Is the CIA working with Adam Schiff?


It’s classic, an “anonymous” source and fed by the lamestream media can’t be countered, can’t be fought…this is pure Left and CIA fingerprints.

And now it seems that the Dems have been actively working behind the scenes, quite illegally, in a coup against our lawfully elected President…

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and Congressman (head of the “intelligence” committee”) Adam Schiff may have worked with the CIA and maybe even coached the CIA agent to be a so-called “whistleblower.”

Whistleblowers get extraordinary protections under the law. By claiming to be a whistleblower, this CIA agent is working with the NY Times, the Washington Post, and CNN to topple President Trump. They got the whistleblower rules changed recently to allow fake “hearsay” evidence and then went ahead against President Trump.

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And in other news, this is the Ashleigh Plan to end all homelessness. Ready?

So today here is a neat look at the number of homeless by city in the USA.

Now take New York, with 78,000 homeless.

The Left blathers about “not enough money spent on the homeless.” But 3.2 billion is spent on homelessness by the gubmint there this year.

That’s $41,000 per homeless person spent in New York City.

That’s more than enough to arrest them, bus them to a cheap rural area, maybe in upstate New York, maybe Binghamton, and house them there with private landlords for probably $18,000 a year.

Los Angeles has 49,955 homeless. They spent $442 million on “apartments” for homeless, but so far only housed 120 people. Another $619 million and you’ve got $20,000 spent per homeless person in Los Angeles, with much more on the way.

All you have to do is arrest homeless people, and send them to privately funded board and care facilities outside the cities, in cheap rural areas. Problem solved.

My sister is disabled and she pays $1100 a month in Los Angeles for all meals, and a room, and even some medical help. That’s $13,200 per year.

This whole problem is completely solvable.

But the “homeless advocates” just exploit the homeless to make themselves more and more and more money, and meanwhile they make homelessness worse.

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And take a look at these stories…

Sleepy Joe Was Hunter’s Krisha
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

And that’s how Hunter made his money

That ain’t gonna make a lot o’ sense to people who don’t understand Russia and the Ukraine.

But that’s the way you do business over there and that’s what all this impeachment talk is about.

It ain’t whether Trump made a phone call that’s important — it’s what Joe Biden did years before that is.

What the heck’s a Krisha?

Literally, it means “roof.” In use, it means “protector.”

As in the sort of protection John Gotti or Marlon Brando as the Godfather used to offer.

It’s also the most important, the only vital thing to have when doing business over there.

Have it and you’ll make money, lots of it, you’ll be fine.

Don’t have it and it don’t matter what you do, what you’ve got — you’ll be bust or dead within months. This is not an exaggeration.

An American guy I knew back in Moscow got into an argument with his roof over the amount of vig to pay.

Ended up being cut down by automatic fire — you know, the type that’s illegal in the US — from an AK-47 while going through a street underpass.

Your Krisha is the only important thing about your business

Over there you find your roof, your boss, then you go into whatever business he can help with for that cut.

That’s just the way it works, protection first, deciding what to do and how second.

So how did Hunter Biden get hired?

The story – a coupla months after being fired from the Navy Reserve for cocaine use, but before he started screwing his brother’s widow — Hunter couldn’t get a job that didn’t require pissing into a cup.

Then he gets onto the board of a Ukrainian gas company. At $50,000 a month and more.

He’s no experience of gas, the Ukraine, the energy business at all.

But Pop, that’s Sleepy Joe, is the Obama Admin’s point man on U.S. aid to the Ukraine.

And Pops insists — boasts about now — that the prosecutor lookin’ into the company Hunter now works for was fired.

There’re documents

Gateway Pundit has a copy of a document that surfaced about this.

Lawdy, no, we don’t know if it’s genuine. But it rings true because it’s using that word, “Krisha,” that roof.

No idea whether the document itself is real. But the practice, the set up, that’s just the way business is done.

And ain’t Sleepy Joe worth it?

Think about it, if you could get Uncle Sam — or at least the VP — as your roof, ain’t that worth $50,000 a month?

Actually, knowin’ the place, that’s a bargain.

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At one point the going rate for a meeting with Prime Minister of another ‘Stan was $50,000 an hour. Just for the meeting.

Now switch to American politics

Doin’ all this is history, right, nuttin’ to talk about.

Askin’ about it in a telephone call is grounds for impeachment.

Go figure.

Democrats are different right because, reasons.

The Things Snowflakes Cry About
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

LAPD, Republicans need not apply

We, because we’re rational adults, think that the Los Angeles Police Department should employ people who would be good police officers.

Have a reasonable idea of right and wrong. Know a bit about the law mebbe. Know what a gun is, which end works ‘n’ all that.

We’re not the people who do the hiring for the LAPD tho’. The people who do don’t think like that. They’re horrified their ads were on Breitbart.

Recruitment ads on Breitbart

Hey, take or leave Breitbart as you like. As we like even.

But it’s obvious that reading it don’t make you a bad person. Cain’t can it?

If it did then all the noodle armed journalism graduates who read it to find something to be shocked about would be evil themselves.

Well, OK, they are, as well as being noodle armed, but it’s not because they read Breitbart in search of a target.

This is bad

Those ads. LAPD bought a bunch of ads from Google. Some of those ads appeared on Breitbart. So, whadda we gonna do about this?

The LAPD has apologised and insisted that “this is not who we are.”

Actually, they said it “creates a negative juxtaposition to our core values” and how come they can get away with that crap language in a place where just everyone is trying to write for the movies?

They think reading Breitbart means you can’t be a police officer.

That’s really what they’re sayin’. That if you’re a conservative you can’t be a peace officer.

The badge, the gun, the law, they’re only for those who are woke and right on. People who — mebbe, just an example — think that the law on immigration should be obeyed aren’t wanted.

Heck, people who understand the First and Second Amendments aren’t allowed in.

Of course, they’re stupid

That’s not how advertising works online anyway. Ads follow you around the internet.

If you’ve been lookin’ at police, or jobs, or careers, or law enforcement, before you get to Breitbart then you’re gonna be shown the ads for the LAPD.

That’s why your browser tracks you, so it can find out what you’re interested in.

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The place you see the ad isn’t the important think about the system at all. It’s everything else you’ve done before you get there that determines which ads you see.

But they’re worse than stupid

Think about what they’re really sayin’ here. What that apology means.

Patriotic Americans don’t need to bother applying to the LAPD.

We don’t want you, or your values, on the force because we’re woke.

It’s like this is teachin’ college or somethin’, only Democrats — and noodle armed ones at that — can apply.

‘N’ ain’t that far more dangerous than anything Breitbart has ever said?

Yep, yep, you’re right, it is.




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