University study: 9/11 tower 7 brought down by explosives

9/11 Tower

Don’t believe the official narrative, says this university study

Ashleigh here, and today you can see that we are NOT “conspiracy nuts” — read this one carefully…

A major university confirms what many of us suspect: dust found at the 9/11 site contained residue of high explosives…and Building 7 collapsed in 7 seconds from explosives planted.

And the woman accusing President Trump of “forcible kissing” is not going through with her case…this is yet another political nut job from the Left and it is not working. The judge got very angry and called this politically motivated…

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Steve King Drinks From The Immigrant Detention Toilet, Says “It’s Great!”
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Representative Steve King is hated by everyone to the left of him – that’s a lot of people except you and me.

And, of course, 98% of the journalistic class. So, whatever he says they’re just going to deny it or make fun of it.

The latest is that he went to a detention center. You know, the places we hold possibly illegal immigrants.

While we either decide what to do with them or organise the bus to take them back. The places we’ve got to have if we’re not just going to allow the entire world in to live on welfare.

He’s there, he drinks from the toilet and announces that it’s just fine. “I actually went into that cell where it was reported that [migrants] were advised they had to drink out of the toilet, I took a drink out of there, and actually — pretty good,” he added. “I smacked my lips.”

He didn’t, of course, drink right from the toilet, he’s not Rover the Dog. But this is a great example of how that journalistic class craps all over reality.

Because the claim was, from Alex Socialist Cortez and other lefty types, that immigrants had to drink from the toilet.

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This was repeated right across all the media outlets. You know, head down in the pan, reaching around the u-bend just to get a sip of liquid.

Which ain’t what happens at all. Hey, it’s a good story to show that the whitey Feds under the monster Trump are trying to kill off the Latinos but it still ain’t true. What is true is that the toilet unit has two parts to it.

That bit to be sat upon, just like a normal regular potty. And then the back, the tank that holds the water to flush, that has a sink on the top of it.

The reason? So there’s only the one water connection going into the cell. There’s less to break. Less for people to break. So, not drinking from the toilet at all, drinking from the faucet just like regular folks.

So why the story? Because the media’s institutionally leftist that’s why. They’re not even pretending to be honest any more. I can prove this too.

For us in the journalistic classes what you call a good night out we call breakfast.

We thus all have a certain experience of city and county jails across the country. And every single one of them uses the same set up. The faucet, the sink, the tank, the toilet.

We all know absolutely that you don’t drink from the toilet. It’s not even a sensible claim.

But every damn one of them repeated it. Which is all you need to know, ain’t it? They’re lying to us. The correct reaction to most newspaper is therefore, “why is this bastard lying to me. The bastard?”

San Francisco wants you to defend yourself with a pointed stick
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

San Francisco has just decided to use the wrong way to ban guns – by violating the First Amendment.

Walmart, Kroger and Walgreens are using the right way – by insisting on their rights. The big difference is that we can change where we shop in that second case.

The fruits and nuts that make up the Board of Supervisors in SF have decided to declare that the National Rifle Association is a domestic terrorist group. Yay them. Because we all needed another example of leftish stupidity, right?

We can see their point. Normal people are doing what they don’t like being done. Exercising their Second Amendment rights to bear arms. Maybe just to go duck hunting, maybe it’s to protect against the sort of gubmint the politicians of SF would like to impose on us. So, obviously, try to do something to ban it.

The effect of this will be that anyone who does business with the NRA can’t do business with SF. The problem here being that the NRA doesn’t actually do anything. It talks about stuff instead. Which is great, it does a good job. But talking about stuff is the First Amendment. And that really does say that government will pass no laws to stop it.

Even the Board of Supervisors of a dinky place like SF is classified as gubmint. So, a law that says you can’t say that and still work with SF is a breach of those rights just there in that Bill of them.

There’s also the right way to do this. Walgreens just banned open carry in their stores. Joining Walmart and Kroger when they did that.

Hey, sure, maybe we don’t like that. But there are our rights and their rights.

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Their stores are their stores, their property. They get to decide what goes on there. No shirt no service.

You gotta pay for what you break – although that’s Pottery Barn of course. We all wish they would stop the fat girl wearing yoga pants but so far the campaign is unsuccessful. But it would be legal for them to do that. Because, you know, their property.

Like the baker who doesn’t have to make the cake he don’t want to.

They’re not trampling on our rights – they’re just disagreeing with us. We’re free to disagree back too. We can go shop elsewhere.

Maybe because we want to open carry while we do. Maybe because we just don’t like people stopping open carry. But we will change our behavior because we can.

Which is why this is the right way to deal with gun rights. Sure, we have rights under the Second. People have rights over their property. And then there’s the wrong, the SF, way.

Because people also have rights under the First and that specifically says that gubmint can’t take them away.


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