Why is racism okay if you are black?


Did you see what Louis Farakhan said and how the Miami Herald supports these racist comments…

Hey it’s Ashleigh Dunn here, and I want to tell you 3 things today that will help you win arguments against your left-leaning friends.

This is super important because what really matters is if you can convince one or two of your friends to look at things your way, now you’ve made a huge difference.

So here are some questions for you that you can ask your liberal friends that will get them thinking and seeing things more along our way.

Why is racism is okay if you are black?

There is an article that Breitbart is caring today about some racist comments made by Louis Farrakhan.

Supported by a Miami Herald columnist.

But it’s okay because he’s black.

I’ve known a lot of black people including friends who are quite racist but it seems to be okay because they’re black.

Why should there be any such thing as affirmative action which actually considers black people as less competent than white or Asian or Latino people.

If black people are equal to white people, why treat them differently?

Show me one comment from President Trump showing he is a racist?

It’s very common today amongst left-leaning people to brand Donald Trump is a terrible racist.

Everything having to do with racism in our country is now laid at the foot of Donald Trump.

But ask your left-leaning friends this: show me one example, one utterance from Donald Trump that is racist.

They won’t find any.

They may find President Trump talking about a should whole country but everyone knows he’s right.

And what about someone who’s against open borders?

Simple activity lowers blood pressure

This activity is easy to do and takes about 45 seconds…

It gets blood vessels to expand again.

Wide-open vessels let blood flow without high pressure, so the heart gets a rest.

Yes, it’s weird. I know that many men ask, how can a 45 second activity lower blood pressure this well?

So, I did the activity when I woke up and in the evening before bed.

In just two days, this simple 45 second activity lowered my pressure by 5 points, then another 5 points.

And my pressure stayed lower.

Get amazing results from this 45 second activity.

Is that racist to want to enforce immigration laws and how people only come into this country legally?

What if you are against people coming into the United States and going immediately on welfare? Is that racist?

No reasonable person can argue that any of this is racist. And nobody can find a single statement by Donald Trump showing any racism at all.

Do you support homeless people sleeping on the street in front of your house?

This really gets a left-leaning person.

They’re all in favor of giving government handouts to anybody who needs it or wanted.

They’re okay with paying people not to work.

They’re okay paying mothers to have more babies they can’t support.

But, put a homeless tent and a homeless person defecating on the sidewalk in front of their house and their tune changes very quickly.

Yesterday a buddy of mine was telling me how she lives in a very exclusive West Los Angeles suburb with her husband and two cats.

These are like 1.5 to $2 million houses.

Just around the corner is a freeway underpass, it passes under the 405, the San Diego Freeway.

Now there are tents and defecating home people lining the sidewalks under the freeway, in the underpass.

But just yesterday, a homeless person was walking down the street — only about two blocks from the freeway underpass.

But now that homeless person is walking in front of a $2 million home.

This food ingredient should be outlawed — how much did you eat today?

This bad ingredient is in MOST of today’s foods…

…it builds up in the bloodstream and travels to different parts of the body…

It builds up in a man’s Leydig cells in the testicles, making his testosterone plummet…

It destroys the beta cells in the pancreas, so men become insulin resistant and get diabetes…

…and it builds up in a man’s penile chambers, blocking good blood flow and causing “rockiness” problems.

So tell me — have you been warned about this bad food ingredient yet or how to keep it from building up in your bloodstream?

Police are called. The homeless person is arrested.

This is exactly the best way of illustrating to your liberal friends what is really happening in the world today.

It’s fine for other people to put up with massive immigration of poor welfare people.

It’s fine for other people have homeless people crawling all around their sidewalks.

But not in front of my house!

So I hope this helps you win a few arguments with some of your liberal friends and I will continue supplying you with some new ones.