Fake News WaPo Caught Exaggerating About President Trump’s So-Called Lies

The Daily Caller writes:

The Washington Post’s fact checking team prides itself on compiling all of President Donald Trump’s false and misleading statements in one easy-to-use database.

However, a review of just four days of Trump statements that were fact checked by the Post reveals hundreds of claims that have been erroneously labeled false.

The Washington Post said that President Trump lied more than 100 times about both the Mueller investigation being a hoax/witch hunt and about the fact that the border wall is currently being built.

Both of these were found to be true: the Mueller investigation knew it had nothing regarding Russia collusion during the 2016 election for more than a year before the report was released, and 38 miles of new border wall have been built since Trump took office.

WaPo also flat-out lied about his approval rating on a poll taken the same day and which was exactly the same as Trump said it was.

Other topics covered by the Daily Caller include drugs coming across the border, whether Obamacare is a “disaster,” and how many jobs have been created since he was elected.

In all cases, the facts support the President’s statements and throw cold water on WaPo’s claims.

And this was only four days’ worth of statements!

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The Media Research Center found that press coverage of President Trump was 92 percent negative.

And even NPR and Pew Research showed that our current President has been portrayed negatively more often than other recent U.S. Presidents.

No matter what President Trump does, the press seems to find a way to spin it into something bad.

For example, when he announced an initiative to decriminalize homosexual behavior abroad, the press and the LGBT community denounced it as posturing and not good enough.

He offered to extend DACA in exchange for money to build more of the border wall, and that was called “unacceptable.”

The media has proven over and over again that it will go to any lengths–even lying and making things up–to try to “get” President Trump.

The only reassuring part of what the media has done is that more and more people don’t trust any mainstream news sources.

Rightfully so, they are highly skeptical when they hear news that accuses Trump of something–especially lying.

And when the truth eventually comes out, and the media has to admit that it wasn’t telling the truth, what then?

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It only confirms their existing belief that the press is dishonest.

Do you think the press will ever become honest again? Hit reply and share your ideas.


–Ashleigh Dunn

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