Breaking: Congresswoman’s affair and corrupt payoff

Alexandria Cortez

And why she will never go to jail for it

Hey it’s Ashleigh Dunn and a today there is a story about Omar and how she is being investigated for using campaign funds to pay her boyfriend — who happens to be married to someone else.

This alleged corruption is par for the course. What nobody is saying is that the Omar family were insiders to a horrific dictator in Somalia — and when he was deposed, they fled.

She is as corrupt as they come. Along with her friends in Congress she wants to turn the USA into a third world cesspool like where she came from.

Folks, these newbie Congresscritters from Africa grew up in the most corrupt lands in the world — and they don’t really do anything differently when they come to the Land of Opportunity.

The full sordid story on her past is here, and the story about the latest alleged payoffs is here

And if this sounds eerily familiar, her buddy in Congress, Alexandria Socialist-Cortez may have paid HER boyfriend illegally using campaign funds. Something that is supposedly being investigated. Ha!

This is the woman who is said to have married her brother…

Two years from now they’ll get a slap on the wrist, wanna bet on it?

And here’s a piece by Stewart L., a highly placed Washington insider who has chosen our platform to write anonymously.



Men’s cancer is not important

By Stewart L.

When was the last time you heard a public service announcement about male breast cancer?

Probably never, right?

Like a lot of issues these days, women tend to grab the headlines and dominate the spotlight.

The public health establishment, much of it dominated by women, is no exception.

Find a disease that afflicts women, and everyone thinks we should spend millions of dollars to find a cure.

Over the past two decades, female breast cancer has become a national cause célèbre.

Women run marathons and hand out pink ribbons for everyone to wear – including men.

Other cancers claim far more lives, but breast cancer has claimed our attention like no other.

Though one wants to admit it, gender – and sex — has a lot to do with this pre-occupation.

Many women fear losing their breasts because they strike at the heart of her female identity.

They may never have any intention of having children, much less breast-feeding them, but the right to obsesses over their boobies is considered God-given.

They may not even have breast worth obsessing over – size or shape wise – but it hardly matters.

Breast cancer, when it strikes, is an attack on womanhood, the very idea of it. It’s another form of patriarchy. It must be resisted by women everywhere – and by the men that love them.

Truth is, men do love breasts.

Most men have high estrogen — here’s how I fixed mine

A few years ago, on a lab result, my estrogen was through the roof.

And my doctor didn’t care — he said I should lose weight and take a statin.

So I started researching everything I could find about estrogen.

Turns out, men who have a bit of a belly almost always have high estrogen.

High estrogen in men can even cause “man boobs.”

And it also leads to “rockiness” problems…

So after a lot of trial and error and reading, I discovered a simple way to lower my estrogen levels. And I use it constantly.

Best of all, my wife LOVES the “new me” with low estrogen because the difference in my body is SO VISIBLE when we make love.

Click here to see how I lowered my estrogen and improved EVERYTHING including in the bedroom…

Not just because we remember them nurturing us as infants but because we never really stopped obsessing over them.

In fact, we spend an inordinate amount of time admiring them still – wherever they may appear. Or when they don’t appear — and really wish that they would.

So naturally, we have boundless sympathy for someone getting a mastectomy.

Especially if we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy those luscious bazoongas ourselves.

It’s like losing a member of the family – maybe two.

Which brings me to male breast cancer.

It exists, but no one ever seems to talk about it.

Sure, it’s fairly rare, and it usually doesn’t strike a man until later in life. But it’s also under-diagnosed and misdiagnosed.

Men are never encouraged – as women are — to pay attention to any small lumps that might appear in the area around their nipples.

Doctors often mistake it for a cyst or some other benign growth.

As a result the mortality rate for male breast cancer is actually quite high – far higher now than the rate for female breast cancer.

Am I suggesting that we start a new publicity campaign for male breast cancer awareness? Not really.

After all, men labor in all the dangerous jobs and account for 90% of all workplace fatalities.

We’re used to having it hard.

We’d hate to come off like cry-babies.

Why are men not being told this fact about “rockiness”?

A brand new scientific breakthrough reveals how a specific hormone can get men incredible “rocky” ones like they haven’t had since teenage years…

But Big Pharma doesn’t sell it.

So doctors don’t know about it — and men aren’t using it to get consistent stiffies like they should be.

This hormone will surprise you.

It will make you rigid almost immediately, and it works for a long time, so you can make love with your wife or girlfriend for 30 minutes or longer…

Still, it wouldn’t hurt if someone acknowledged that men and their diseases deserve more attention.

Some cancer-causing afflictions, like HPV, long thought of as a “women’s disease” actually strike men more often – and like breast cancer, have a higher mortality rate in men.

Not that most men know this.

Most of us don’t even like going to the doctor. Some part of us would really rather fuss over our women, and assume the role of self-less protector.

But deep down we’re still macho pigs.

If you really want to get our attention, show us the rates for penile or testicular cancer? Hell, we’ll be demanding reparations.

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