Government Continues to Abuse Tax Payers with Pet Projects

I will reveal a little secret to you on how we can maximize the prosperity of any society.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Here it is:

Let the free market decide what is a viable product on the market, instead of forcing people to pay for them!

It sounds simple, but this is how we have managed to create this wonderfully comfortable and modern civilization.

Of course, it would have gone far smoother without all the centralization of power and wars.

Speaking of centralization of power, the US government once again deems itself as the arbiter of what should be done with your hard-earned money:

Like every bill, this one has a ridiculous name with a stupid pun: it’s being called the “Driving America Forward Act” and would grant each automaker a $7,000 credit for another 400,000 vehicles on top of the already existing 200,000 vehicles eligible. On the other hand, it would shorten the phase out schedule to 9 months from one year.

Remember, the government doesn’t have a single cent to its name.

All the money the government “has” is the money that it takes from its citizens, under the threat of imprisonment and lethal force. We euphemistically call this process – taxation.

In effect, Driving America Forward Act would total to $11 billion of your tax money on the electric vehicle tax credit.

Tesla already cornered the market for high-end EVs. Does it need government welfare?

If this rings any bells, we have been on this Green road before:

Taxpayers are on the hook for more than $2.2 billion in expected costs from the federal government’s energy loan guarantee programs, according to a new audit Monday that suggests the controversial projects may not pay for themselves, as officials had promised.

Of course they can’t pay for themselves! Why else would there be such a guarantee in the first place?

Without government intervention, there wouldn’t be such economic losses.

If a product is viable, it is viable. If it isn’t, it isn’t.

That’s it!

The free market is unmatched in ejecting failures before they incur giant losses.

Unfortunately, when you have a culture of corporate lobbying, common sense is thrown out the window:

This new bill is predictably backed by most automakers including GM, Tesla, Toyota Motor Corp, Ford Motor Co, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, Honda Motor Co, BMW AG, Nissan Motor Co and Volkswagen. In fact, GM President Mark Reuss said: “…the EV tax credit provides customers with a proven incentive as we work to establish the U.S. as a leader in electrification.”

Has anyone asked the customers if they want their tax money spent like this? Of course not.

Sure, electric vehicles provide obvious benefits: they produce almost no noise and exhaust nothing. Some of the upper-end EV models are actually quite enjoyable to drive.

However, is the manufacturing of EVs really that eco-friendly as to engage in central planning?

Is this a breakthrough for fixing Alzheimer’s?

The procedure was something like a Frankenstein experiment… the patient’s head was strapped up with more than 1,000 electric probes…

Then ultrasound waves were shot into the probes, through the skull, and into the brain…

These ultrasound waves were meant to target the blood fat that had slipped through the blood-brain barrier…

After reading this and thousands of other studies, I realized there is a simple, easy way to stop Alzheimer’s cold.

The researchers have shown that if you stop fat from entering the brain, Alzheimer’s’ can be stopped or reversed.

Stop the plaque and the brain clears up. Thinking starts again. Memory is good now.

Click here to discover how to get rid of harmful blood fat and prevent Alzheimer’s in as little as 45 seconds…

Not even close.

If you want to seriously label EVs as “zero emission vehicles”, you have to take into account its entire production and disposal cycle:

  • manufacturing of the vehicle itself
  • mining and manufacturing of the batteries
  • power needed to charge the batteries
  • battery disposal

When you take all of the factors into account, and according to that Swedish study, the greenhouse gas emission of battery production is 150 to 200 kilograms CO2 per kWh.

The energy required is also lopsided – 350 to 650 Megajoule of energy per kWh.

Does that sound sustainable and eco-friendly to you?

Even the eco-advocates admit it, like Yoann Le Petit, an EU e-mobility expert:

“Manufacturing an electric vehicle today is more energy-intensive than manufacturing a conventionally fueled car,”

In the best case scenario, if you want to be generous, you could say that there should be an incentive to advance the EV technology even further so that it can become sustainable in the future.

But if that is the case, why not just let the people decide on their own to invest in a more expensive EV.

This is literally how all other products are launched!

For example, when the first VR headsets launched they were rather costly and primitive. That didn’t stop the first adopters from buying them.

The first adopters knew that they need to fund to project so that more advanced and cheaper versions will be possible.

And that is exactly what has happened with VR headsets. And with smartphones.

Did you ever hear anything about government barging in and offering financial guarantees to spur the development of VR headsets?

Of course, you didn’t! Because there is no VR lobby in Washington.

Do you think this EV credit will pay off in the end or fail? Hit reply and tell me your opinion.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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