Trump’s Immigration Reversal, Hate Hoaxing Dismissed, Green New Deal Rebuked, Activist Judges Double Down

In this Weekend Roundup, the struggle for preserving the nation marches on!

Whether President Trump truly gave up on immigration, or if he is playing a long game, only time will tell.

However, time is running out rapidly.

So far, President Trump repeatedly said that “I want people to come into our country, in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally,”.

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If that is the case, what is then the point of the wall? Ever since the 1965 immigration act, legal immigration was always the core issue, not illegal immigration.

And what about widespread automation concerns and very low work participation rate? Things just don’t add up for the MAGA agenda.

Failing to stop ‘catch and release’ effectively translates to open borders, and more workers is akin to amnesty. Is immigration simply a lost political cause at this point, despite the occasional good news?

Next, the nation’s eye is on the outrageous dropping of all charges against Jussie Smollett for hoaxing a hate crime.

We have not seen such public miscarriage of justice since O. J. Simpson was acquitted of a double homicide.

In fact, this case might even be worse given that the proceeding didn’t even have the chance to go to trial. On top of it, there is a clear case for corruption of Chicago’s prosecutorial apparatus, connecting the Obamas and George Soros.

President Trump’s tweet about the case is encouraging, but you know how impotent his tweets end up being!


In the ongoing climate change news, Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) did not have a good time.

AOC’s Green New Deal was put up for a vote and not a single Democrat took the plunge to vote for the ludicrous, civilization-destroying plan.

This also brings us to the emerging crisis of recycling, as American towns and cities start to feel the consequences of China no longer tackling foreign waste.

As it turns out, that is only a tiny problem in the big picture of recycling.

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Lastly, we continue to endure the never-ending judicial meddling.

What you were taught in school about the separation of powers into three branches of government – judicial, legislative, executive – seems more outdated with each new ruling from an activist judge.

So much for electing a president to do anything, if any random judge can block and reinterpret any law and policy to his/her own liking!


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—Ashleigh Dunn

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