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Brett Kavanaugh and Trump shaking hands

The Left will stop at nothing to get a socialist agenda in the Supreme Court…

Hey it’s Ashleigh here I can’t believe the awful filth spewing from the Left today,another attempt to drag Justice Kavenaugh in the mud.

Plus, of course you heard about the attack on the Saudi oil facilities.

Oil has skyrocketed already as I write this.

But the real story is the blame game is already on Iran, when it is almost certainly the Yemenis who are tired of 100,000 deaths from the pointless war supported by the US and inflicted by Saudi Arabia.

Classic false flag attack — watch them blame Iran when it is almost certainly not Iran who attacked the Saudis.

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And two articles today from our highly placed sources in Washington DC and Europe. Enjoy!

You Just Wait ‘Till We Get Bernie’s Gubmint Health Care For All
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

As we know, Bernie Sanders is running to be the Prez on the idea of gubmint health care for all. If only the people who give us the DMV take care of our health then we’ll be in heaven, nirvana will actually have arrived.

Says, you know, people who never have to go to the DMV.

Because sure having the bureaucrats run another part of our life is going to be real fun, a great consumer experience.

And Bernie never misses a chance to make the point – we should have Medicare for All. Government knows what’s best for us and here’s another example. And another, and hey, look here, a story that tells us we should have gubmint health care.

Over the weekend we had one of those stories:


Huntington’s is horrible. A really terrible way to go.

But sadly we’ve got to examine the story a little more.

So, the guy’s a 20 year Navy veteran. Hmm, what? But veterans get health care. This is solemn promise, right? You do your time defending the country and the country’ll defend you and your family. That’s the deal, right?

Well, yeah, that is the deal.

Sometimes the VHA ain’t all that good, true.

In fact, recently, it’s been really pretty terrible. It was entirely awful back in the 90s too, before Clinton reformed it.

But guess what’s really special about that?

Think your medications are expensive now? Well just wait…

A network of Capitol Hill insiders just contacted me and passed on a warning…

There’s a terrible event on the horizon, a secret plot hatched by a shady shadow organization in Washington…

They’ve got a plan to make drug prices skyrocket while increasing their own profits tenfold.

And this will quickly bankrupt any American on a fixed income. Especially seniors and retirees.

But it’s not too late yet… here’s what you can do to protect yourself from this secret plot.

The VHA is the only part of the health care system that government not only pays for – like Medicare and Medicaid – but actually owns and runs. That is, veterans health care is what real, proper and total gubmint health care is.

There’s another bit too, Tricare. This is government paying for health care for veterans outside that VHA system. It’s Tricare that this vet has. Or had. We don’t actually find out quite, because Huntington’s slowly takes your mind, so his explanation wasn’t quite complete.

But what we do know is that here’s a veteran, who should have gubmint health care, who has huge medical bills because gubmint health care ain’t been there fer him.

This is a lot of things, including a tragedy for that veteran. But it’s not actually what Bernie is using it as, an advertisement for government health care for all, is it?

Because we can’t use a failure as an advertisement for more of it, can we?

The Terrifying Thing About Brett Kavanaugh
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

The weekend brought us more allegations about the behavior of Brett Kavanaugh when he was a student. Apparently he whipped his dong out and waved it around. This means he must be impeached.

Well, yeah, maybe he should be impeached

If Kavanaugh did this in the Supreme Court robing room in an attempt to interest Justice Bader Ginsberg in copping a feel then sure, fire up the House and start those impeachment hearings right now. Grown men shouldn’t do such things. But is that what happened?

Drunken teenagers

Well, no, Notorious RBG isn’t the subject of the bad manners. Instead, the allegation is that Kavanaugh, as a drunken teenager, whipped out his dong in a room full of drunken teenagers. Hey, not nice, but you know, drunk, teenagers. College students at a party.

It’s not even what he did but what he’s doing

The shouting isn’t even about what he did – or did not – do. It’s about what he’s doing now. They’re not even being quiet about this. It’s all “As Justice Kavanaugh is oppressing Americans” and “a conservative on the court” therefore I have to speak out and call for impeachment.

She can’t even remember

The woman it is claimed he assaulted at that party can’t even remember it. You know, the assault, which even if it’s true, ain’t, but which ain’t true anyway?

And then there’s Slick Willie

Sure, we did indeed try to impeach Bill Clinton. And aren’t we always told that we’re wrong to have done so? Because when a Democrat does something that’s different. Because reasons.

But here’s the big thing

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Who do we actually want ruling us? We’re going to have someone in the Supreme Court, in the Oval Office, in Congress. So, who do we want to have there? People who have had a life or the dorks and dweebs who never did?

Waving your dong around ain’t good

Sure, it’s not a cool thing to be doing and all that. But look at what the real allegation is. Even if it’s true that is, the actual claim is – teenager got drunk and behaved like drunken teenager. And we want to be ruled by those who never got drunk? Never were teenagers?

The young are idiots

We don’t let the really young vote, we at least try to stop them drinking. Because the young are idiots.

That’s why we send them to college or even High School, to try and beat some sense and education into them. So, youngsters are idiots until they’ve done that? Why the heck are we spending $50,000 a year on their educations if that ain’t true?

It’s all about today

The shouting about impeachment is nothing to do with whatever Kavanaugh did or not. It’s about trying to get a conservative off the court.

But now really think about this. How disastrous would the world be if we were ruled by those who never had been drunk as a teenager?

Lordy Be, can you imagine it? Being bossed about by those drunk on their new power instead of by those who know that drunk decisions are bad ones?





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