Here is the huge story that is being ignored by lamestream media

MILAN, ITALY - AUGUST 3: Nancy Pelosi makes a speech inside USA pavilion at Expo, universal exposition on the theme of food on AUGUST 3, 2015 in Milan.

This story is why the GOP is going to win bigger in 2020 than any time since WW2.

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and the huge story that’s being ignored is well explained here and spells the end of the Demented White Guy’s chances against Pocohantas Socialista Warren.

The facts are very simple and you are NOT hearing this anywhere else.

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Joe Biden flew to Ukraine when still Veep and…

…threatened the Ukraine (heavily US backed) gubmint with $1 billion in loan guarantees…

“Drop your investigation of my son, the super capitalist Big Swinging Dick Hunter Biden, or you can kiss the US guarantees bye bye,” he told them.

This is not speculation because the Demented White Guy bragged about this on a video you can watch on Youtube.

So the Ukraine puppet gubmint dropped the investigation, fired their Ukraine prosecutor and Big Swinging Dick Son Hunter gets $50K a month and a cushy investment deal.

So that’s why they are looking to impeach Trump. Makes sense right?

Because they are so scared of the truth, the Left will do ANYTHING. Impeachment is distracting, they think. But they are wrong, so very wrong.

Ashleigh says this impeachment mistake will lead to the biggest GOP win since 2014, which was the biggest GOP win since WW 2.

In other news, the Abortion Lovers aren’t happy…hearings show they are trafficking in live babies with still-beating hearts…

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Ain’t This Great? Nancy’s Gonna Impeach The Donald
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Youth and beauty comin’ to save democracy again

Nancy Pelosi has decided that Congress is going to impeach Donald Trump.

Or rather, the Democratic party, the House, is going to send him to trial in the Republican party, the Senate.

It’ll all spit completely along party lines, we know how this is going to go.

That is, it ain’t going nowhere.

We need more party partisan politics, right?

40% of the country wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump if he’d just cured cancer.

Another 40% would vote for him even if he’d just invented cancer.

So what we really need is a 6 month screaming match that’s just along party lines, right?

But there’s more to this…

Trump won against the Swamp

Sure, part of it is The Donald himself.

But most of it is the way that the Swamp has been pissing, from a great height, on half the country for decades now.

Think maybe wrong-gendering someone isn’t a great crime? You’re a sexist pig to be driven out of society and your job.

Think maybe more government isn’t the cure to everything? So, you want babies to die, right?

Sure, lots of us aren’t woke

And that’s fine. What the country as a whole does is up to the whole country.

Lots of us don’t agree with the current fashion but that Woken SS insists we must go along.

Which is exactly why Trump beat the Hildebeast. We the people don’t agree.

What’s the Swamp doing now?

Getting ready to do it all over again. You voted for this guy?

We’ll throw him out anyway. Because we can and so what if you did vote against us, we win too.

It’s almost like they’re trying to prove why we have Second Amendment rights.

But what really are they doing?

Sure, it’s all a bit complicated and they’re relying on that.

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Trump called some Ukrainian guy and this is foreign interference in an election. That’s bad, Orange Man must go!

There is the point that this should be investigated.

Because of course a Ukrainian natural gas company is going to hire the American VP’s son.

The one with no knowledge or experience of any natural gas company, nor of the Ukraine.

And pay him $50,000 a month. Because that’s what you do, right?

Nuttin’ to do with the VP. Or aid to Ukraine, or Sleepy Joe’s phone calls to get the prosecutor to back off investigating the gas company. Nope, no siree.

Now think back a bit

What was it Hillary was doing right before the election? Hiring spies to go talk to foreigners about Trump.

Leaking stories about the pee pee tape. About how Russians signed his loans, in bed with the Russian mafia.

And they tried to get all this from foreign government officials too.

Goin’ out askin’ for foreign interference in an election. But that’s OK because it was Democrats doin’ it. Now it’s bad Republicans do it because.

And that’s the stuff from the Swamp that created the rage to elect The Donald. Doing it again ain’t gonna make us happier now, is it?

Bernie’s Gonna Steal Jeff Bezos’ Money
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Your tax bill is gonna be this big

Well, OK, Bernie Sanders is going to try to tax Jeff Bezos out of existence that is.

The latest great idea from the Senescent Senator is that there should be a wealth tax. 1% on wealth over $32 million, 2% on $50 million and so on.

Until Jeff Bezos will be paying $9 billion a year.

It don’t work of course

There’s a reason why nowhere does have big wealth taxes. Why even the places that used to have small ones don’t any more.

Because they don’t work of course. The first reason is that we like people building companies doin’ stuff we like.

A lot of us like Amazon for example, that’s why Bezos has that – before the divorce – $120 billion.

Even if he was paying $9 billion in taxes each year that’s only $25 to each of us.

And we know that Amazon’s worth more than that to us because the average we spend there is more than that.

Bernie wants to make the rich slaves too

There’s a sting in Bernie’s proposal too.

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If Bezos decides to leave – hey, you’re charging me too much, I’m outta here – then he’s got to pay the tax anyway before he goes.

60% of everything. Seriously? Uncle Sam gets to charge you 60% to leave? Again, no other country does this.

It really doesn’t work though.

So, Bezos has to find $9 billion a year to pay his taxes. Where from?

Amazon doesn’t pay a dividend. And if he raised his pay from Amazon to pay it then the company won’t be worth much.

So, he’s got to sell his stock. Right. The founder and guiding genius must sell out of his company to pay tax.

That’s going to increase the value of the company, right?

It really, really, don’t work.

There’s one more thing. You only get to tax wealth once.

Sure, you can take it in bites, 8% at a time, but you can still only take it once.

An income happens every year, so you can tax income each year.

Wealth? 8% tax a year means none in 12 years’ time.

But Bernie’s already spending the money. It’s to pay for “to fund Bernie’s affordable housing plan, universal childcare and would help fund Medicare for All.”

So how do we pay for all this stuff in year 13 when we’ve already stolen all the wealth?

The kids get dumped in the streets along with their now homeless parents?

Medicare gets less money?

Or does Uncle Sam come after us now he’s spent all Bezos’ money?

Well, yeah, we can guess there. They’ll not stop spending just because they’ve run out of money now, will they?

Just the one more thing

Who, really, believes that any one person should have to pay $9 billion a year in taxes? Other than Bernie that is?





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