Breaking: Dems scared s***less that this will be found out

The impeachment charade is unwinnable and they know it…they are doing it because of this one secret they pray won’t get out…

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and first: I’ve said Boeing will end in bankruptcy and government bailout due to the 737 MAX.

Still grounded and they are making over 42 per month and sticking them in parking lots.

Boeing chose to design their 737 MAX so the pilots would fly like the old 737s, mechanically, rather than by wire, like Airbus and the new 787.

And that is the problem. Here is a good explanation of Boeing’s 737 MAX problem and why it is probably insolvable.

When things fail on the plane here is what happens: “an unexpected autopilot disconnect, an airspeed warning, an altitude disagree warning, a stall warning and, after MCAS intervenes, also an over-speed warning. The control column rattles, a loud clacker goes off, several lights blink or go red, several flight instruments suddenly show crazy values. All this in a critical flight phase immediately after the start when the workload is already high.”

Pilots won’t be able to deal with this. The FAA knows it. So Boeing has to fundamentally redesign the entire 737 MAX flight deck and for that matter, maybe the whole airframe. What will they do with the 42 planes a month they are idling in parking lots?

And here is the REAL story of how in 2014 the US engineered a coup in Ukraine and installed a puppet government. Sleep Joe Biden is said to have been intimately involved

…and then, magically, Boy Genius Hunter Biden starts making $50K a month for doing nothing…and a US citizen becomes Ukraine finance minister by becoming a Ukraine citizen the next day….Monsanto gets a big contract, gravy train baby!

And Ukraine gets billions in loan guarantees. Ain’t politics fun!

And that is the true reason they are pursuing the impeachment charade: In Beltway Land, you attack if you are guilty and that’s why they are attacking President Trump.

They are guilty.

Saint Obama will be going down, and so will Old White Guy Joe.

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Yes, Of Course They’re Lying To Us
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

The question is only what is it they’re lying to us about now – that they are is obvious for their lips are moving.

Today’s example is vaping. You know, those hundreds dead from vaping lung disease?

So, we’re gonna make vaping illegal. Or more difficult.

Or ban flavors. Or, you know, somethin’.

It’s true, people have been dying.

Sure enuff, 12 people we know of have died, hundreds made ill.

Yep, vaping was involved too. So, right, should be banned.

Can’t have people dying from some legal product now, can we?

Gotta make it illegal so no one does it so no one dies.

Like that worked with heroin…

So we cut down on the opiates that people could get from the doctor.

OK, maybe too many were taking too much. So, what happens next?

People move on to heroin and a proper scag habit isn’t a nice thing. It’s what happens next that really hurts it.


So heroin’s expensive and fentanyl’s cheap so the injectable supply gets cut with the fentanyl.

The high’s about the same so problem solved, right?

I discovered a simple but weird little practice I do at home

When I want more potency and vigor, I do this weird little practice at home and I’m raring to go.

It works because it raises my temperatures and literally makes my metabolism the same as when I was a young man of 20.

Right now, I’m doing it, and my temperatures at 98.8, and I’m raring to go.

And you can do the same in your life.

In fact, if you don’t, you will find that you deflate as a man and find everything tougher, slower, lower, and colder.

But with my weird little practice — well now you are always ready, always hot to trot.

And it’s wonderful for a man’s overall health and longevity too.

All from this one simple, but weird little practice.

Except the f-stuff kills people more than the h-stuff. And both much more than the pills from the doctor.

So, what have we actually done here?

We’ve killed people, obviously.

We stamped on the pill mills, more people died.

Fewer corpses if we’d just let people get high on the legal stuff.

But that’s not allowed because, you know, gettin’ high, people shouldn’t do that.

So, vaping. It’s definitely safer than smoking cigarettes.

But that’s no good ‘cuz Big Tobacco still makes money out of vape cartridges.

Gotta stop people having fun!

Don’t forget the country was founded by Puritans and they’re the folks lyin’ awake at night worrying that someone, somewhere, might be enjoyin’ themselves.

We need an excuse to ban vaping therefore.


So, a handful of people die, hundreds get ill. We ban flavoured vapes, start to talk about closing down Juul and so on. Great!

Except what actually happened? CDC tells us that 80% of ill vapers were juicing black market THC. Sensible people say the other 20% were lyin’ about it. So we’re gonna ban the legal stuff, right?

What actually happened again?

THC is illegal, vaping’s a good way to get high with THC liquid.

THC’s expensive because it’s illegal as vaping juice in most places still.

So, people cut it – drug dealers are nice like this – and that makes it real runny.

To make it viscous, like the good stuff, add back in Vitamin E acetate.

Inhaling Vitamin E acetate gives you lipoid pneumonia.

What have people been dyin’ of? Lipoid pneumonia.

Case closed.

But we gotta ban vaping with flavors because.

Yes, of course they’re lyin’ to us. The only question is what is it they’re lyin’ about today.

Warren’s Closing Down Civilisation In 16 Years Time
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Well, Lizzie “Hatchet” Warren says she’ll close down civilisation in 16 years time if she gets elected.

Mebbe the Alzherimer’s is kicking in early and she doesn’t realise this.

Or perhaps she’ll just say anything to grasp the brass ring.

But her ignorance doesn’t change the reality, she is tryin’ to close it down.

What Fauxcahonatas actually says is

That we should stop producing homes, cars, electricity, that have carbon emissions by 2035. Just get up ‘n’ do it.

Because, you know, climate change.

If we don’t short bus Swedish teenagers will shout at us.

The problem is that this does actually mean the end of civilisation.

Hey, climate change, mebbe

We can all make up our own minds if it’s happening.

They do lie to us all the time after all. But if it is our problem isn’t stopping it.

That’s easy, we all die tomorrow, it’s over. What’s difficult is stopping it and still being able to go to Arby’s after.

OK, maybe Arby’s isn’t the entirety of western civilisation but you get the point.

There’s nuttin’ that doesn’t emit carbon

So, the wood we build houses from, as it rots – or burns – it emits carbon,

So, no carbon houses means no houses. We can’t use cement because that emits when we make it.

Cars – OK, so we use batteries. But batteries have to be made and that makes emissions.

Or steel, gotta use coal to make new steel – steel just is iron with carbon.

We can’t just recycle either, gotta be makin’ at least some new steel to be adding to the mix.

So, no emissions cars means no cars.

Electricity? How much steel goes into a windmill?

Make a dam and we get emissions from the rotting plants we’ve just drowned.

Ever thought about how much energy goes into turning beach sand into a solar cell?

There ain’t no such thing as no emission technology

That means that if we want no emissions then we can have no tech.

Tech is civilisation, no emissions means non’o’ that either.

The Green New Deal doesn’t get us to Little House on the Prairie with smartphones. It gets us to us all dyin’ in the rubble of civilisation.

We like this civilisation shit, we want to keep it

We can, instead, be adult about this.

If climate change exists and we want to do something then what?

Well, be adult. We want as much of the modern world as we can with as little of the destruction of the environment.

We all know that everything has a cost, everything has benefits. So, lots of good stuff, little bad is what we want.

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You know, same as everything else

Just like the whole of the rest of life we want as much as we can get at the least cost.

And Uncle Sam isn’t the way we get that, is it?

Government cheese costs a fortune to make and no one willingly eats it.

Can’t even bait a mousetrap with it as rodents reject it.

So, getting the government to design and build our houses, cars, energy supply is going to work how well?

The last thing we want is some damn government plan to deal with climate change because we know how these plans turn out.




THC products like ‘Dank Vapes’ are playing a major role in outbreak of lung illnesses, CDC says