Trump just made the most brilliant best move of his presidency

Democrats and Republicans

Even fellow Republicans are screaming — everyone is screaming — and this is the BEST gift us Americans have been given in years!

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and President Trump ran on being a peace president.

And finally, he’s making good on that. He announced that the U.S. is pulling out of the Syria morass and the “forever wars.”

This is the greatest gift we Americans are getting — and Neocons and war-lovers on the Left And Right are furious.

The fact is, there are ALWAYS people who LOVE war and want the US involved in every war possible.

But calling troops OUT of war is why we elected President Trump in the first place.

Exactly. Mr. President, this is your best move EVER.

And in other news, a bombshell — just out — Dems asked Ukraines for secret election interference FOR Hillary AGAINST Trump. Will this collusion story be picked up by the lamestreams? Ha!

Don’t look in WaPo for this — we give you news that NOBODY dares to talk about.

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Every Democratic Policy Is Wrong
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Inequality ain’t what we’re told

Well, sure, we knew that. Everything proposed by a Democrat is the wrong policy — that’s what the party’s for, to tell us what we don’t want to do by proposing it.

But after the snark at them it’s still true — every policy they’re proposing is wrong.

Their basic pitch is inequality

We know this, ‘cuz we keep getting told it, but inequality is the problem. The Problem.

Us working stiffs ain’t been getting any more money while the billionaires run away with all the growth.

The plutocrats are getting twice as much of everything as they used to.

Therefore, we should tax everyone and Uncle Sam gets to distribute the money like a leaky pinata. That’ll solve everything, see?

Plus buy the votes, forever, of everyone who gets money each month. Hey, great plan if you’re a D. No, that’s Democrat, not dick.

A slight problem

This does all depend on the idea that the rich are running away with it all.

That inequality is increasing.

If it isn’t, then there’s something wrong right at the beginning of the argument, right? Like, you know, a lie?

The inequality isn’t increasing

Certainly it ain’t that much. Sure, the eggheads have done some sums, some math, that shows it is. But there’s a problem with what they’ve done.

They didn’t include taxes and welfare in the calculations. Which is important, right?

‘Cuz what are they saying is the cure? More taxes and more welfare.

So, if we’re going to solve the problem by taxes and welfare then we’ve got to include taxes and welfare in our guess at whether there’s a problem at the start.

Because if we don’t, then we won’t solve the problem with taxes and welfare, right?

This ain’t hard to understand

If one guy’s gettin’ $100 and the other $10 then sure, that’s unequal.

But if we tax $20 and give welfare of $20 — more likely $10 and the Swamp gets $10 — then inequality is lower. $80 to $30.

Maybe too much, maybe not enough, but it is different.

But if we don’t count the tax and the welfare then we’ll be saying that reality, which is $80 to $30, is still that $100 to $10.

And we’re sayin’ that’s too high, more tax, more welfare.

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This goes on forever, we always get more tax, more welfare, because we’re not counting the effect of what we already do.

This is what the Dems are doin’

When we go count again, including tax and welfare in our sums, and math, then inequality hasn’t been rising. This is the numbers when done by people who actually run the tax system.

Sure, what people get before tax has changed. But so has the amount of tax they pay — it’s gone up, a lot.

And so has the amount some folks get in welfare — gone up, a lot. So, even though the starting point has changed, the end result ain’t all that much.

Inequality just hasn’t risen much in the past 40 years. Therefore we don’t need to do a lot to cure it. Well, not unless we’re a Democrat running for election that is.

Ain’ it interesting what you find out when you can do that math right?

AOC’s Gone Crazy Again
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Illegal immigrants don’t vote you say?

Maybe hiring the bartender to run the nation wasn’t a good idea after all.

Alexandria Occasional Cortex has a new set of ideas to change the country. This is after the one about killing capitalism and civilisation with the Green New Deal.

It’s a much, much better — *cough*, yeah, better — idea this time too.

Illegal immigrants get welfare

The biggie here is that illegal immigrants get the full welfare package. Everything. And not just welfare.

They get professional licenses, permits to work and all that, just like everyone else.

What she actually says is that we can’t discriminate against people for welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, job licences and permits, just because they’re illegal immigrants.

This is real stupid. Twice.

The first time it’s stupid is that it ignores Milton Friedman. St Milt pointed out that you can have welfare, or you can have free immigration, but you can’t have both.

Because if you do then every poor person in the world is gonna flood across the border and come live on our dime. Oh joy, eh?

So what’s Occasional Thought suggesting? That if you can get across the border then you get the full welfare package.

Sure, we don’t think welfare’s a lotta cash. It ain’t nothin’ but we can all get more by going out to work and we do.

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Now think like a Central American

U.S. welfare is not a lot, sure, it don’t make you rich. But now be a Nicaraguan on $1500 a year.

No, not a mistake, $1500 a year, not $15,000. U.S. welfare is a lot now, right?

And to get it, all you’ve got to do is walk through Mexico and climb that Wall that ain’t there yet. And once you’ve got it you get it for life.

We get tens of millions camped on the Rio Grande tryin’ to get across, right?

But it’s even more stupid than that.

Politics is about bribing people to vote for you. OK, so you bribe the people with votes, obviously. And hope that they’ll turn out in greater numbers than those who have to pay for it all.

So what’s AOC suggesting? That all the people with votes get to pay for this, welfare for anyone who can make it over the border. And all the people who benefit, the illegals, don’t have the vote.

Jeez, is the woman stupid or what?

If you can’t even work out how to bribe the voters with other peoples’ money you really are too dumb to be in politics.




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