Why I’m defending sexual harassment today

I’m a girl and I defend the rights of men to harass women

Hey it’s Ashleigh here and the Salem Witch Hunt has now gotten to my favorite opera star, Placido Domingo. An entire opera is canceled. And his reputation destroyed.

Nothing proven. No evidence. No trial.

This is how it rolls in Police State America today.

I’m defending harassers. There should be no such laws against harassment so long as it’s not rapey.

Men go after women in the nicest way possible. Sometimes creepy. But that’s something us girls know how to deal with.

There should be NO legal or other ramifications for this. It’s part of life. Deal with it. I’m so sick of hearing about this witch hunt it makes me want to throw up.

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And hey, about Kavenaugh — maybe he waved his wang around in high school. Maybe not. Who cares.

I did far worse and I don’t even have a wang.

I teased boys mercilessly and I was mean and nasty.

The attack on any man who “harassed” a woman is an attack on what makes us human beings. It’s a basic social force over our rights as human beings. Screw them. Let’s push back on this B.S.

And in other news you won’t read anywhere else, the Dems wrote to Ukraine in 2018 urging the Ukrainians to interfere with US politics.

They should shut the F*** up about the “nothingburger” in the Trump phone call. They are going down, people. The Left is going down.

Of course, there are plenty of Pocahontas Warrens and Socialista AOVs behind them.

Wake up. We have to defend rational values.

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So, That Transcript, Hunh? Trump’s Such A Criminal
By Dorian, a highly placed Washington insider who reports anonymously

Now we can read what Trump actually said in that phone call to the Ukrainian President. Right here. And he’s obviously just such a criminal, right?

Because Trump asks well, did Sleepy Joe screw with the law in your country?

Biden’s been boasting that he got the prosecution of his son’s company – OK, the company Biden’s son was working for – stopped.

We’d like to know if that’s true. Y’kno’, has the guy running for President been corrupt last time he was in office?

Did the VP of the USA use government power to keep his son’s friends outta jail?

We’d sorta like to know this stuff

Well, we Republicans would like to know it. We the voters would like to know it.

And of course every Democrat in the country is screaming that there’s nuttin’ here. It’s criminal even to ask! Because, reasons.

Because sure, $50,000 a month

That’s just what foreign companies pay Americans, right?

You or I – heck, any middling legal type – can just walk into a foreign company, sit on the board and get $50k, mebbe $83,000, a month fer bein’ there.

As Rep Ted Lieu (hey, can you guess which party?) says, this is just normal.

Someone with no knowledge of the country, no experience of the business sector, they just get that sorta cash.

Nothing – nuttin’ I tell ya – to do with Poppa being the US VP. When the US is feeding $ billions a year into the country.

No Siree

Nothing to see here, move along now.

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And even to ask whether the VP – Sleepy Joe, running to be P now, recall – might have used his office to get his family rich, why, that’s outrageous.

We all know it’s Trump who has broken the emoluments clause, right?

Yeah, right, if these people didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

Anne Coulter’s nearly right

She says we’d love to see the Nancy Pelosi transcript. What she says when she realises she’s pushing impeachment on this dreck –

F@@@@@@CK! Whose f***ing idea was it to demand this goddamn transcript?”

You get the general idea there. But this isn’t wholly and exactly true – even if it’s fun.

The transcript we’d really like to see is the one of Sleepy Joe talking to the Ukrainians those few years back.

Y’kno’ “Nice country ya got here. Son’s doing real good business too. Now, this prosecutor – you want that billion in aid or not?”

‘N’ if it didn’t go down like that then how did it? Just what did Joe say about Hunter and when did he say it?

Ain’t Capitalism Just Great?
By Tim W., a highly placed source in Europe

Mattel’s got gender inclusive dolls

Lookin’ at the kids today we see noodle armed snowflakes who wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it hit them.

But then we’re crotchety with experience and we’re supposed to be like that. Weird beards and tattoos, they can hav ‘em.

But their kids?

Among the weirdness is that kids should be gender neutral. Or can be if they want. Or will be forced to be.

Anyone who’s ever met any actual humans knows it doesn’t work this way.

Sure there are Tomboys

Just as there a boys who don’t like guns. So what?

The world can take that infinite variation – we’re all God’s creatures after all.

But it’s still true that we do see differences between boys and girls. On average, of course.

It’s all society

The claim is that it’s the way we raise ‘em.

It’s only that which makes girls like pink and dolls, boys trucks n’ hitting things.

So, if we raise ‘em different they will be different.

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There’s a problem here

Boys – always on average, always on average – kick more in the womb before society ever gets to ‘em.

Monkey kids – monkeys who don’t have a society, even in those species that are a matriarchy – do the same stuff.

Give ‘em toys and the girls cuddle them and the boys hit each other with them.

And no one who has ever been a room of two year olds would ever try to say that there’s no difference in inclinations.

But ain’t capitalism great?

So some people think differently. Or, as we’ve got society actually set up, some people have given the sharp eyed a chance to take their money.

So they’re wrong about gender? So what?

They’ve got money – they do actually get paid to be baristas with their gender studies degrees – and it can be taken from them. So, it is, by giving them what they want.

They want gender inclusive?

So, they’re getting gender inclusive. Not because it’s right, or just, or socially minded.

But because there’s a profit from giving people what they say they desire.

And that’s what’s so great about capitalism.

Everyone gets what they want. Because the only way to take their cash is to do so.

We want that other peoples’ money so that’s what we do, give ‘em what they say they want.

Sure the kids will be disappointed

Not the kid kids, they’ll be just fine.

Buzzcut Barbie won’t worry three year olds, GI Joe’s right to maternity leave won’t bother anyone.

But their parents? Those young adults of today?

They’re going to be pissed.

Because even if we insist that the boys play with Barbie she’s going to go kill enemies – or be used to hit friends with.

And Joe, he’s going to be having tea parties when the girls get him along with a change of nice outfits.

Not because there’s anything wrong with gender neutral it’s just that us humans ain’t so.