Bombshell: Tulsi to Trump “stop pimping out our troops”

The only Left candidate who isn’t a flaming hypocrite says we shouldn’t be wasting our brave soldier’s lives for this evil cause.

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has served and continues serving in our nation’s military.

And she just called out the pimping of our brave soldiers to fight for Saudi Arabia, a horrific regime that routinely beheads people and only is now letting women drive.

And Biden’s handlers have a problem. He is senile. And they know it. This goes FAR beyond his comment that parents should play the “record player” to their kids at night. See the latest evidence that Biden has dementia here…his handlers are promoting him to be the president so they can rule.

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Lizzie “Hatchet” Warren To Increase Corruption In DC
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

This isn’t quite what Pocahontas is telling us, sure enough. The words are that she’ll reduce the corruption in the Swamp. Abolish it even, illegalize the heck out of it. Then everything she does is a plan to increase that same corruption.

Corruption Comes From Having To Bend – Break – The Rules

Sure, there are some rules that we’re real happy about. That one against murder seems a great idea. The one about subsidising Florida sugar growers so much that Coke uses high fructose corn syrup to make Iowa farmers happy – because the elections start in Iowa, right? – might make less sense.

So What Is Corporate Corruption?

We could say it’s the corporations bribing everyone in DC to get what they, the capitalist pigs, want. We might say though that it’s the corporations desperately bribing the politicians to say away from them. To let business get on with making the stuff we all want without some congresscritter interfering.

Hey, Your Call On This

Lobbying of Congress is because people want to buy it or want it to leave them alone?

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So, OK, whichever. Pocahontas tells us that she’s right against it, all this money in politics. And she’s sure going to do something about it. A hundred things about it in fact.

She’ll Stop A Businessman Ever Becoming President Ever Again

One idea is that whoever becomes President must sell off their entire business. All of it. Everything. Jimmy Carter would have to sell that peanut farm. Trump all of his real estate – even the name. The Kennedys would have to have sold off all that moonshine running money Ol’ Joe Kennedy made during Prohibition.

Just What Is A Business Though?

Hey, maybe Obama has to sell off his books too? It’s a business ain’t it? Does Lizzie herself have to pay off her publishing empire? Because this can be corruption. There was that lady in DC itself who got the school board to buy tens of thousands of her book in exchange for some favour or other.

But Think About It

If you were over on the left and hated Republicans and even just the idea of private business this would be a great idea. If no one can keep any business – not even a little dude ranch ‘coz that’s a business, right, not even the family farm – then that’s everyone who made their career in private business out of the running. The rest of us might think it not so good an idea.

But OK, That’s Details, What’s The Real Beef?

The real problem here is that Senator Warren doesn’t understand why business spends money on politics. Not to get things, but to avoid them. To avoid the plans the politicians have. What’s Warren got for America? A plan for every problem, right?

So, Pocahontas gains power and we get more or less corruption? More, obviously, because there are more idiot ideas to pay to avoid.

How The Heck Did This Happen?
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

It looks like the Democrats might have an actual adult in the race. Not that he’s going to win or anything but it’s worth noting the fact. Many of his ideas are real strange too but he is that rarity, an adult in politics.

Stick and Stones….

….May break my bones but names will never hurt me. Where I come from that was a normal childhood rhyme, the point of repeating it was to get that message. Don’t matter a damn what people call you, matters only what they physically do to you. This isn’t how the modern babies work now, is it?

That Woken SS

Even to call someone black these days is to risk being blacklisted. At least in the 1950s we only did that to real honest to goodness damn commies. Benedict Cumberbatch got snarled at for using the world “colored” which is a bit of a surprise in a country that has the NAACP. It’s all people of color these days except in the rap music.

Now To Be Adult

The latest was the guy, Shane Gillis, who got fired from SNL before he even started. Maybe he’s not funny or something but that’s a problem with the SNL interview technique. Because what they’ve said about it is that he used some bad words. Years ago. And he’s apologised.

But, You Know, Bad Words.

Which is when we get the adult in the race.

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Andrew Yang is one of those who should – by modern standards – be offended. It doesn’t even matter which group Gillis said the bad words about, the group Yang belongs to. Because Yang said he shouldn’t lose his job.

Hey, Words, You Know?

Yang is at the back of the pack for that Democratic nomination and no one’s heard of him except us who have to study politics for work. But still, we should call out behaviour, right? Which is exactly what Yang actually said.

Sure, Gillis ain’t saying nice things. And we should say he ain’t too. Argue with him, get him to change what he says so he’s at least polite in public. Sure. But we don’t fire someone for what they say.

Look, if he’s funny employ him as a comedian. If he’s not then don’t.

Somethin’s Wrong Here

As far as anyone can tell today’s D Party is a rampant mob looking for the next thing to be offended by. So, it’s great that they seem to have one adult running. Not that he’s going to win and not that we’d vote for him anyway. But, you know, the idea that one, if only one, exists over there.





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