Vaccination at the Forefront of Culture Wars

Multiple fronts of culture wars have converged into a single issue – vaccination:

  • parental rights
  • religious freedom
  • governmental authority
  • public safety
  • anti-science sentiments
  • multiculturalism

All of them reached a crescendo in the Rockland County following the ban of all unvaccinated children against measles, as you can see here.

However, a New York Supreme Court judge, Rolf Thorsen, overturned the ban.

Judge Thorsen also thought that his legal expertise extends into the field of medicine.

The judge said such emergency orders cannot exceed five days. He also noted that 166 measles cases in a population of 330,000 people over six months don’t constitute an “epidemic” meriting an emergency declaration.

The problem with counting measles cases and comparing them to the overall population in the region is that the intention of the ban was supposed to PREVENT a further outbreak of the measles epidemic.

Just like vaccination itself is a preventative measure.

Is judge Thorsen willing to expand the measles epidemic for the purpose of meeting an arbitrary number he set up in his own mind?

That certainly seems to be what he is doing!

Have we reached a point of judicial activism where society can’t even prevent the outbreak of preventable diseases?

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There is another twist to the story.

The outbreak of measles appears to have been a result of religious convictions in the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community.

Of course, whenever religion is involved, particularly of the Jewish persuasion, tensions rise even to the point of accusations of anti-semitism:

The authorities here in Rockland County have traced the spread of measles to ultra-Orthodox families whose children have not been vaccinated.

The surge in the ultra-Orthodox population has been driven in part by Hasidic families from Queens and Brooklyn, where there has also been an outbreak.

More than anything else, this seems to be a breakdown of multiculturalism.

Imagine living in a homogeneous society in which people shared common cultural, religious, and ethnic heritage.

Not a single issue emerging here would have occurred.

Would a debate on when religious freedom can override public safety even develop?

Fortunately, it seems that legislation is already underway to stop this debate from occurring in the future.

Proposed by Democrats, the legislation would repeal religious exemptions for vaccines. Hopefully, this will prevent judges from overturning similar bans in the future.

In a multicultural society, the only way to ensure public safety is to enforce strict rules from the top.

Otherwise, everything falls apart.

Would you endanger the health of your kids by sending them to school with unvaccinated children?

Hit reply and tell me your opinion.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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