I pay my debts, why shouldn’t students pay theirs?

Muti ethnic people Graduating from College

Biden is teaching us to become poor…here’s the latest atrocity

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I pay my debts, why shouldn’t students pay theirs?

By Tim Worstall, special to Daily Liberty News

A doctor and an interpretive dance Ph.D. both think you should pay off their student loans.

They’re demanding you pay their loans off.

It’s near a million bucks for the two of them.

Are you happy with that idea?

Then you’ll love the new Debt Strike, called Biden100.

These folks are shouting that student debt is just terrible, appalling, so we all have to pay their loans for them.

They’re going on a debt strike until this happens.

But here’s the thing. They need to put on their Big Boy pants. (Girls and boys alike, of course, no difference at all…)

They were all adults when they borrowed the money and went to college.

They were old enough to marry, old enough to drink, old enough to sign legally binding contracts.

Heck, worryingly, they were all old enough to vote.

So now they want a handout.

Student debt cancellation means Uncle Sam will get less money coming in in the future. That means we’ve got to pay more taxes to fund Uncle Sam in that future. There is no way around this. If they don’t have to pay, then we do.

Now if these were poor would-be doctors, engineers, lawyers, they could simply pay their loans from their earnings.

That’s how it was supposed to work.

But these folks aren’t gonna earn much. They borrowed a lot, and are earning very little because of the stupid studies they engaged in when they went to college.

So who are these Biden100? A little bit of work between their claims and the wider internet means we can track down some of them.

Shamell, just as one example, tells us she has $300,000 in student debt. She’s a prominent Black Lives Matter activist. She’s what they call, wait for it, “visiting faculty” at Dartmouth College.

But “visiting faculty” don’t make much money.

So what did she borrow to study in college?

African American Studies at USC, MA in Ethnic Studies at UCSD, and Ph.D. from UCLA. That last in, apparently, street dance. She’s been on tour with Christopher Brian Bridges, a rapper known as Ludacris.

In this case, I think the name fits.

Aaand, well, we should pay that bill for Shamell studying at Dartmouth, right? A doctorate in boppin’?

The point is: why are societal resources being devoted to doctorates in street dance? What benefit does $300,000 of that provide to the rest of us?

As she’s already told us, she was able to dance for Ludacris (and Will Smith and others) without the academic part, so what does that education add to our society’s richness?

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A seemingly more sympathetic example is Armen Henderson, who has $600,000 of that debt.

This is a pretty high pile to have to pay. But the other bit is that he’s a medical registrar. This is the last part of training between MD and really being fully qualified.

Give it a year, two, and he’ll be on $250,00 a year – if he gets the average for an internal medicine specialist—his gig.

Someone who is about to get a cool quarter mil a year wants us to pick up his med school debt?

We should be waving our proctologist’s finger at him for this “ludicrous” request…

And let’s consider Ebony.

Ebony owes $250k. The Ph.D. was at Stanford – which explains that pile – and she teaches African Studies at Penn State and researches “the rhetoric of application forms.” It’s not just whether we should pay for her training, but should we be paying for this work at all?

I don’t know what the rhetoric of applications forms us. Do you? Maybe you can tell me. But I do know that this ain’t a reason to get into $250,000 of debt.

The list goes on. Rochelle has a D.Ed – fashionable in these days of “Dr.” Jill Biden – and teaches preschool.

Well, OK, $200k in debt to teach the kids how to tie shoelaces seems like a bit of an overqualification.

Tiffany has $320,000 – yep, that much – and is in the student affairs office at some private hippie college in San Francisco which does “consciousness and transformation.”

We’re being asked to pay our money to cover these bad life choices.

Anyone really feels bad enough about these folks to want to chip in?

And now to ask what is really being insisted on—do you want to be taxed to pay for all the folks that made these bad decisions?

There are, because, of course, there are, cases that are just pathetic. Doug in Moreno Valley thinks his $8,000 debt is a problem.

Someone really needs to point out to Doug where Walmart is.


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Two years doing one shift a weekend as a greeter will pay that off. If you can shift the problem in 100 days of minimum wage work, then best get off that couch and go do so, don’t come to me about it.

Here’s the thing. There are real problems out there. We’ll kick in some money for those real problems, we always do. The deal here is that we only kick in for real problems, of course. None of the above are.

This shows how weak this case for student debt forgiveness is.

These are the good cases they can come up with. You don’t lead a national debt strike with the weak stories now, do you?

If these are the good stories, the strongest cases, then think how miserably silly the average ones are going to be.

The strongest argument, though, is this one; those above are the mistakes people make when they do have to pay–in the end–their own costs.

Why should we bail out their poor choices?

Think how much money will be wasted upon bad education if we have to pay for it and they get it for free. We don’t need millions more scholars in “street dance”, but that is what we will get if the taxpayers bail out these “kids.”