Breakthrough: The global warming hoax in pictures

Your liberal friends will be aghast. Proof they have been lying about global warming, uh excuse me “climate change” cough cough.


Hey it’s Ashleigh here, and here’s a sample of climate change lies we keep hearing:

See the whole ugly mess laid out — the pack of lies including fake news about supposed wildfires, temperatures, polar bears (more than ever before actually) in pictures here

And I’ll have a lot more about this next piece.

Discover this 4 minute “rockiness” trick THEY don’t want you to know about.

Let me start by saying I LOVE THE MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM.

I support the US Military. If we have a strong military minding our own business, we won’t have to see brave men and women blown up, or blowing up other people.

Okay, so with that, read on Brave Reader…

Yemen is one of the poorest countries on the planet and Saudi Arabia supported by the U.S. military, says the World Bank, makes 3.2 million children and defenseless people there starve.

So now they got tired of it — and Yemen just decisively beat the 3rd wealthiest military in the world, on the ground, you know the old fashioned way, with troops supported by drones, cruise missiles, jamming devices and electronic warfare.

This is the new warfare reality — asymmetric warfare — and it’s as if our U.S. military is fielding horses against modern tanks.

The U.S. military is at least a decade or more behind in defense, hypersonic missiles and much more…and is utterly defenseless against this sort of attack.

I want a strong US military — so sorry, but I did warn you that you won’t like this.

All the U.S. aircraft carriers, all the U.S. ships and fixed assets everywhere (think any building including embassies, etc. etc.) are defenseless against the new generation of hypersonic missiles. Russia has ‘em. The US doesn’t. And nobody can defend against them anyway.

Stop shrinkage and start growing while you sleep, naturally.

Still here? I’m relieved.

You want the real story, the story behind the story, even if it’s painful. So take a look at these stories:

How Inconvenient For St Greta
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Not a happy bunny

Greta Thunberg — you know, the Swedish school girl shouting at everyone about climate change — has to face her own inconvenient fact.

The whole thing just isn’t as she says it is.

Sure, we can all make up our own minds about the basic idea.

Mebbe warming up the planet isn’t all that good an idea, possibly shutting down civilisation to stop it ain’t either. But there is still that inconvenient truth…

It ain’t nowhere near as bad as she says

Every time anyone goes out and really looks at the wilder claims of immediate disaster they turn out to be wrong.

The CEI has a nice list of 50 years of claims. Most of which insist we’re all dead already — something the existence of this email and you readin’ it shows ain’t so.

One other great one is that kids won’t know what snow is – a surprise to Montana right now.

If it’s not so bad then…

We don’t need to kill civilisation to avoid it.

Sure, mebbe there is a real problem, but there’s a difference between changing our ways over 50 years and doing it by 5 pm tomorrow.

We’re going to change everything over 50 years anyway — all the cars will be changed a few times, most houses will be rebuilt, power stations will be torn down and replaced, and so on.

Which is why all the serious economists say make the changes over 50 years of course.

Change what we build new for the future, not tear down all we’ve got right now. They even gave William Nordhaus the Nobel Prize for saying so.

But, but, immediate disaster!

Thing is, every time anyone looks at the science claims about that immediate thang it turns out the claims are wrong.

The latest is a report in Nature. Hey, details of science and all that.

A big thing last year was the oceans are warming much more, much faster than predicted.

So, obviously, kill capitalism and freedom and bring in that socialism.

Turns out the paper’s wrong.

This food ingredient should be outlawed — how much did you eat today?

This bad ingredient is in MOST of today’s foods…

…it builds up in the bloodstream and travels to different parts of the body…

It builds up in a man’s Leydig cells in the testicles, making his testosterone plummet…

It destroys the beta cells in the pancreas, so men become insulin resistant and get diabetes…

…and it builds up in a man’s penile chambers, blocking good blood flow and causing “rockiness” problems.

So tell me — have you been warned about this bad food ingredient yet or how to keep it from building up in your bloodstream?

Which is a big surprise, right? So wrong they’ve had to withdraw it — in science this means: “Yep, right, this is crap. Sorry.”

The actual detail is about “a roughly fourfold increase in uncertainties” which doesn’t sound so bad. But it does mean it’s all crap.

Because it means the result is just random.

The boring details

“We estimate that the result is 3, uncertainty means it could be 2.5 to 3.5.”

OK, so, we’ll run with 3 being a pretty good guess.

“We estimate that the result is 3, uncertainty means it could be -3 to +9”.

Hmm, we’re gonna take that estimate of 3 as being not very useful.

Certainly not useful enough to kill civilisation on the basis of it.

Sure, made up numbers there just to illustrate.

This is actually the climate change problem

Sadly for all those kids skipping school, and for AOC, St Greta and the rest who want to smash capitalism, the science isn’t very good.

The basic idea, carbon and warming, mebbe, mebbe so. But every shout that it’s immediate and chaos begins tomorrow turns out to be wrong.

Which means we’ve got a chronic problem, not an emergency one. One which we can take 50 or 100 years to fix.

Which is just what the actual science itself says too. Not the politics, sure, not the screaming teenagers, but the science does.

NYC Criminalises Illegal Aliens
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Sayin’ illegals are illegal is illegal

Ain’t this a nice surprise? New York City has decided to make it criminal to be an illegal alien.

Ya know, there being a clue in there, the illegal bit, that this is already true.

Ah, no, NYC ain’t done that.

NYC has actually decided that calling someone an illegal alien is illegal.

Because words hurt so much more than actual illegal stuff, right?

“I’m reporting you to ICE” is worse than scrambling over the border, living and working without the right to do so, so that you should be reported to ICE?

It’s discrimination, see?

To call someone illegal is to discriminate against them. So, ya can’t do that in the five boroughs.

Tsk, how could you be so unwoke?

And they really do mean this. To discriminate in housing or employment on the basis of documented status is what they’re sayin’.

Which is pretty weird because we use legal and illegal to discriminate all the time.

Gettin’ blasted on the back deck….

….Is usually thought to be different from gettin’ blasted at the wheel of a car. One is entirely legal – and fun! – the other is illegal and not fun.

We’ve discriminated between the two things.

They’re Permanently Censoring Health Researchers for Finding Cures

Well-known health researchers who have discovered cures to cancer, autism, and other terrible diseases are showing up dead in very mysterious circumstances…

These doctors’ families are claiming foul play… and there are many unanswered questions…

Is Big Pharma really this desperate to keep their profits up and their influence high?

… enough to censor these doctors and health researchers, PERMANENTLY?

Here’s the full story about the suspicious deaths of health researchers… you decide what’s going on…

That young lady saying yes to the horizontal boogie is different from her sayin’ no and boogeyin’ on down. We’ve discriminated into legal and illegal.

Some immigrants make a lot of effort

They fill out the forms, qualify, come here and don’t get welfare, work and eventually become Americans. Great, a nation of immigrants.

Others jump the walls — too low at the moment as Trump says — and who really loses from this? Those who did obey the law, right?

Think about a queue. You stand there for 40 minutes to get into the show and just as you’re gettin’ to the front, some kid zips in without waitin’.

You’re pissed right? You followed the rules, he didn’t.

The whole point of the “illegal” part

Is that we use it to discriminate, NYC says we can’t do that no more.

Because to discriminate is to discriminate. Yeah, guess it is.

It’s also the point of the system, right?




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New York City bans discriminatory use of ‘illegal alien,’ with violators subject to fines up to $250K

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