The fake whistleblower is revealed here – this is who he is

Power Outrage

Let’s see how the Left spins this one – the whistleblower is not who they said — not a CIA agent — there is a LOT more to this, says this source

Hey, it’s Ashleigh here, and a firsthand account from the Socialist Republic of California comes from a dear friend who is there near the Golden Gate Bridge, in Marin County:

“Totally black here. I spent day at the Sausalito library with the whole town. Free coffee and power up services. Many people in old places here have sump pumps (electricity pushes toilet contents uphill to sewage lines.) so they can’t even use their toilets.

“Freeways full of refugees moving to temporary locations.

“Big Grocery stores with generators are packed, people getting ice and sandwiches, whatever’s portable to eat.

“People lined up there to get hot coffee.”

Gubnor Gavin Noisome knew this was going to happen. 1 or 2 week rolling blackouts of millions of comrades was PREDICTED. Rates will double the first year, they said. Noisome was fine with that.

Now that it’s happening, it will be the end of Noisome as gubnor, I predict.

When the upper classes get hit with weeks long outages, they squawk. Only poor people having outages is A-OK, not rich people.

President Trump was right when he explained the problem with California’s fires and nothing has been done.

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The frenzy about grazing, about stopping reasonable logging, and so-called endangered species has created a constant yearly wildfire season.

And who says there is no good news? Many needless abortions are being stopped thanks to the Trumpers stopping public funding of the Baby Killers Incorporated business. I’m not totally against abortion, but I think women and men should avoid it at all costs. I think most Americans agree with me.

Impeachment fraud continues but the key US diplomat wasn’t aware of any trading foreign aid in exchange for insisting that Ukraine investigate Biden.

The Fake Bureau of Investigation interviews suspects but does not record the interviews. They use notes. Why don’t they record?

They use a 302 form, and we are now finding out that the FBI interview of Michael Flynn was doctored after the interview by the evil lying Lisa Page, and her good friends… “I made the edits”, she asserts, say sources.

But the real story is that the whistleblower is a Ukrainian.

The Federalist says that “‘The Upper Echelon of the FBI Met to Orchestrate It All” — and if this ain’t a coup, what is?

And Comey’s notes were NEVER turned over to Flynn’s defense even though that is a requirement.

And finally, a bombshell story reported in an exclusive interview, a longtime Ukrainian politician gives the sordid story. Biden was threatening Ukraine with billions of dollars of foreign aid.

Unless they played ball with him and his family. As the article shows: “The official version says there was a CIA man, a whistle-blower, who reported to the Democrats.

“What the version does not clarify, where this whistle-blower was located during the call.

“I tell you, he was located in Kiev, and he was present at the conversation, at the Ukrainian President Zelensky’s side.

“This man was (perhaps) a CIA asset, but he also was a close associate of George Soros, and a Ukrainian high-ranking official.

“His name is Mr Alexander Daniluk.

“He is also the man the investigation of Sam Kislin and of the DoJ had led to, the Finance Minister of Ukraine at the time, the man who was responsible for the embezzlement of three billion US taxpayer’s best dollars.

“The DoJ issued an order for his arrest. Naturally he is devoted to Biden personally, and to the Dems in general. I would not trust his version of the phone call at all.”

It gets worse involving the coup against Trumpers. “A former head of CIA, Robert James Woolsey, now sits on the Board of Directors of Velta, producing Ukrainian titanium.”


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