not a single instance in which Wikileaks reported something that turned out to be false!

Unfortunately, news organizations are not news organizations. They are Fake News outlets designed to spread deep state propaganda.

This is what mainstream media considers ‘relevant reporting’.

If you live in an effective embassy prison, slightly messing around with a skateboard means that you are mentally ill!

If you do it in underwear, then you are super crazy!

Therefore, anything that you ever did to further the cause of justice and truth is nullified.

This is the agenda under which the media arm of the deep state operates. The slander campaign is relentless – fetid lair!

Assange is a monstrous, bearded, skateboarding, feces-throwing, deranged troll! Don’t pay attention to anything else.

And while that is going on, smearing continues on the institutional level as well:

The US alleges Assange actively sought for and encouraged Manning to crack a password to access classified information on a Defense Department network; the affidavit claims details related to this charge, for instance chat log discussions between the pair over how to crack a password, though the affidavit notes that “it remains unknown whether Manning and Assange were successful in cracking the password,” related to the conspiracy charge.

All of this is nonsense, of course. There is no evidence for any of it.


That doesn’t stop the deep state in trying to frame Julian Assange.

The document uses maximal and hyped language to describe “one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States,” yet struggles to ascertain whether “illegal agreement that Assange and Manning reached” specifically led to the release of the document trove (obviously crucial for charges against Assange to hold up).

Your tax money at work Liberty Lovers; funding deep state creeps so they can slander, frame and imprison real journalists trying to do their job.

Worse, the affidavit makes Osama bin Laden — killed in a 2011 raid by US Navy Seals while living comfortably in an Abbottabad, Pakistan compound — out to be a WikiLeaks fan, given letters had been found instructing an al-Qaeda member to “gather” the publicly available material leaked by Manning.

Somehow this is meant to imply WikiLeaks in a round-about way assisted al-Qaeda’s mission. The FBI is perhaps left grasping with this “bin Laden benefited” theory given the relative flimsiness of evidence to support the original “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” aspect on which the case originated.

The implications of this are insane!

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If a single terrorist avails himself to information revealed by any journalist, then the journalist in question could become a target for imprisonment.

Hitler wore pants = pants bad.

Hitler breathed air = air bad.

Al-Qaeda browsing internet = internet freedom bad.

Al-Qaeda member taking advantage of journalism = real journalism bad.

This is the logic that deep state criminals are counting on, and they are trying their best to muddy the waters for that low-info media consumer.

And the Fake News conglomerate offers nothing but expedient support.

Has the deep state already achieved its ultimate goal – chilling real journalism? Hit reply and tell me your opinion.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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