Biden got 900,000 in payoffs says this MP

Trump in Glamour

Of course, they are attacking Trump to deflect the investigation away from the ultimate source of graft and corruption, Saint Obama.

Hey it’s Ashleigh here, and they are SCREAMING for President Trump’s blood.

Remember, the GOP was dead set AGAINST President Trump. He won by getting the mandate from you and me.

Now of course the party is AGAINST him because he dares to begin keeping his promises to end the forever foreign wars.

President Trump says Graham Fake Face would stay in the Middle East in endless wars for 200 years.

“I think Lindsey would like to stay there for the next 200 years, and maybe add a couple hundred thousand people every place. But I disagree with Lindsey on that,” Trump said.

Trumpers is right.

President Trump says the war cost $8 trillion. He’s basically right again.

The “fact checking” phony Deep State websites say he’s wrong, but a major study said that including all the costs, Trumpers is pretty close. For instance, 1 trillion for health care and pensions and benefits for veterans not included by the phony fake “fact checkers”.

And the BIG shaker upper that the lamestreams refuse to talk about…as background, realize that Ukraine is busy investigating Biden and what happened over the last few years in the US interference with Ukraine elections.

Zerohedge reports Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach revealed on Wednesday that former Vice President Joe Biden received $900,000 from Burisma Group for lobbying activities, citing materials related to an investigation….and actually several million wound up in the Family Biden pocket including Boy Genius Hunter, according to sources in Ukraine.

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Billionaires Pay Less Tax Than Their Secretaries
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

He doesn’t pay less tax than his secretary

This is the latest claim to be made, that billionaires pay less tax than the good honest working folk.

Maybe we should instead say that this claim is being made again.

It’s not true of course, it’s just made up for political reasons.

The aim is to tax the rich more and any juice for that call is just fine.

You know, lying to advance Democrat interests, that’s righteous in the pursuit of social justice.

The claim

Billionaires pay a lower tax rate than actual workers.

A new book by Saez and Zucman (two French professors who really are against this capitalism thing) says that billionaires’ families pay 23% in all taxes and working stiffs like you and me 24.2%.

Add up income tax, capital gains, social security, medicaid, local, state and Federal, sales tax and all to get those numbers.

The problem is, it’s a lie. That just ain’t the way the tax system works.

The problem is who really pays the taxes that corporations pay?


We can go look at people who really know what they’re talking about.

We could believe the OECD, IMF and all those international people.

Who point out that the US Federal tax system is more progressive than any in Europe. Yep, really, more than Sweden, more than Denmark or France.

Or we can even really think about it.

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So, who pays the taxes handed over by corporations?

Sure, the company signs the check. But any and every tax means the wallet of some live human being gets lighter.

There’s only us folks here to pay taxes anyway.

So, a corporation is a legal person but not a real one. Which real person pays the corporate income tax?

To get that 23% tax rate we’ve got to say not the billionaire.

But who owns the company? OK, some of it is in our 401 (k) but they’re rich because they own passels of stocks, right?

When the dividend is paid they do pay a lower income tax rate on the money they get. Sure they do.

But the company has already paid the corporate income tax on that dividend before it is sent out.

So, what’s the real tax rate on the dividend? It’s the personal income tax rate plus the corporate income tax rate. And that ain’t 23%, no damn way is it 23%.

Same is true of capital gains taxes.

Sure the rate is lower than the standard income tax rate. Part of this is inflation.

If you buy at $100 and then sell the stock at $150 after 5 years what’s your profit?

It ain’t $50, it’s $50 minus inflation. At 3% inflation that’s $16. The profit is $34, not the $50.

But you pay the tax on the 50, not the 34 — capital gains tax isn’t as low as it seems now, is it?

Billionaires don’t pay 23% tax

Because we’ve got to add back into their tax bill the corporate tax already paid by the companies.

The entire claim is wrong – but hey, this is politics in an election year. Truth is the victim here, as always.

Lizzie Hatchett Gets It Wrong. Again.
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

It’s cheap to live near here

The latest claim is that we put all the pollution where the black folks live.

This is environmental racism. Oh, and we’ve gotta pay $1 trillion to clean it all up.

Gee, thanks to Lizzie “Hatchett” Warren we really do get to pay all this money. Or we will if the country’s ever stupid enough to elect her.

‘Cuz that’s her claim. The pollution’s in the black part of town, this is bad, this is racism, we must pay to clean it all up.

Oh, and call it “communities of color” not the black part of town.

So, Europe then

In every major city in Europe the poor live in the eastern part.

The eastern part has all the pollution.

Europeans didn’t put all the pollution in the poor part of town to oppress communities of color because they don’t have any.

What happened is that the prevailing wind in Europe is from the west, from the Atlantic.

So, when everyone had coal fires the eastern end of the city choked.

The East End of London, the eastern parts of Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, all the same.

It ain’t racism about blacks. It’s that poor people go live where the rich folks don’t want to.

Down where the pollution is ‘cuz that’s where the land and the housing are cheaper.

We didn’t put the pollution where the blacks are

No one ever said, great, this oil refinery, let’s put it in that colored part of town. Not even the black, the Negro or the persons of color bit.

What did happen is once the refinery is there then housing is cheaper. Ya know, pollution? So, who goes live in the cheaper housing? The poorer people.

Hey, maybe it’s real terrible that blacks are poorer than whites – on average – in America. Mebbe we should do something ‘bout that too.

But that poor people live in the cheap part of town just isn’t evidence of racism or of anything else.

Other than that poorer than people tend to live in the cheap part of town, just as they don’t drive brand new Cadillacs but might have a 10 year old Ford.

We also don’t need to pay $1 trillion

If we get the reason for a problem wrong then we’re never going to get the solution right.

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That’s what Lizzie Hatchett is doing here, misidentifying the reason. It’ll always be the poor people living in the poor part of town.

Spending $1 trillion on anything ain’t gonna change that.

C’mon, anyone think the rich are going to live next to the wastewater treatment plant?





U.S. Taxes are Progressive: Comment on “Progressive Wealth Taxation”