Republican payback time

Income tax return

President Trump isn’t putting up with this nonsense!

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and the PC police are at it again.

Almost nobody really wants “cis” this and “neutered” that…

…but because of a few wackos on the Left Coast, the entire machinery of culture has been swinging wildly to the Left.

Exhibit 1 is Placido Domingo, my hero in opera — without a trial, a conviction, and with almost 100% anonymous complainers, he’s resigned and has been drummed out of the USA.

In the UK, a physician has been fired because he wouldn’t refer to a “six foot bearded man” as “madam.”

We like to think this won’t come to the U.S. but it’s already here.

Grow bigger “down there” with this paint it on and watch it grow formula.

20 years ago, Washington state voters passed Initiative 200, blocking the gubmint from discriminating against people “on the basis of sex, ethnicity, color, race or national origin.”

Wake up! Didn’t Dr. King say in his “I have a dream” speech that:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Well the gubmint LOVES discrimination based upon the color of people’s skin and not the content of their character.

It’s pure and simple discrimination against white people and Asian people. That’s what this is all about.

So Washington Left lawmakers are simply ignoring the will of the voters.

They insist on favoring certain races and opposing others.

They insist on discrimination being continued and perpetuated.

Now voters have to vote AGAIN to overturn this crazy state-sponsored discrimination against whites and Asians.

And in other news, Pelosi insists on no House vote for impeachment.

Imagine being hauled into jail without a charge, being made to stand trial without an indictment.

This has NEVER been allowed to happen.

No House vote? Ha! The real reason they won’t allow a vote is that this would give the power of the House subpoena to Republicans. Can’t have that!

President Trump isn’t putting up with this nonsense.

Impeachment 2.0 is the Left’s greatest gift to Conservatives.

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Democrats Have No Shame
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

They want Trump’s

OK, this is old, not news, because we knew it already.

But it’s a great illustration of why we don’t want everything to be run by government, by politics.

Because when it is then everything becomes run by politics. And who the hell wants those shysters running everything?

Well, obviously the Democratic Party

But that’s because they’re real sure it’ll be them doing all the running.

Which violates the first principle of how to keep liberty and freedom.

Never give government a power that you don’t want your enemy to be able to use against you.

Because sure as eggs is eggs at some point your enemy is goin’ to win an election and it will be used against you.

But Trump, Orange Man Bad

The frenzy against Trump — you know all the Bad, Orange, Man stuff is such that anything, anythin’ at all, that can be used against him is fair enough.

They’ll twist absolutely anything to be able to get him.

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Yep, his taxes.

So, the IRS has a program which audits — every year, without fail, a full, proper, audit — the taxes of the President and his Veep.

This ain’t just “Hey, do the numbers add up?” but that real audit stuff.

Where are the bank accounts, where did this piece of money come from, that?

This is why the Clintons did the Foundation thing, not selling directly.

This is why Hunter Biden got the jobs and the contracts, not Sleepy Joe.

It’s just not possible for the P or VP to be taking money on the side.

So, IRS audit

This means a problem for all that shouting about Trump must release his tax returns.

We know that since he got elected he’s been payin’ everything. And ain’t been taking side cash either.

Because we’ve already got the IRS crawling all over his tax return anyway.

Even if this year ain’t checked yet we know that too.

Because no one — well, no one other than Dan Quayle maybe — is dumb enough to lie about income and taxes when they know they’re goin’ to face a full IRS audit anyway.

So, what happens now?

Trump cannot be cheatin’ on his taxes. So?

That’s right, sue Uncle Sam for those tax returns to check that he’s not been.

That’s the Richard Neal argument from the House Ways and Means Committee.

Those returns are gonna’ be real secret when they reach the office of a Massachusetts Democrat, right?

But this is the way politics works

Anything, everything, any argument no matter how tired or insane, if it helps to ruin our enemy.

Which is why, of course, we don’t want everything to be run by politics.

Because it means everything being run by politicians and their hatreds, jockeying for position, instead of by logic, good sense or even reality.

Why The Female Orgasm?
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Sally explains sex

The old — ancient in fact — answer to this is who cares?

But we’re more sensible these days, there is a reason and it’s an important one…

If you want a sciency answer it’s because our ancestors had them. And things which make sex more fun mean more sex and before contraception that meant more kids.

The women who liked sex because of orgasms had more kids than those who didn’t and so, we’re decended from those women gasping in pleasure.

That is actually how this works too.

Now meet Fred

Fred’s a lucky bunny. He was recruited into a study about rabbits.

Fred’s job was to have sex with lots of female bunnies — scientists are really unwoke, they just used gender at birth, not self-declared.

That was just his job. Presumably, listen to the Barry White mixtape and then, well, make like a rabbit. A lot.

But why?

OK, science here. Some animals only ovulate when they have sex.

Rabbits, cats and camels. Rabbits being easier to study.

So, give the lady bunnies a drug which we know reduces orgasms in women — Prozac here.

Now, do the lady bunnies on the Prozac ovulate less — measured by whether they get pregnant from the horizontal boogie — than the ones having to deal with their own low self esteem?


So, the conclusion

Orgasm in human women isn’t about ovulation, that we know.

But sex is in bunnies. Mebbe the two are connected?

For girlfriends — sure it’s always different for wives and Fred wasn’t married either — and bunnies the same drug stops each respectively.

We do think there’s a connection. That being that somewhere back in time the two things started from the same place but now have different functions.

The other way to look at it

Sure, and that’s the real science. But there’s an easier story to tell the same tale.

The one we started with.

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Women who have more sex are going to have more children.

So, the population will become the children of women who enjoy sex.

God or Darwin

Doesn’t matter whether we think it’s God or Darwin who told us to go forth and multiply, we end up in the same place.

That shouting and eyerolling is why there used to be only a few million of us and now there’s 7 billion.

The chicks just like gettin ‘ it on. Or, at least, like gettin’ it on righteously, like we do it.

But the real reason the female orgasm matters?

We’re all adults around here, we know the score.

Beddin’ a lady and she gets it on means she’s more likely to come back and agree to do it again.

Men are interested purely for selfish reasons.

Or should be — that old sayin’ about a hand in the bush being worth two birds is just tellin’ us the same thing. It’s the first seduction which is the difficult one.




Federal employee warned of ‘possible misconduct’ with IRS audit program

An experimental test of the ovulatory homolog model of female orgasm