Google and Facebook admit to conspiracy – crushing competition

And: Biden wants trans men in women’s prisons


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh here. Hope you had a great weekend. I advise you read the story of the 19 year old girl who scammed the woke elites and collected billions of dollars in donations. Check it out below. 

Today’s featured story:

Is America training CIA paramilitaries to conduct war with Russia in Ukraine? 

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Additional stories for you:

FBI refused to admit hostage taking was anti-semetic until public outcry forced them to 


Here’s the story of a 19 year old girl who conned the Elites for billions


Did Google and Facebook make a backroom deal to destroy the competition in 2018? 


Canada illegally tracked 87% of its population through their cell phones (to prevent the spread of rona they say)


Biden wants to allow transitioned men into women’s prisons

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For men only: Patient asks me about losing sensitivity in his member

Is it possible for him to feel exquisite pleasure once again?


Hey, Dr. Magill here, and I’m always having guys come to me and tell me that they’re feeling less and less in their penis…

Less sensation…less pleasure…less sensitivity…

How can a man tell? 

Take Charles for instance — when Charles goes to have sex with his wife, he tells me that he can barely feel anything — it’s like he’s numb down there.

He has to thrust rougher and faster just to make it feel good, and even then, it’s not nearly as satisfying as it should be.

Charles isn’t the only guy going through this…

Believe it or not, most men lose 80 or 90% of their penile sensitivity by the time they’re 50 or 60 years old.

I’ve heard from tons of guys who get to be 50 or older and ask me…

…why they can’t be brought to orgasm when they’re inside their wife or girlfriend?

These guys say they grind away for 45 minutes or longer, and they’re still not feeling a lot in their penis.

Their wives and girlfriends get tired and sore inside, and the men just give up on reaching climax.

Sounds familiar, right? This was what was happening to Charles and countless other guys.

And some men even ask me why oral is such a big deal…

Because when a woman goes down on them, they barely feel a thing.

They watch a girl’s mouth bob up and down on their penis, but it’s not feeling as good as it should.

They aren’t having these explosive reactions like they do on TV or in adult videos.

So men ask me: “What’s the fuss all about?”

And it’s because men are barely feeling anything anymore — the penis loses its sensitivity and they feel less and less.

Even when self-pleasuring, men with low penile sensitivity often have to use a death-grip just to feel any pleasure.

They have to stroke faster and rougher just to produce some feeling.

And many men think this is normal — they have no idea that they should be feeling so much more pleasure and sensation than what they’re getting.

A lot of guys have no idea that it’s possible to feel orgasmic pleasurable feelings from just the lightest of touches. 

I’ve found a simple way for even older men to experience powerful pleasure again…

And you can do it in just 3 seconds.

Here’s how men are feeling so much more pleasure below the belt…


–Dr. Ari Magill, MD
Board Certified Physician