Taliban explode US embassy on 9/11 anniversary

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Trump: how many more decades are they willing to fight?

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and with this past Democratic debate, it’s no wonder why the Left can’t make up their minds on who will go against President Trump.

Even if Sleepy Joe ends up taking the Dem win, it’ll be tough for him to avoid Trump’s attacks on his past mistakes with location, time, and space.

In other news, ever since Pres Trump canceled peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David, the Taliban retaliate aggressively. Just look what they did to the US embassy in Afghan

Just paint this on and watch it grow (down there).

Mysterious spy devices found near White House — US officials blame Israel

Beto claims lawmaker Briscoe Cain sent him a death threat

5 prostate mistakes you won’t hear about from your doctor

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That Debate: Beto’s A Dork And Sleepy Joe’s Past It
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

The people lining up to try and rule us next year had another debate last night…

… and we learnt more about at least two of the D would be presidential candidates – Beto’s a know nothing dork and Sleepy Joe’s really past it.

Beto O’Rourke has decided that the gubmint should just buy everyone’s AR-15.

He’s avoiding all that difficult stuff about the price of course. His logic leaves something to be desired too.

The claim being that because a few people a year use a semi-auto rifle wrongly therefore millions who use one right can’t be allowed to.

Hey, it’s right that people shouldn’t mass-shoot up a crowd. It’s muder and that’s not good. But let’s get this into proportion here.

Depends on the year of course but 350 to 400 people died from mass shootings is about right.

Between 500 and 700 die each year from being tangled in their bedsheets. No, really, this is true.

More Americans die each year by their bedsheets than mass shootings.

Beto gonna ban sheets? Make us all sleep with duvets perhaps? If just one child is saved it’s worth it, right?

“A man’s sexual health depends upon his liver”

Because with a clean, healthy liver, testosterone levels are sky-high and fat melts away, revealing firm, hard muscles underneath…

And when your liver is clean, you start feeling like a young man again…

You have more natural energy, you burn fat faster and easier than before, and “rockiness” and bedroom performance improve significantly…

And now you can clean out your liver for FREE with my Liver Protocol

Of course not. Being an adult means knowing that there’s a risk to everything.

The question is not whether bad can happen – it’s whether the good outweighs the bad.

Hundreds of millions all getting a good night’s sleep is worth a few hundred dead. This must be true because no one is suggesting we ban bedsheets.

But, you know, Beto:

He’s also going on about how the AR-15 is a military weapon. It ain’t, as we know.

It’s not even an assault rifle – the AR stands for Armalite, the people who first designed the type of gun.

The version we can get hold of doesn’t do automatic nor spray fire either – gotta pull the trigger each time.

Beto doesn’t know what he’s talking about – but then we knew that.

Sleepy Joe Biden was fun too. He claimed that Bernie Madoff should be released from jail. Paul Manafort too.

Plus every corrupt politician we’ve even managed to collar like Blagovich from Chicago.

Biden – non violent criminals shouldn’t be jailed.

It really is time the Dems put Sleepy Joe out on the back lot.

But think about this for a moment. Biden’s currently leading the pack – what does that tell us about how bad the rest of ‘em are?

Bernie: Don’t Compare My Socialism To Venezuela’s
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Bernie Sanders said that we really can’t compare his socialism to that of Venezuela.

Sure, he may have said that Chavez was doing pretty good, that Maduro had the answers. But, you know, it’s all different now.

Past socialism is never an example for future socialism is it?

The thing Bernie’s really saying is that we’ve all got to stop comparing his plans to reality.

Because they’re going to be great, right? And evidence, schmevidence, don’t confuse people with facts.

Socialism’s failed everywhere it’s been tried, without exception

That’s actual socialism that is.

Government deciding what should be made. Gubmint deciding the price of stuff. It’s never worked and it never will.

They even gave Hayek a Nobel Prize for explaining why too. Plus, of course, made everyone poor in any country where they didn’t believe him.

Venezuela – gubmint decides the price of food. Great, they think people would like it nice and cheap.

So, food prices are low, below the cost of production, immediately there is no food. Why would anyone make stuff to create a loss?

Zimbabwe, their socialism was so successful they made hundred trillion $ notes so everyone was rich. No, really, $100 trillion.

Bernie will say but Sweden, Denmark

And sure, he can say that’s the socialism he wants. It’s just that it ain’t socialism. They’re actually more free market and capitalist than even the US is.

Yep, they’ve got high taxes and government buys a lot of stuff. But when Saab – the car maker – was going bust the gubmint didn’t rescue it like GM of Chrysler.

They just said no one wants it? So, close it then. And they did.

Or Iceland, when all the banks went bust the government let all the banks go bust.

So, bye bye then.

Really, they didn’t rescue them they just said you F***ed up? Well, that’s capitalism, ain’t it?

You lose your money and we’ll do lunch, real soon now, right?

And “socialist” health care…

My two step size system

You may or may not know that the male unit is made up of three chambers or (columns of tissue).

The blood flow to these three chambers is often blocked. This restricts blood flow.

Not good if you want to have great intimacy.

And it affects size: the size of the male unit is dictated by how much blood the two big chambers can hold.

To “embiggen” your unit there is one thing that we must achieve — to get these chambers to take more blood.

Here’s where it gets weird…

Here’s the two step size system that makes your penile chambers expand more and makes your member bigger, while also fixing blood pressure

Bernis wants that Medicare for all. And that ain’t even the way that Sweden and other “socialist” health care works.

It’s the county that collects the money from your taxes. The county that pays the money to the hospital.

Not the national government. Bernie says we should feed trillions a year through DC.

The Swedes say local money should be spent locally. It’s more like school boards and local taxation in the US.

Oh, and yeah, there’s big deductibles. And the school system? Everyone in the country is a charter school too.

Bernie’s problem isn’t just that he’s a socialist it’s that he doesn’t even know how socialism itself works.

There’s the kind he’s planning for, where gubmint runs everything and fixes the prices. This doesn’t work.

Then there’s the kind he points to, which is more capitalist than we are. And when they pay high taxes they pay them locally – no, really.

The national income tax rate in Denmark is 3.76%. Yep, 3.76, not 37.6.

But then, you know, even to think of being a sopcialist you’ve got to ignore how the world works, amirite?





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