Should You Fear Automation?

Lately, I’ve been hearing an awful lot about the dangers of automation.

And by ‘awful’ I mean that quite literally – the pure dread of automation as it replaces both blue and white collar workers en masse.

Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang has made his whole platform on the dangers of automation.

However, when you look back all the way to the steam engine revolution, it fundamentally transformed the world for the better.

Sure, the industrial revolution eliminated countless job types, but at the same time, it created new types of jobs.

More importantly, the increased efficiency drastically lowered the price of all goods and removed the need for abhorrent jobs which no human should perform.

Likewise, the current robotic revolution isn’t just a boon for giants like Amazon, but it can be a boon for small businesses as well:

A US burger joint has done away with chefs by employing an army of robots to grill, slice, grind, mix, season and serve their cooked-to-order burgers.

The Creator restaurant boasts the ‘#freshestburgerever’ with buns, onions and tomatoes sliced to order, a choice of five cheeses and freshly ground beef – all for just six dollars (about £4.60).

As I was reading that, two things came to mind:

  1. Cheap gourmet food!
  2. Eliminating gross stuff like this –

This happens a lot more frequently than people would care to think about.

In fact, you can spend days on Youtube just browsing through countless videos of employees tampering with your food.

In the grossest ways imaginable!

Right off the bat, automation eliminates this nasty feature of human experience.

No robot will ever have a bad day at work, to the point of expelling its bodily fluids all over its workplace.

Needless to say, the San Francisco venture turned out to be a huge success:

With a solid 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp, Creator boasts burgers so good that you’ll forget you’re eating food don’t actually like – “I usually don’t eat pickles in my burger but the burger in this place was so good that it made me forget I was eating pickles.”

Another satisfied customer said “As I kept eating I thought ‘damn this is actually pretty good’ the bread was toasted perfectly, the patty was seasoned and cooked well, the vegetables were fresh and the aoili had a great flavour.”


With machines, there is no variation in quality. You don’t get a one-off when the human employee just bungled up the order.

Everything is standardized to the highest level of quality, no matter how many food items are put together during the day.

Which leads us to the likely downside – elimination of food jobs:

He said that although AI chefs could be the “democratisation of good food”, it will lead to a “huge displacement of food workers over the next 10 years, or less.

“No-one will be flipping burgers anymore,” he said.

While Creator is cutting costs in the kitchen in order to spend more on fresh ingredients, Turow-Paul worries the future of robotic fast-food could see savings going straight into the pockets of restaurant owners.

This would have a particularly demonising effect on low-income restaurant workers, most of whom are under 25.

Frankly, if a robot can perform this job better than a human could, should it?

Will displaced workers really be incapable of finding any other kind of work?

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It depends.

If we allow for the continued mass immigration of the low-skill Third World labor, that is most certainly not compatible with automation.

This is the most obvious thing in the world.

Any Democrat or a Republican who advocates for more immigration of any kind is dangerously clueless. Which goes for President Trump’s recent statements as well.

Furthermore, the talk about increasing the minimum wage on a federal level is pure absurdity.

How would that accomplish anything other than accelerating the process of automation?

Elevating the minimum wage increases the cost of work. It’s nothing else than taxing work!

And the more costly the work is, the less likely it is that businesses will hire people for work.

Instead, businesses will turn to other avenues, like automation.

You can always count on socialists to completely miss the mark on the most basic workings of reality.

The very type of immigration that the Democrat party advocates for – low skill Third World – is exactly the type of worker that would not be able to find jobs if the minimum wage is increased.

Nevermind the robots.

I guess, importing leftist voters takes priority for the Democrats.

Do you think we could have done the automation transition far more smoothly if it weren’t for Democrat’s population replacement agenda?

Hit reply and tell me your opinion.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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