We have to stop this before it’s too late

This isn’t your grandpa’s immigration — these people are on welfare, don’t have prospects, and often end up in gangs.

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and immigrants are swarming into this tiny Maine city — mostly on welfare, with no work skills and no jobs meaning they will be a burden for years

Who’s funding these people? Across oceans from poorest part of Africa…through Honduras, Mexico, to the US.

This is all being funded, probably by George Soros.

Remember: The US is in the midst of 40 million newly imported immigrants, mostly from Africa, mostly unable to do skilled work, and mostly voting Democratic. You think this is intentional?

Of course it is!

And in other news, two thirds of immigrant households are on welfare

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Fracking and American Know How Are Great Or What?
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

As we know the Iranians bombed the Saudi Arabian oil industry.

Or maybe it was the Yemenis, or the Houthi Yemenis who are backed by Iran – Aww, who the heck cares?

Some sand jockeys threw bombs at other sand jockeys.

Well, the price of oil is pretty important

The result of this does matter tho’. The price of oil – and so, inevitably, gas – jumped 20% in one day.

That’s something we do care about and so it’s good to have a little story about how great Good Ol’ American Know How is.

That grit and determination to get ‘er done.

Yeah, this is boring economics.

A little picture.

That’s three different oil prices.

Working from the bottom up Mars is the price of oil from out in the Gulf of Mexico – the normal technology using the big platforms and drilling in the usual way.

Brent is the price in Europe using the same sort of technology. And WTI?

That’s the price of oil from fracking.

So, how great is fracking?

Sure, so, fracking for oil disturbs Gaia. Maybe she’ll get angry or somethin’.

But look at what we get from it, all 350 million of us. We get cheaper gas.

OK, sure, it’s only 10% less than the Europeans (before taxes!), 5% less than other US methods. But 5 or 10% on the gas price, that matters, right?

What’s really great is the way we did it

There were no gubmint plans here.

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In fact, the only gubmint stuff has been when places like New York pass a law not allowing fracking – as they don’t, even for natural gas.

So what did we do?

We did nothing – Americans did the rest.

Actually, it all started with just the one American, George P Mitchell.

The two parts of the process, horizontal drilling and fracturing itself were both known.

But he put them together in the early 1990s.

Yep, it’s all that recent and that was for gas too, not oil. Oil is really only in this last 10 years.

Then We Did Nuttin’

We just left it to those free markets and capitalism.

Plus that American determination of course.

It’s the opposite of what Obama said about government – just the name for the things we do together.

What we actually need to do is stop using government to stop people doing things and let them git along with it.

Because it works

We want more and cheaper oil – so, let people go get some more oil and make a profit doing that.

We want more houses for homeless people – let people build cheap housing.

We want to end poverty, and we do – so, let people create jobs so poor people can work for their money just like we do.

Fracking succeeded because there was no regulation

There was no one saying you can’t do this – nor Uncle Sam shouting that if you do you gotta do it this way.

So, folks just thought a bit, tried stuff out, then did more of what worked.

That’s the way the whole country was built starting with a few folks with axes and trail mix – something we should remember when thinking about how to create the next bit.

Leaving folks to get on with it works.

Could Bernie Actually Get Laid In A Brothel?
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Sure, this could be some joke about the age of Bernie Sanders but there are pills for that sort of problem these days.

This is actually about his ability to organise stuff. Organise anything that is.

You know, a little thought before he gets to organise everything?

Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery

The English have a phrase for this. Breweries are where the beer is.

A piss up is to drink enough to forget that Lizzie “Hatchet” Warren reminds you of your first Mother in Law.

If you’re not able to organise that level of pleasurable numbness in the place where the beer is then can you get laid in a brothel?

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His campaign ain’t organised

We’re told that “ Some of Bernie Sanders’ fiercest supporters are sounding the alarm that the campaign is bogged down by disorganization, personality clashes and poor communication”.

Well, what did anyone expect from politics?

The starting point is ego after all

There are two groups of people who go into politics.

Those who know, just know, that everything would be better if everyone did what they were damn well told.

That’s everyone over on the D side of course. Mix a group of these together and you’re going to get those personality clashes and disorganization, right?

Because everyone in the room has their own plan that all must follow.

Stick an economist in there and you’ll have more plans than people too.

The other kind of politician

Then there’s the free market and capitalist kind – some Rs are and some unfortunately ain’t.

They’re only there in politics to stop the damn fool Ds from gaining power and telling everyone what to do.

Because, you know, someone sure as heck has to.

Disorganization and ego

At this stage of the game a presidential primary campaign has a few thousand people in it.

Maybe 50 to 100 in the important states and so on down the list.

And we’ve got say 2,000 people torn apart by personality clashes and bad communication?

Not looking good for running the country

So if the chief executive there can’t manage that crew what’s it going to be like managing the couple of million that work for the Federal bureaucracy.

Or even trying to run all the college, all the health care and all the economy for the 350 million of us? Not lookin’ good, is it?

Yeah, there’s a value to primary campaigns. They show how bad the candidates will be if they ever get into office.





Sanders campaign wracked by dissension