California Plunges Deeper into Energy Dependency

California, the epicenter of leftist social engineering and every progressive agenda you can think of, can’t catch a break.

  • White flight is proceeding unimpeded due to the mass inflow of migrants from the southern border. This results in the collapse of social cohesion, suppression of wages, and the rising cost of housing.
  • At the same time, the highest taxation in the nation further boosts the exodus of the productive population, while the taxes are used to fund destructive progressive agendas.
  • It is on the verge of bankruptcy and becoming a failed narco-state.

Californian elites seem to be adamant in their efforts to combine the most negative incentives in order to destroy all accrued social capital!

Just recall what leftist social engineering results in.

Who could have predicted that society-wide permissiveness of the worst vices would have such an outcome!

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Feverish to make California the worst State of the Nation, its Democrat elites have gone to great lengths to make California completely dependent on electricity.

California is now officially the biggest importer of electricity:

California has taken bold action by shuttering its coal plants, planning to shut down the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant so it can increase its share of renewable energy, or that’s what the Greenies out there want to believe. In reality, the Golden State simply imports electricity generated by coal, natural gas, and nuclear facilities from Arizona and Nevada and pretends they are “green energy” leaders.

Bold action indeed!

Shutting down the most stable and cost-effective energy – nuclear – in favor of the most unstable Green energy – solar and wind.

 imports fall when it is sunny out, and increase again when the sun goes down. It just so happens that the sun wasn’t shining when the demand for electricity in California was highest.

The same thing happened in Germany, following the anti-nuclear hysteria after the Fukushima Daiichi incident.

Remember, nuclear energy has the highest track record for safety and cost-effectiveness, and its only byproducts – water vapor and radioactive waste – are easily countered.

Water vapor is obviously not an issue, and radioactive waste can be stored indefinitely in abandoned mines.

However, when a single nuclear power plant incident is amplified by the media, it is exceedingly difficult to advocate for nuclear energy.

It doesn’t matter if such an incident could have been prevented.

Nonetheless, going full Green is obviously not economically sustainable:

California’s policies promoting renewables at the expense of dispatchable generation place it in an odd predicament, it must pay other states to take the excess electricity generated by renewables when their generation is high, and it must also pay other states for their power when renewable generation is low.

Double paying sure doesn’t sound like energy independence, a common refrain you hear from the advocates of Green energy.

The New Green Deal pushed by AOC would certainly make everything far worse. In fact, it would make it apocalyptic, as far as civilization is concerned.

Will California descend into becoming the Welfare State of the Nation?

Hit reply and tell me your opinion.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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