Is Obama behind the impeachment hoax?

War equipment

And why does the Left condemn President Trump’s move to peace?

Hey, it’s Ashleigh here, and my parents told me about going to demonstrations against the war in Vietnam.

But now, the Left is supporting endless war. The Lamestreams are all for the war and spread lies like this fake footage about Syria that actually comes from a Kentucky gun range.

They hate the anti-war candidate who saw real military service.

No, not “Mayor Gay Pete”. I’m talking Tulsi Gabbard.

And the only different candidate, Tulsi, is against the War Party. Trumpers did the right thing, pulling out of Syria. But the War Party hates Trump and hates Tulsi Gabbard.

Back to 2016…when Hillary accused Trump of being Putin’s Puppet, remember? Thank Goodness President Trump is in charge, and not that terrible lying witch.

But now Hillary accused Dem presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian puppet which is helping Tulsi raise campaign money.

As someone famous said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This is from Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels. Hillary is from the same disgusting Nazi playbook. But even this liberal reporter sees through the Big Lie.

Don’t believe the fake news appearing real. I wonder if Obama is behind the impeachment hoax because he and his cronies may soon be going down.

And speaking of fake news: The Kurds are good people, but the US military and CIA armed 21 out of 28 craziest most violent militias, hoping to depose the president of Syria, and now these men are getting their comeuppance.

We will see peace in Syria and Turkey soon thanks to President Trump’s brave moves.

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It’s Official, Hillary Is Not A Crook!
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Well, that’s what the press is saying the report says. But that’s not what the report does say.

The emails

This is, of course, all about those emails. Worth remembering how this all started out.

So, there was some suspicion when vast numbers of emails that should be part of the Federal records suddenly turned out not to be part of the Federal records.

‘Cuz the people we pay to do our business for us, we think we should be able to see what they’ve been saying.

Maybe someone who got hundreds of millions of dollars for her “Foundation” from foreign governments might do nice things for foreign governments?

Especially if she was Secretary of State?

No, of course not, she wouldn’t.

No one would ever accuse a Clinton of being crook now, would they?

So, no problem then

No problem with all those emails being available and in the official records.

Except, of course, they weren’t.

The emails were all on that private server underneath the stairs at the house in Chappaqua. Where they shouldn’t be.

Oh, and where they weren’t either.

Not once anyone started looking for them they weren’t, ‘cuz that server got wiped clean.

So, how do we know then?

Just how is it that we know what is in and isn’t in those emails that aren’t on the record?

Which is fun, no, really, this is fun.

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Hildebeast’s secretary, Huma Abedin, was married to now convicted sex offender, Anthony Weiner.

And the emails were copied to Abedin’s account, which also showed up on Weiner’s computer.

So, umm, yeah, all that State Department stuff wasn’t in the Federal records where it should be but was on a soon to be convict’s computer.

Pretty cool security there. Can’t beat it in fact.

So, the crime?

Well, the actual crime here would be if some of those emails were secret.

Not, secret as in Hills doesn’t want people to know what she’s doing.

Secret as in the Feds say “this is a secret.”

Then you’ve got to do things the Fed way ‘cuz it’s the Feds who make the rules.

Also, this is “strict liability.”

Don’t matter why you do it, just that you do it is the crime.

So, the report, huh?

Yep, we finally get the report.

Which says that Hillary did no “systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.”

Which isn’t the accusation, doesn’t matter why, it’s whether.

Still, now we know two things.

The first is why did Hills shout that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian agent of influence?

Because that story went to print the day the report about the emails came out.

This is how the press works folks, don’t look at the man behind the curtain, look over here.

The other thing we know?

Hillary isn’t a criminal – not for this at least.

She’s just vain, egotistical, and thinks the rules don’t apply to her.

Oh, and she’s incompetent with it too.

Such a relief that, right?

Don’t Eat Mor Chikin
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

So, Hillary can’t learn but it looks like the LGBT activists can. Yeah, it’s ChickfilA again.

They opened in England. Been open a whole 11 days so far and already they’re to be closed down again.

This time the mob got it right

Now, we’re about liberty and freedom so people saying, “Don’t eat here ‘cuz they’re evil” is just fine with us.

Maybe we agree they’re evil and we won’t eat there — but maybe we don’t agree.

If we don’t agree, maybe we’ll eat there.

Maybe we’ll go there more often because we like what they’re saying.

You know, freedom.

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And that does mean that we get to vote every time we spend a dollar.

That’s the free part about the free market.

Maybe we like bakers who don’t make cakes celebrating gay marriage.

Maybe we don’t — the point being that as long as there are many bakers we get to choose.

Which is where the US boycott went wrong.

Back in 2012 LGBT campaigners tried this, we all remember that.

The people who run ChickfilA are Christian, they donate money to things they think are important.

Things LGBT campaigners think are not just unimportant, but wrong.

Well, OK, so folks, don’t go spend your money there.

Even, campaign for other people not to spend there too.

Why not?

But with that freedom to boycott also comes the freedom for people to support.

Which is what happened — more people went there as a result of the attempt at the boycott.

More Americans thought that they can give their own money how they damn well want to.

Not even “Shut the fuck up” but just a here’s what we say and we disagree.

OK, cool

Why’s it different in England? ‘Cuz the store is in a food mall.

So, who gets to be in the food mall is decided by the people who own the food mall.

And they say that they don’t want ChikfilA any more.

There is no chance for those who support the store to make a difference because the decision isn’t being made with how people spend money.

It’s being made by people frightened of the shouting mob outside instead of by that bottom line of how we all vote with our dollars — OK, pounds in England.

Which is why that free market is that bulwark of liberty.

If who gets to do what is determined by committees and panels, then the people who care enough to stay awake in committee are going to rule us all.

But if it’s all about how we live our lives, then there’s that freedom for us all to live lives differently.

Which is the correct liberal solution, isn’t it?

We all get to do our own thing?

Markets and capitalism being the way to create a world where that’s possible.




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