I found someone on the call with Trump and Zelinsky

Protesters march through the city centre demonstrating against US President Donald Trump

And they are talking…

Hey Fellow Liberty Lover, it’s Ashleigh here, and Major Danny Sjursen is a true patriot as he writes about his lonely journey in active duty, including combat.

I will say this: I don’t like Tulsi Gabbard’s positions…she is a committed socialist…

However, she has seen active duty unlike the other 500+ congresscritters, and she is against the Forever Wars.

For that she’s accused of being a Putin puppet.

You have to love anyone attacked by Hillary like the Trumpers was.

There is no free press in the U.S. Why?

Because all the Lamestreams are parrots for the Deep State, with at least 15 former high level people who are alleged to have spied on Trumpers now babbling on the networks that 3 people actually watch.

For instance…the Washington Post is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos whose businesses make tens of billions from secret contracts with the CIA.

But who cares? Because Millennials are dumber than a box of rocks unless they were homeschooled.


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The public school crowd were raised by Socialist women in “public” schools and universities run by tyrannical Marxist Nazis with degrees in “Gender Studies”… safe spaces and free speech zones.

No wonder the majority of Millennial women say that you should NOT have the right to speak out if another group is offended. Poor little Millennial snowflakettes.

And today’s idiot, Daniel Hunt, legislator in Taxachusetts, wants to legally forbid people from calling another person a “bitch.”

“A person who uses the word “bitch” directed at another person to accost, annoy, degrade or demean the other person shall be considered to be a disorderly person in violation of this section…”

That’s why they hate us here at Daily Liberty News. Bitch! Bitch! Hey Bitch!

That feels GREAT! LOL

Snowflakettes, men love you in bed, but we all hate your idiotic moron views. You and Taxachusetts Daniel Hunt legislator can go blow.

And now, in today’s Impeachment Fraud circus…

Was anyone not on the Trumpers call with Ukrainian President Zelinsky?

The only quid pro quo apparently is that Boy Genius Hunter Biden was getting $50,000 a month for sitting on the board of a gas company he had no experience with…the only quid pro quo is the corrupt Old White Guy Joe Biden.

I’ll say I was on the call. I’ll be a secret whistleblower.

And Schiff will secretly claim to interview me and that will be good for 24 or 48 hours of Impeachment Fraud news.

For the record, I’m the only one in the U.S. who didn’t eavesdrop on the call.


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At least one Dem won’t vote for impeachment. And there are probably others that have a few ounces of common sense…

…and don’t want to lose against the overwhelming tide of Republican winners in 2020.

And the disgusting and shameful CEO of Boeing failed to mention in his testimony how Boeing pushed through a law that caused the Federal Aviation Administration to be even MORE cosy with Boeing than they were before.

The old Boeing would have been run by a competent engineering manager. The new Boeing is run by a jerkoff who has I think basically murdered hundreds of innocent passengers by putting the quarterly financial results first and foremost.

Ashleigh projects bankruptcy and bailout for Boeing, sadly. This CEO clown and all senior managers should be fired and criminally prosecuted so they are put on trial and into prison for what they have done.

Hundreds of new airplane orders are flowing to Airbus. Boeing is sunk. Nobody I know will willingly fly in a 737 Max.

Would you, Fellow Liberty Lover?

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