The scariest email ever — open only if you have nerves of steel

Scarier than anything you encountered on Halloween…

Hey, it’s Ashleigh here, and in honor of yesterday being Halloween… today I bring you the scariest sh*t you’ve ever read, so I’ll warn you again!
Still reading? Fellow Liberty Lover, imagine you are a spy…

The deal is, you entrap the most rich and powerful people in the world, and in return, you are made rich yourself.

So you are funded by this government agency to act rich and famous yourself.

Maybe it’s, say, the government of Israel, just to take a hypothetical example.

And you hire young, underage girls whose parents aren’t choosy about their daughters as long as their daughters are hobnobbing with the rich and famous…

…and you entrap every rich and powerful man in the world from, say, a prince of a major country, to the richest men in the world… I don’t know, hypothetically speaking Bill Gates.

…and you secretly tape the most disgusting activities these men do with underage girls…

…and everything you do is turned over to this government actor, your “controllers” as they say in the spy novels.

And now, at some point, it goes south. You get into legal trouble.

All those taped scenes of the rich and famous — men going at it with underage girls — is going to be subpoenaed…

Of course, they are going to get to you.


Just a few drops makes things bigger “down there”

All men have to do is paint a little of this natural mineral on their manhood…

And once this mineral comes into contact with the testicles, the Leydig cells start producing more testosterone…

And then other important male hormones increase too.

And before you know it, you are growing bigger and fatter “down there” right before her eyes…

Just paint it on and watch it grow…


They have unlimited funds and can pay off guards, pay off wardens, do anything needed… to strangle you in your cell.

Doesn’t matter that you are in the most watched “suicide watch” prison in the world.

Doesn’t matter that everyone knows you are a target.

Doesn’t matter because they get to you anyway. They strangle you and they capture and destroy the incriminating evidence.

Dr. Michael Baden is a renowned expert pathologist with 50 years experience and he witnessed the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein and he says Epstein was “strangulated” in his cell… meaning murdered.

We’ll never know anything about it, Liberty Lover, because the Deep State is nixing this one…

Okay, so another scary story. Ready?

Remember your friend Ashleigh, moir, the Brainy Blonde Bombshell, said:

…that cities should ship their homeless out in the desert on cheap land and put them up in board and care facilities…

This would get them off the streets and cost a fraction of what the cities are spending now…remember I said that?

Now we find that New York City has spent almost $100 million secretly shipping homeless people as far away as the South Pacific and paying their rent there, for a year in advance.

Not the way Ashleigh said to do it… wake up New York! When their rent is up, these homeless will be back, sillies!

You’ll have freshly tanned, homeless, alcoholic schizos with newfound energy from their year long vacation… now aggressively panhandling on the streets of New York…. again!

Remember, I promised you SCARY.

We have significant riots and protests in at least 11 countries and moving to more and more and more...

The U.S. isn’t yet on the list… but with the Impeachment Fraud trying to snatch President Trump from the jaws of the Deplorables who elected him, that will happen.

The financial markets will be murdered because the ONE thing the USA has is STABILITY… but if we are rioting over the Left and beating each other up to a pulp, goodbye U.S. dollar.

Top-down socialist schools use the gubmint monster “Common Core” that nobody wants… except the socialist teachers and principals… kids educated with Common Core are failing tests and doing worse than they have in years and years…

Wanna bet they’ll keep “Common Core” monstrosity?

It kills learning and curiosity… everyone on the same, boring, horrific Stalininist curriculum sent from the Beltway to the Little People…


Get perfect pressure 120/80 with these 5 foods

Want to get off the pills (with your doctor’s blessing)?

Just eat these 5 delicious foods to naturally lower your pressure.


And those scary fires in California…

Ashleigh has been telling you it’s nothing to do with Climate Change. The State of California is responsible because they stopped logging and brush clearing that for decades had stopped this type of nonsense.

Fires are actually down, down, down in the USA:

But idiot Socialists from California say it’s “climate change,” but the USA has had the coldest October on record, ever. Even the Grand Canyon was below zero in October!

Now if that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is!

Happy Scary Friday from your friend Ashleigh, the Blonde Bombshell who brings you a daily dose of Real News.

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