If Warren wins, you’ll need to buy a generator

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren, the Dem front runner, says she will put electric utilities out of business

Hey it’s Ashleigh Dunn and remember how the Left is saying that illegal immigrants are in horrific conditions in “camps” in the US?

Rep. King goes to one and (gasp) drinks the WATER and doesn’t drop dead — putting the lie to everything that Socialist-Cortez has said. Where else is the US supposed to put illegal immigrants?

And socialists accuse Rep. of loaning guns to spousal abusers — huh?

Single guys — use the sexual lens method to get any girl you want.

In pain? Get your life back with this all-natural fusion formula

Warren says she’ll close down electric utilities if she wins

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If Kamala Harris Wins, You Won’t Be Able To Use A Straw Anymore By Dorian, a highly placed Washington DC government source

Kamala Harris insists that we all have to drink from paper straws. Even though she admits they’re pretty terrible.

That or kill ourselves with metal ones. Because, you know, plastic straws are the very devil.


That’s what she insisted at the Democratic primary debate at least. They were all there, talking about climate change.

All the wasters who would be the next President, that one to beat Trump. Licking their lips with glee as they told their adoring crowd how they’d make life worse for the rest of us.

And Kamala really did say we’d have to ban plastic straws:

“Do you ban plastic straws?” Harris answered, “I think we should, yes.”

She repeated herself: “But we do need to ban the plastic.”

There’s just the occasional and slight problem with this. The first being what the heck do we use instead? Paper just turns to mush – that’s why we started using plastic in the first place.

We could, obviously, turn to metal straws. Which would kill us. No, really. Woman in England was using a metal straw, fell over, it popped through her eyeball into her brain and one dead Englishwoman. Hey, let’s all die for Gaia, right?

The environmentalists tell us that plastics kill the little fishies in the sea. The example being that turtle – which isn’t a fish – with a straw in its nose.

Anything can happen out there of course.

But turtles aren’t known as being that smart. Less so that three year olds perhaps.

One bite of this raises testosterone

I pop it in my mouth and I feel a surge of male confidence.

Because this increases my testosterone and works in minutes.

Would you like to increase your testosterone in just a few minutes?

For when you want to make love, or when you want some extra “oomph” when working out or maybe on a date.

Because raising testosterone is the best thing you can do as a man…

Testosterone is associated with mortality and higher dihydrotestosterone

Having high testosterone can actually make you live longer.

But here’s the clincher — how do you just pop something in your mouth and increase your natural testosterone?

Certainly less so than your toddlers even if not less than mine.

And we all know how much they can get stuffed up their noses. If it’s not a straw it’ll be Buzz Lightyear action figures, a bolt, their pencil.

But plastic in the ocean if we use straws? 60% of the stuff that’s there comes from fishing gear. Of the rest of it 93% comes from just 10 rivers in Asia and Africa.


That vast garbage patch out in the Pacific – we’ve no evidence at all that any of it, not one piece, comes from the US.

There aren’t even any plastic straws in it that we know of.

Which is good actually. Even, it’s great. Because here we see, on live TV, the Democrats telling us how they make policy.

How they make the laws they’d force on us if we let them gain power. Zero evidence, a short video seen by a few snowflakes on YouTube and we’ve all got to die from exploding eyeballs.

All to achieve absolutely nothing at all except they get to have power over us.

Perhaps not, eh?

Did Bernie just say that Poor, Brown, Foreign Kids Should Be Aborted?

You can have any opinion you like on abortion.

But it’s pretty vicious to, like Bernie Sanders, argue that American money should be spent making sure it happens to poor, brown and foreign kids. Which is what he did say at that debate last night.

He even managed to get the reason for doing it wrong.

Bernie Sanders

The basic American deal here is that lots of people really don’t like abortion. Lots and lots of people really, really, don’t like it. So, we don’t make them pay for it. Sure, that Constitution says it’s legal. But the Feds don’t pay for it out of everyone’s taxes.

Seems fair enough.

Not to Bernie:

“The answer is yes,” Sanders said, arguing that population control – in the form of abortion and birth control, specifically – is something he “very, very strongly” supports.

The problem with this being that it’s not abortion or birth control that lowers the number of people.

It’s that people want to have fewer children. And what is it that causes that? Getting rich.

Every woman needs to have 2.1 children – sure, an average – for the population to stay the same size.

Some kids die, it takes two to tango, that’s just the way humans work. And in every country that has got rich the average woman has fewer than two kids. In the US now it’s 1.8.

Without immigration no rich country is increasing in population. And that world out there is getting rich real fast too.

Places where 40 years ago women had 7 kids, they now have 2. (Bangladesh for example, from 6.8 in 1961 to 2.1 today).

We even know it’s not contraception – let alone abortion – causing this. Maybe 10% from the pill and condoms. The 90% comes from just that getting rich.

It’s happened everywhere.

The “population problem” is already solved.

Basically, because sure, sex is great fun but it’s more so if you don’t spend 20 years paying for it. So, when you don’t need 7 kids to have a chance of grandkids you don’t have 7 kids.

But, you know, Bernie. Such a caring and concerned sorta guy.

What are George Bush and Bernie Sanders hiding from us?

These two men may be on opposite sides of the political spectrum…

But they share one giant secret that you have to see to believe…

Discover it here.

He says we’ve got this climate change problem. We should do something about it. The something being to pay our money to go kill poor and brown kids.

Gee, thanks Bernie!

Instead, of course, we should do what actually works. More capitalism, more free markets, those things that make poor places rich. And so just like grandma decided to have the sex without the kids when the US got rich, so will all the other women out there. Because that’s how we humans work.


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