Rolling blackouts coming to the U.S. this Winter

Climate Change

Climate fraud — who are the real losers? Hint: you and me…

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Hey, it’s Ashleigh here, and turn on the faucet, get clean water, open the fridge and it’s cold.

The Left is changing all that, and we are ruining all our progress. California is due to have continual blackouts for 1 week at a time.

Not just California either.

And Germany now pays more than anyone else for power.

They stupidly phased out nuclear and use unreliable and incredibly expensive solar and wind power.

Now they face crippling prices and blackouts. Don’t preheat your oven, they advise.

In New York, the “environmentalist” wackos killed a pipeline for natural gas.

No problem the state says. You build a new home, you don’t get gas.

Politically that was a tough one. So the gubnor says “hook up natural gas to these new homes even though there is not enough gas,” which lowers everyone’s gas pressure to the point where they will begin experiencing failing furnaces and shut down boilers.

Imaginary natural gas is what it is, destroying a resource most of us take for granted.

And what is this Climate Change fraud for, really?

The good news is that the bad news about climate fraud is fake news appearing real. There is more ice in the Antarctic than there has been in years.

Remember how we’re burning the whole planet with fires? Fake news appearing real. Actual fire burning in the world is near an all time low.

Scientists who blow the whistle on climate fraud risk getting drummed out of their jobs or smeared with baseless accusations. There is too much money in the climate fraud for the runaway train to stop.

Better buy a generator and a water purifier. You may be needing it.

The Left’s plan is to bring us back to the Stone Age. They hate progress. They hate anyone benefiting from a better life.

They are doing everything they can to open our borders up, kill our electricity and clean water, and destroy our economy.

And now Obama is linked to a shocking scheme that plans to bankrupt seniors or anyone on a fixed income.

Ditch the blood pressure meds with your doctor’s blessing once you eat one of these 5 strange but delicious foods.

We Approve of Democratic Adultery
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Looks like she could be fun

Not just because Hound Dog Bill is such an example to that political party.

Nor just because at least one of them sounds quite fun.

Katie Hill is alleged to have been bedding a staffer and a campaign worker, and brought a 22 year old woman into her marriage.

Presumably for both her and her husband’s delectation.

What Ilhan Omar is doing with her gonads might be of less general interest, but she apparently is spending time with a boyfriend rather than her husband.

We do approve

The more time they spend screwing each other, the less time they have to devote to screwing us and the country.

So, How About Justin Trudeau Then, Huh?

That Trudeau likes dressing up in blackface and going off to a party, well, we know that.

He wasn’t a kid doing it either — unlike Kavanaugh allegedly getting drunk at a frat boy party.

Trudeau was 29 in that last picture we saw of it.

But he should resign?

Men: Avoid these 5 prostate mistakes for a better bedroom life

Even doctors are making these 5 big prostate mistakes…

Because as you know, this is the time in a man’s life when he can start having prostate issues…

And if you don’t address them the right way, you can set yourself up for a life of lousy love-making or no love-making at all.

In fact, there are 5 big mistakes most men make when it comes to their prostate

Don’t play games, he’s a progressive, a lefty.

Lessons will be learned, but we’ve got to leave him be, right?

Then there’s an election. Sure, the Canadian system’s a bit different.

Which party has the most in the parliament gets to decide who is Prime Minister.

As if voting in more AOCs and Omars means Bernie gets to be President.

So, the results of that election?

Trudeau doesn’t have more than half the seats, but he does have more than anyone else.

So, Trudeau’s still Prime Minister.

This is just and righteous — ‘cuz he’s a lefty. Lefties win, that’s copacetic.

But now think about this from the American view. The American left view, that is.

Hildebeast won more votes than Trump. So, she should be President, right?

‘Cuz the lefty lost, of course.

Trudeau doesn’t even have half the seats in parliament, but he wins? His party didn’t get half the votes either.

It’s worse.

Trudeau’s liberals got 33% of the vote and 157 of the seats.

The Conservatives got 34.4% of the votes and 121 of the seats.

So if the Hills really won, then don’t the righties get to do the victory lap in Ottawa?

Nope, because lefties.

Or, actually, because the system in both places is not that the person with the most votes wins.

Here in God’s Own USA, we use the Electoral College. Who wins the most votes there is President.

In Canada, who has the most votes in Parliament is the Prime Minister.

That’s just the way the two systems work.

And, well, OK.

But if Trudeau is the righteous Prime Minister, then Hillary lost, didn’t she?

Another Subject Of Great Male Interest – Sanitary Pads
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

If they’re not for women then who are they for?

From England a story about sanitary pads — or, if you prefer, the insanity of transgender activists.

It’s Always

Which is a pretty good name for a sanitary pad.

During the not-pregnant adult years of a woman’s life, she’ll use something like this for maybe 5 days a month.

So, call it “Always” and maybe you can increase the market size by getting her to use one every day.

Capitalism’s pretty cool that way.

But, you know, women’s things. We men just get to observe — and not too closely.

That’s before the gender activists get involved. Or here, the trans activists.

‘Cuz “Always” uses the female symbol on its packaging.

You know, the circle with the cross below it, the old sign for Venus.

As opposed to the male one, Mars, which is the circle with the arrow, or what it actually represents, the shield with the spear sticking over the side — war.

So, what happens next?

My pain stopped when I drank this

As we age, the pain of a fall or a bruising can stay with you for years!

I busted my knee in the car and I can feel the pain even months after the bruising was gone.

So what was different when we were kids?

Our metabolism was just so fast that it would heal and repair damage immediately.

But as we age our metabolism slows down…

So how can we make our metabolisms faster so we feel less pain and we regenerate faster?

I found that drinking this simple shake in the morning speeds up the metabolism and not only do your wounds heal…

…your energy levels soar and you become much better in the bedroom.

Here’s the metabolic drink that I drink everyday. It soothes pain, regenerates your body and improves bedroom life.

A trans campaigner insists that feminine hygiene products should not be marked with the female symbol.

No, really. “Not everyone who menstruates defines as female.”

Which is almost amusing, menstruation being pretty much the definition of human femaleness.

The company, of course (it’s Proctor and Gamble) has given in and agreed to remove the symbol.

All of which is really about freedom

Bernie Sanders once said it was terrible that there were 18 brands of deodorant while some kids were poor.

Not that there’s much link between the two things, but that’s what he said.

The obvious implication being that in a properly planned, socialist world there’d be just that one under-arm freshener.

As, in the actual socialist world that used to exist was true of feminine hygiene products.

There was the one type, one type only, and not many of them either.

Capitalism and markets bring us, well, go check the aisle in the drug store.

More types and shapes and colours than a man knew existed. Each one with its own packaging style too.

Which means that it is only this capitalism and market system that even allows people to complain about the Venus symbol.

‘Cuz what is that scares P&G into listening to the activists?

The fear that people will go use some other company’s products.

This can only happen if there actually are other company’s products to switch to.

The entire complaint, therefore, can only happen in a free market economy.

Because only in one of those is there the freedom to pick and choose which product you’re going to use.

It can also only happen in a capitalist economy.

Because only one of those are people pissed at the idea of losing profit, so that they do change the way they do things.

Of course, it’s all still pretty silly. The number of not-self identified women who still use menstrual products is what?

5,000? 50,000? In a nation of 320 million?

So the threat of a boycott is hardly all that strong.

And yet, and yet, it still works. In the only socio-economic system where it ever can work.

Which makes it all so odd that exactly those lefties who would think this important are the very same people who tell us how markets and capitalism oppress us.

The only way to explain it is simple ignorance of how the alternative, socialism, works.

Or, to be more exact, socialism doesn’t work.




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