What Is More Important – Big Tech Censorship or Gun Grab?

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The French ‘yellow vests’ (Mouvement des gilets jaunes) movement revealed an important insight.

Something we should all think about and act upon.

France is a country just like all other European countries –  it has near-total gun control laws and policies.

Americans often scoff at such degradation of basic freedoms, and rightfully so.

However, French people have power without guns.

They have managed to plummet Macron’s ratings and have achieved massive popular support against the establishment elites.

All without having access to guns. All without having a gun culture.

Meanwhile, conservatives in the US go into apoplexy when hearing stuff like this on a regular basis.

But we have to ask ourselves – what has the gun culture ever accomplished in terms of safeguarding our liberties?

  • Do we have more or less freedom to speak our minds?
  • When it became obvious that everything about the fundamentally transformative Hart-Celler act was one big, treasonous lie, what was the response?
  • Do we have more or less government to abuse us as parasitic hosts?
  • Do we import more socialist voters or less?
  • Is abortion more prevalent and ghastly or less so?

I know it is unpleasant to think about…but every single cultural issue has been soundly defeated by the Left.

And this endless series of defeats exists alongside the gun culture.

At the same time, conservatives blustered and poured in endless funds into defending gun rights.

While ignoring everything else. As if gun rights are the ‘red line’ beyond which revolution would commence.

But how can ‘revolution’ commence if you are already fundamentally transformed – culturally and genetically?

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As the Big Tech continues to demolish the First Amendment, it is only a matter of time when the Second Amendment is rendered completely irrelevant.

Big Tech – there has never been such a consolidated effort to curtail your right to freely speak.

If gun rights will exist at all, they will just become a convenient illusion that insidiously assures you that you have freedoms. When you have none.

Unless we pour all our resources in creating the ‘Internet Bill of Rights’.

Forever making sure that no social media platform, no bank, no payment processor, no crowd-funding platform, no online retailer…can stifle your right to speak your mind.

That is the only way we can sever the incestuous relationship between Washington and the Big Tech:

This will help increase the number of “eyes and ears” we have working to spot potential abuse on our service — enabling us to more effectively identify gaps in our systems, preempt obstacles, and ensure that Facebook plays a positive role during elections all around the world.

Next time, when you are thinking about donating to the NRA or some other gun lobby, consider if it is the best investment of your time and resources.

Instead, think if it would be better to lobby your congressman to support the creation of the ‘Internet Bill of Rights’.

Which activity will have a greater cultural impact? Which activity will safeguard our liberties more?

Please spread this message as far as you can.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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