The problem with the transgender movement that nobody is saying

An essay on what the transgender movement really means. May offend some people. 

Note: Freedom Keith is a Liberty Lover with a fascinating story and he has agreed to write for us. He does not necessarily reflect the views of Daily Liberty News!


Dear Fellow Liberty Lover,

The American trans-gender movement is the most misogynistic, chauvinistic, anti-female, backlash to women’s suffrage the Western World has witnessed since the overthrow of the Iranian Shah and the end of the White Revolution.

Women in the U.S. have made less-than-zero social, economic, or political progress because of the trans-gender movement. 

A movement that targets the very essence of what makes a woman a woman has done absolutely nothing to help women advance their position in society. 

In fact, the trans-gender movement has done the opposite, nothing but allow men to push women aside once again. 

Only this time, instead of being hillbillies in wife-beaters and Latinos in taco-bender hats and blacks getting lit on the porch drinking Cognac, the repressors are men dressed as women.  

By so-generously sharing the fruits of the women’s liberation that has been making progress since the 1920s with men who claim to be women too, women have helped — maybe even spearheaded — the defemination of womanhood. 

It could be argued that women are responsible for the death of womanhood, responsible for allowing liberal fanatics to strip away everything that makes a female feminine and reducing feminism to an “identity.” 

Like everything in the Western World backed by Liberal Fascists, the trans-gender movement is of value — almost exclusively — to men, cross-dressing men with agendas. 

The term trans-gender is a misnomer. It both fails to describe the agents of the movement and the consequences of their actions. 

The trans-gender movement is a movement by men for men, even if they are men wearing dresses who “identify” with being a woman. 

This isn’t a transgender movement. 

This is the Tran-men-der Movement.

Ill-Gotten Gains: The Benefits of He-Men Becoming She-Men

The transgender movement is Klan-like in its exclusivity. 

“No WOMEN allowed. No exceptions,” is the trans-gender motto behind closed closet doors. 

The trans-gender movement is more restrictively sexist than the most extreme of Muslim sects. 

Trans-genderization has set back women’s suffrage decades, if not generations. 

On the flip side of the 3-dollar bill, men who “identify” with being a woman reap extraordinary benefits from the trans-gender movement. 

Bruce Caitlyn Jenner is a prime example.

Jenner: From Hero to Zero to Heroine

From the 1980s until the 2010s, Bruce Jenner steadily and surely disappeared from relevance. 

From Olympic gold medalist to insignificant, Jenner was no longer on the radar of mainstream media by 2012. 

Bruce was just an average joe with a history just a little cooler than everyone else’s, but wasn’t important enough for anyone to care about. 

Bruce just didn’t move the needle anymore.

Then, Bruce “trans-itioned” into Caitlyn.

And overnight, by him becoming a her, “she” landed on the front page of every prominent news outlet in America. 

Jenner was all over the internet. 


Twitter was on fire with Caitlyn tweets. 

The tabloids couldn’t get enough of her, “What is she eating? Where is she going? Who is she meeting?” 

But, it wasn’t just the trash papers and kids’ social media platforms that were starstruck by Jenner. 

Caitlyn landed on the covers of Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Vanity Fair. 

She won the ESPN Bravery Award. 

She even got endorsements and was paid for speaking engagements. 

Bruce Jenner became relevant again by becoming Caitlyn.

But, there is no reason to be angered by Jenner’s revolutionary approach to reinventing oneself. 

She chose to be the Boy George of the 21st Century. More power to him her Jenner. 

No one was hurt. No one was forced to sacrifice for Jenner’s gains. Jenner had no victims. 

Gabe Gabrielle Ludwig did. 

“They had no clue I was once a man.” Oh, But They Did Man Ma’am


In 2012, Gabe “Gabrielle” Ludwig — at the time, a 52-year-old, 6’ 6” transgender with arms covered in tatoos (of wolves and barbwire) and with the hands of a farrier — claimed he believed he was a she and was permitted to play for Mission College, a community college in Santa Clara, Calif. 


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Ludwig had a height that, “corresponds to a z-score of 2.85, meaning that Ludwig 2.85 standard deviations above the average.” 

That means Ludwig was taller than 99.8% of men in the United States. 

Yet, Ludwig was allowed to play with 18-20-year-old women who were less than half his weight and more than a foot-and-a-half shorter. 

As should be expected of a man among girls, Ludwig dominated the junior college basketball competition.

If Jenner is the face of the trans movement, Ludwig is the asshole.

Title IX Undergoes Phalloplasty 

No American institution has been affected more by the consequences of men “identifying” as women than public academic institutions. 

And, the whip with which trans-men-ders use to flog academia is Title IX. 

The original intent of Title IX, a law passed in 1972, was to assure that girls and women had the same opportunities as boys and men in institutions funded by the federal government. 

Title IX assured everything from academic scholarships to sports equivalents for women. 

For a while, Title IX worked well. Extremely fucking well. More women went to college. 

Women’s athletic programs shot up around the country in public academic institutions from elementary to college. 

More women became professors. Because of Title IX, men respected women more than ever before. 

The discrepancy in gender equality narrowed dramatically because of Title IX. 

But, like the intent of many brilliant and revolutionary ideas — from the Second Amendment to The Communist Manifesto, — the original intent of Title IX gave way to the letter of the law. 

Its purpose was trampled down and buried under the literal meaning of its language. 

Title IX has been transformed into something unrecognizable. 

Title IX, states, “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” 

What failed to be considered by those who drafted and passed the legislation was the notion that gender was debatable. 

Evidently it is, however. And the debate is not allowed to follow reason, logic, rational, or common fucking sense. 

And the moderates and conservatives lost the debate and — as usual — the Soco-Dems stood by to see which horse took the lead and jumped on the bandwagon. 

And the result? 

Liberal Fascists has perverted Title IX to the degree that it is simply an avenue for men to take more opportunities from women. 

A man says he “identifies” with being a woman and he can take advantage of all the benefits of Title IX.

Good job girls. 

Way to stand up for your womanhood. 

You’d make Susan B. proud. 

I’m sure your Moms and Grandmothers are. Way to undo generations of their work. 

“Millennials,” a generation of women taking it in the ass from trans-men-ders.

Womanhood Dies and the Hands of Escapism and Parataxic Distortion

If the trans-men-der movement was a person, it would be diagnosed as having escapism and parataxic distortion disorders. 

It’s all based on a failure to recognize reality. 

It’s hate speech against rational thinking. It’s bigotry against common sense.

It’s a moment based on Neverland fantasies, a movement that has created policies and legislation that are — from core to flesh — absurd. 

Even the pompous little Ben Shapiro — a condescending elitist who makes a point of talking down to everyone — makes it nearly impossible for a reasonable person not to agree with him. 


While he’s such a dick that it is unbearable to listen to him lecture for more than a few minutes at a time…

…he summed up the dangerously irrational premise behind the trans-men-der movement in two quick quips. 

Arguing over whether gender/sex is an emperically provable, biological fact or it is a state of mind, a female in the audience — once again, you’ve shot yourself in your own feet ladies — was explaining that how a person “identifies” determines gender. 

Shapiro’s argument was that, in addition to female genitalia and milk producing breasts and comparatively higher estrogen levels and two X chromosomes…

…there are other differences between the sexes like differing brain functions, composition, and structure. 

Still, the woman insisted that gender is a state of mind. 

“Sex is not malleable. I am not denying your humanity. I am saying you are not the sex you claim to be. But, you’re still a human being,” he explained.

“But I am not going to pretend women are men and men are women. I am not going to deny basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are.”

Yet, she continued, “but all people are different and different people can be different things.”

“And if I call you a moose, are you suddenly a moose,” his response followed by laughter. 

But, she still wouldn’t stop, “it’s not the same thing.”

“OK,” he started again, “how old… I’m not going to ask you how old… actually, you’re probably young enough that it’s not offensive to you. How old are you?”

“I’m 22,” she replied.

“How come you aren’t 60?” he asked. 

And finally, after she had argued with him for five minutes, there was no response. Just clapping behind her. 

And that is the singularity of the lie behind the trans-gender movement. 

Age is not malleable. 

Your species is not malleable. 

You can not change your sex. 

There is no world where boys are girls and girls are boys. 

Caitlyn Jenner is not interesting or enlightened or brave. 

Caitlyn is a man who dresses like a woman who used to be named Bruce. 

Gabe “Gabrielle” Ludwig wasn’t fooling anyone, not the 6th grade girls he coached, not the players on his team, or the teams he was allowed to pummel, and no one in the stands. 

Life is not a fantasy. It is not virtual. There are some things we can change about ourselves and others we can’t. Our genders is not something we can change. 

On the other hand, pretending men are women is a choice. We can choose not to recognize men as women. That is a choice we have. 

No more men who are strangers to our daughters in public women’s bathrooms. 

No more men on collegiate women’s basketball teams or in women’s boxing or on women’s football teams or in women’s events in the olympics. 

No more pretending men with agendas who “identify” as women are women. They are men. 

Sorry, but there are some things in life you just can’t change no matter how many people pretend you can.


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