Untold truth about Jeffrey Epstein and those he threatened

Dear Fellow Liberty Lover,

Who Did “Orgy” Epstein?  

Jeffrey “Orgy” Epstein had dirt — like sex with kids on camera kind of dirt — on ex-president Bill “Willy” Clinton, say some sources… 

And, on a whole lot of other really rich and really powerful people “may” be involved….

Prince Andrew of Britain, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, comedian Chris Rock, astrophysicist Steven Hawking, financier Glenn Dubin, actor Kevin Spacey, attorney Alan Dershowitz, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, the deceased MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, director Woody Allen, author Michael Wolff, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, Middle East Princes, and hundreds of other powerful and influential people whose names you know, Epstein had dirt on them too (says the Daily Beast.)

So, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities someone whose name you know had ol’ Orgy” Epstein whacked in the most brutal and terrible of ways.

Or maybe — as many in the contemporary press are suggesting — some “deep-state” agency (whatever that means) ended Epstein’s life so unceremoniously.

Or, maybe Epstein really did commit suicide. That’s the official cause of death for Jeffrey Epstein. Suicide. 

Yea. Sure.

Who “The Orgy” Epstein Was

Don’t know who Jeffrey “Orgy” Epstein was? 

Believe me, you wanna.

Want to understand why the Great Recession of 2007-2009 occurred? 

Read about ol’ Orgy Epstein.

Want to know who the brains behind the Towers Financial ponzi scheme was? 

Research Orgy.

Want to know who leveraged the politicians in Washington to bail out the banks owned by the richest men in America with U.S. tax dollars? 


This is the Story of Political Filth, the World’s Richest Pimp, a Bad Way to Die, and Cross-Isle Love between Dems and Repubs 

This is not a story about the conning of millions of Americans out of trillions of dollars. 

No, what this story is about is the chilling things the most inhumane 1%-ers in America do in their free time, the 1%-ers who hung out with Epstein.

Ol’ Orgy Epstein hung out with one heck of a lot 1%ers. Dude catered to the escentric needs of hundreds of 1%-ers, many of whom are the richest big-names you know.

Uncoincidentally, those same 1%-ers are the people who eventually put ol’ Orgy Epstein in a jail cell with a freakishly-large-ex-cop who has been charged with a quadruple-murder in a drug conspiracy case. 

Suicide by hanging maybe, but I’d bet even up odds that the butcher piggy strangled poor ol’ Orgy Epstein with his bare bear hands. 

Additionally, this story is about the incestuous fraternization that goes on between America’s most influential politicians when they aren’t on t.v. lying about how much they oppose their opposition.

Also, this story is about a past U.S. President putting his penis in the vaginas of little girls. Yes, I already mentioned that. Let it sink in. 

Big f-ing surprise, though, right? 


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Willy was receiving fellatio from barely-adults in the Oval Office.

Of course he gets freaky in his spare time.

By all accounts, no legitimate journalist has provided any evidence that Willy had sexual intercourse with a child provided by Jeffrey Epstein. 

But, there is no uncertainty about the fact that he was at parties where kids were being sexually abused.  

What are the odds Willy sat on the couch eating diet popcorn watching “Seinfeld” reruns while all that was going on around him? About the same odds Orgy off-ed himself I’ll venture to guess.

And finally, this story is about the insane corruption within the U.S. legal system and how pathetically transparent it really is… 

…Things like Orgy Epstein serving time in a U.S. jail Escobar-style the first time he pled guilty to child sex trafficking.

You know, the time he spent a mere 18 months behind bars for trafficking children?

This is about the last decade of the life of Jeffrey “Orgy” Epstein, what he was doing when he wasn’t at work crashing the global economy.

This is about following Money during his free time.

An Ex-Prez, an Oscar-Winner, the Black Comedian, Moguls, Hawking, and Eyes-Wide-Shut-Style Parties 

Epstein was so rich that Trump liked to fly in his private jet. A lot. 

And our first black president William “Wild Bill” Clinton, did too. More than two-dozen times in fact. Twenty-six times, to be exact, Willy appears on the flight logs of Orgy Epstein’s private jet.

The flight logs show that Orgy Epstein and Willy visited more than a dozen countries together.

Prince Andrew — “the third child and second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh” (see Wikipedia) — was also very fond of Orgy Epstein’s private jet.

And, Willy and The Prince weren’t just fly around in the ol’ Orgy’s jet, “Lolita Express,” either. (That was the nickname of Epstein’s jet. I kid you not.) 

No, they weren’t just flying around donkey punching underage stewardesses while looking down over the coke plantations littering the landscape of the tiny Caribbean countries controlled by the CIA. 

No Siree Bob. Those boys would land at Epstein’s private estates and hang out with harems of underage girls and PARRRRR-TAAAAYYYY.

Some of the biggest names in the Western World you know of and some of the richest people in the world you’ve never heard of hung at Epstein’s private-island homes. 

People liked to party with dude. And, it wasn’t just the scourge of the world’s biggest political arena hanging out with Epstein. 

Steven Hawking and two other Nobel laureates, Gerard t’Hooft and Frank Wilczek were photographed at one of Epstein’s private parties where, “barely dressed,” underage women were running around. 

“Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, billionaire creep Ron Burkle, Clinton confidant Gayle Smith (who [then served] on Barack Obama’s National Security Council,” traveled around Africa for five days on the Lolita Express and staying at his private estates. 

By all accounts, it was balls-deep fun hanging out with Epstein (unless you are an underage girl I would assume).

In 2003, Vanity Fair quoted Donald Trump as saying, 

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” 

Orgy liked to party and everyone knew it and everyone wanted to be invited.

Obviously, none of this is shocking. 

We ordinaries are smart enough to surmise that the uber-rich people probably hang out and f-ing-party together and we assume that lots of sex probably occurs at the parties. 

We’ve all dreamt of what we’d be doing were we to hit the PowerBall! Party like politicians!

What is a little crazy, though, is that eeevvveeerrryyybbbooodddyy knew these huge names were hanging out together and having undersage girls WHILE THEY WERE HANGING OUT TOGETHER AND HAVING SEX WITH UNDERAGE GIRLS! 

Legitimate news sources reported on their criminal and amoral philandering constantly

Newsweeks’ Catherine Ostler wrote an article titled, “Jeffrey Epstein: The Sex Offender Who Mixes With Princes and Premiers.” 

Gawker, — admittedly, it’s an edgy publication, but it is known for the accuracy of its reporting — printed an article titled, “Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet.” 

The New York Post published an article titled, “The ‘sex slave’ scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.”

Everyone knew what Epstein was and what he did. And, everyone knew who was hanging out with him doing it too.

In 2016, Fox News reported,

“Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by FoxNews.com.”

Pablo Escobar Prison Time for Ol’ Orgy Epstein

Eventually, Epstein went to prison for renting kids out for rape, i.e., child sex trafficking. 

During his groeling 18 month sentence — yes, 18 months for providing kids to other men so the other men could rape the kids, — Orgy Epstein had his own cell, unlimited visitors (you guessed it, underage girls included), a cell phone, an office with a computer, television and his own kitchen. 

But, Upon a Second Conviction…

The problem with Epstein’s first go-round in jail for sex trafficking is that the press caught wind of the Escobar-prison-style conditions ol’ Orgy “suffered,” conditions he was forced to endure after being given a lighter sentence for child sex trafficking than most corner drug dealers get for selling an ounce of crack. 

When he was charged for child trafficking a second time, the press was all over it. 

If a judge were to have handed out a light sentence this time, that judge would have been burned at the stake. If Epstein was given special treatment the second time around, people in high places would have lost their jobs.

Ol’ Orgy Epstein was headed to the big house for life and everybody knew it. And that made everyone real, real nervous.

Everybody was nervous because everyone knew no one was going to put their political careers on the line a second time to keep Orgy Epstein’s testicles out of the in-sink-erator. 

That meant everyone who knew the guy was at risk, particularly threatening to those he had dirt on. 

No one knew what ol’ Orgy Epstein would say he knew — and who he knew it about — in order to keep his freedom. 

And that, my friends, is the reason someone with a name you know had ol’ Orgy Epstein whacked prison-style in a county jail. 

Who knows who did it. Maybe an ex-president. Maybe a Nobel laureate, though that’s a little less likely. Maybe an actor who didn’t want him ruining their career. (That kind of rules out Kevin Spacey, I suppose.)

Or, maybe it wasn’t someone whose name we know. 

The impression the press is giving us is that it probably wasn’t. Far more likely, they’re implying, it was the CIA. Afterall, they’re speculating, Epstein was probably a CIA spook with lots of sensitive secrets. 

Orgy Epstein the Spook

Epstein was very connected to the government and it’s pretty likely he worked for the spooks in one capacity or another. 

And, considering Epstein was the man who came up with the ponzi scheme that brought the world economy to its knees, he probably did some pretty shady things for the CIA… If he actually worked for them.  

A super bada$$ article by Philip M. Giraldi titled, “Was Jeffrey Epstein a spy for Israel in US?” explains everything the high brow, never-seem-to-be-able-to-write-anything-worth-reading journalists know about ol’ Orgy Epstein’s sorted and shadowy past doing dark and dirty covert work for the CIA.

Giraldi, a former intelligence officer, wrote, 

“there is little doubt in my mind that what Epstein did and how he did it was an intelligence operation. There is no other viable explanation for his filming of prominent politicians and celebrities having sex with young girls.”

Who knows who murdered Jeffrey “Orgy” Epstein, but we damn sure know why they did! 

This wasn’t a couple of *ic* pics of a few dirty old men. He didn’t have some embarrassing videos of prominent politicians and celebrities one-pumping and dumping.

Dude had footage of some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world fornicating with underage girls. That kind of stuff goes beyond people not getting re-elected. That kind of thing ruins legacies… forever! 

You damn right Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

You don’t think Willy would kill to keep that kind of keep-you-out-of-Heaven deplorableness buried?

Yea, he would and would not lose a moment’s sleep thinking about it afterward. 

Sure, Orgy Epstein may have worked for the CIA, that doesn’t mean they had any motive to kill him. 

Naa, my money says it was Willy that did Orgy.

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