What Is the ‘Deep State’?

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, and was promptly confronted with the Russia collusion hoax, the term ‘Deep State’ took the public spotlight.

Just like Fake News.

Clarifying why it is a useful term to have in your mental repertoire is long overdue.

First, what is not a deep state?

  1. The deep state is not a ‘conspiracy theory’.
    It is plain for all to observe and see it in motion. It is not hidden in the slightest if you care to look at it. No one even attempts to hide it. Seeing the deep state is simply a matter of focus.
  2. The deep state is not special.
    Every society has a deep state, and no society can exist without one. Every power that is visible to the people, be it king or president, has to plug into an already existing infrastructure of power.
    You can have a productive deep state that works for the people, or you can have a rogue deep state that actively works against the people.

Guess which kind we have?

Second, why is it even important to differentiate between state and deep state?

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Because everything in life is about power:

  • Power is in how much liberty you have.
  • Power is in how much money you have.
  • Power is in how much information you have.
  • Power is in how much information you hide from other people.
  • Power is in how much you can push other people to pursue your agenda.

In fact, you could say that evolutionary fitness is simply a measure of the power an organism has to survive its environment.

Therefore, power is an underlying driver of life, and you should always keep this in mind.

Now, with these thoughts percolating in your mind, consider what has politics always been about?
You guessed it…attaining and holding power!

Namely, when we talk about the deep state in a populist democracy, we are talking about the unseen power.

So, to answer the second question – why is it even important to differentiate between state and deep state?

Because regular people only have so much time, so much knowledge, and so much cognitive power to engage in political life.

Everything regular people see and understand is superficial.

They see carefully designed and repeated messages – a narrative – coming from a couple of corporate centers.

Next, ultra simplistic political messaging with silly slogans that never translate into anything substantial:

  • Yes, America Can (George W. Bush)
  • Moving America Forward (George W. Bush)
  • Change we can believe in (Barrack Obama)
  • Yes We Can (Barrack Obama)
  • Big Challenges, Real Solutions (Hillary Clinton)
  • Ready for change, ready to lead (Hillary Clinton)
  • Make America Great Again (Donald J. Trump)

Utterly inane political speeches.

The simplest slogans and ideas, the most useless speeches ridden with platitudes that you have trouble recalling a couple of minutes after you heard it!

You see, the fatal problem with a populist democracy is – regular people have just enough time and aptitude to absorb repetition of simple messaging.

This simplistic messaging is not done because they are trying to mock you, but because they have done the research and know what the lowest common denominator is.

Meanwhile, the vast machine of networked influence hides below this superficiality, below the iceberg tip.

At the heart of that deep state machine lies academia.

Academia crafts an overarching societal narrative and literally shapes minds.

When you capture academia, you have achieved a foothold. From then on, everything you see is just a lag of an idea that was present in academia 20 years ago.

From this academic bottom, influence is spread upwards into five pillars of the deep state:

  1. Corporations
  2. Lobby Groups
  3. Ivy League Clubs
  4. Think Tanks
  5. NGOs

Political parties are mere absorbers of that influence flow from the bottom.

Political parties serve as an interface between the state and the deep state. They select viable individuals – politicians – to conduct the simplistic messaging according to the will of the party funders.

This is why Tom Woods’ law stands the test of time:

No matter whom you vote for, you always wind up getting John McCain.

Not a day goes by when I don’t see the manifestation of that law. Whether it is Julian Assange or seemingly bizarre foreign policy.

No matter who you vote into office, you can’t get the most basic thing you voted for.
This is where the concept of the deep state comes in handy.

It sheds a light on the growing chasm between the will of the people and the agendas of hidden power.

How To Counter the Deep State?

You may have been under the false impression that the Deep State is just CIA, NSA, and all the other 700,000 government apparatchiks.

If only that were so!

If only it were as simple as President Trump appointing a person at the head of an agency who would then clean up the place.

But that never seems to happen.

In fact, you could say that both the new director of the FBI and the CIA are even worse than their predecessors!

How can you hire someone out of a pool that was poured in by the academia? And from social circles in a single city with the same monoculture?

Why would they have different agendas in their minds from what has already been poured in?

  • Diversity is our greatest strength.
  • We need to continue killing millions of people to spread human rights, freedom, and democracy.
  • Hate speech is the biggest concern of our time, so you better not say anything that someone might label as hate speech.
  • Multiculturalism will not result in bloody failure like it always historically has.
  • We need more immigrants to secure our pensions, while also reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We need to grow government even more.

Not to mention the endless judicial activism that has long abandoned the notion of having three branches of government.

The only way to fight the rogue deep state it is to jam its narrative.

The emergence of the internet has put the deep state out of balance, as we saw with Syrian gas hoaxes and systemic deplatforming.
The more people they deplatform, the more they show how afraid they are.

Have you noticed that all comment sections of all major news outlets are disabled? That was not the case just a couple of years ago.

Just the fact that you are reading this article, means that you are jamming the deep state narrative.
More importantly, academia is becoming more discredited with each new radical agenda they push forward, and with each new scandal.

However, we live in a perilous time and the success of Liberty Lovers is not guaranteed unless Big Tech censorship is legislatively addressed.

We only have a limited window of opportunity do so while President Trump is still in office.

Make sure to do your part in spreading Daily Liberty News as it continues to jam the Deep State narrative.


—Ashleigh Dunn

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