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I don’t know who to believe. Everything I’m told seems to be a lie.

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Hello, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:

  •  I asked Tom Luongo to write about the true nature of the terrible Texas freeze and why 4 million are without power in the coldest weather in decades…you will be SHOCKED. See article after my portion of today’s newsletter


So, Liberty Lover, seven weeks after the Capitol riots, we’re still seeing the Democrats talking non-stop about the Capitol riot.

I’m personally sick and tired of hearing about it. I mean, I honestly think the thing was a set up. You had all these Democratic swampies like Chuck Schumer overplaying the event like it was another Pearl Harbor.

Schumer said in a speech,

“I have never lived through or even imagined an experience like the one we have just witnessed in this capitol.”

Totally bogus. You can’t compare this to Pearl Harbor like Schumer was so bold to do here.

There was only one individual who died which we can verify was not one of the rioters. His name was Brian Sicknick. And NOW, I’ve uncovered that this might be a false claim by the media!

According to all sources we’ve checked, the other four supposed deaths were rioters themselves.

It’s absolutely nuts!

Esteemed journalist Glen Greenwald just released an article yesterday evening. In his publication, he said,

“Anyone who tries to correct these falsehoods [false Capitol reports] is instantly attacked with the cynical accusation that if you want only truthful reporting about what happened, then you’re trying to “minimize” what happened and are likely an apologist for if not a full-fledged supporter of the protesters themselves.”

Sicknick was the only death the media used to illustrate violence of the Trump “mob”.

But in this article, Greenwald unfolded some news that even surprised me. He noticed some inconsistencies in reporting from different news outlets.

An article from CNN which Greenwald found said quite the opposite of what publications like the New York Times were reporting. The article says,

“According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.”

That’s right Liberty Lover. The one story that the liberal fake news media decided to run with turns out to contradict what police detectives are saying!

And these liberals are the same people who always brag about paying attention to “facts and science.” But this is simply not true. They only adhere to the facts when it is agreeable to their beliefs.

The fact is, most lefties will chase whatever balls the fake news media throw at them about Trump and the Capitol riots.

The final point I want to make here, Liberty Lover, is that I really believe that this Capitol riot was a planned setup. And no I don’t mean by Trump.

I mean, I think it’s possible intelligence agencies like the CIA were working with other high level officials in the U.S. government to orchestrate an event similar to 9/11.

Because I believe now the government would be able to pass draconian measures like they did with the Patriot Act.

We’ve been seeing this new War on Domestic Terror really ramp up since January, 6th. However, I like to call it the “New War on Free Speech”, Liberty Lover.

This is because when it comes down to it, the real agenda here is to strip away the First Amendment.

Twelve Year Old Blasts Away at Home Intruders Clint Eastwood Style

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So, Liberty Lover, I’ve got an interesting story that you don’t hear everyday.

It was in the middle of the night when two ill willed intruders broke into Linda Ellis’s home in Wayne County, North Carolina. The two men intended to coerce her to give them whatever valuable possessions she could. 

The brave woman tried to resist, but she became overpowered by the criminals. After failing to force the poor woman to surrender her money, the intruders attempted to give Ellis a fatal blow. However, fortunately they weren’t very skilled with firearms.


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So much in life is about getting ahead.

Being able to read reports quickly.

Rapidly reading through news and understanding what’s really happening.

Be able to grasp complex ideas and put them into action.

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And this special powder can help you with all of that and more — even women and relationships, believe it or not.


As it turns out, the young Ellisi’s young grandson who is only 12 years is indeed skilled with firearms. The young boy was able to locate a gun in the house and swooped in to save his dear grandmother’s life.

Police have picked up a 19 year old man who they are now saying was one of the perpetrators. Because the young man was in critical condition when the cops found him, they took him to the local hospital.

However, the man who has now been identified as Khalil Herring, shortly passed away.

Linda Ellis was also taken quickly to the hospital to address her wounds. Now, authorities are saying that Ellis is in good health and will soon be able to return home.

So, there you have it Liberty Lover. The fake news media wants to brainwash you into thinking only bad things happen. However, this story shows that heroes always arrive from the most unlikely places.

It’s the small stories like this, Liberty Lover that keep me optimistic about the future.

Parents in NYC to “Reflect on their Whiteness”

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I’ve said this many times before, Liberty Lover. We’re living in crazy times. To me, it seems like there is an elite agenda to divide regular people.

One example of this is a school principal in New York City who is asking white parents of children to “reflect” on their “whiteness”. This is according to a new article from the New York Post.

Basically, I think this quote from the publication sums up the situation pretty well. It says,

“The curriculum, written by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of African American studies at Northwestern University in Illinois, claims, “There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities.”

Look folks. I agree with the principal on some of his terms. There is a serious race issue here in America. Many white folks still hold on to prejudice against black folks.

But here’s the thing…

This whole idea that white people should feel ashamed of themselves for being white is totally bogus. I mean, issues like this are only going to continue to divide us.

History seems to be repeating itself. While people claim to be “anti-racist”, they’re unfolding a racist agenda like the one this principal is advocating for.

He might not be overtly racist, however, what he’s doing is furthering the divide between whites and blacks by insisting that people constantly “reflect on their whiteness.”

I mean, what the heck does this mean? It’s like he actually wants to make people racist.

Anyways, the point I’m making Liberty Lover, is that the issue of race has been used time and time again throughout history to divide regular people from the ruling elites. Period.

So, that’s all I have for today, Liberty Lover. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s newsletter! As promised, I’ve now got a special treat for you.

A Special Treat From Editor

It’s that time of the week again, Liberty Lover, where I get to share with you one of my favorite writers, Tom Dulongo.

If you read yesterday evening’s newsletter, then you’re probably aware of the crazy power outage and cold fronts that are going on all over Texas!

Tom really went in depth here, and he brought up some details which I didn’t uncover myself! So, I’m really happy to share this newsletter with you.

I hope you enjoy reading this informative piece by one of my favorite writers, Tom Dulongo!

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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The Greening of the Grid Froze Texas

Special to Daily Liberty News – original article by Tom Luongo

Polar winds scream out of Canada in seeming revenge for Joe Biden canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

Texas’ power grid collapsed as temperatures more likely in Sioux Falls than San Antonio roared in plunging more than 4 million people into darkness and without heat.

How can this have possibly happened in a place whose entire cultural identity revolves around producing energy?


Texas’ deregulated energy market went green over the past decade.  In the past ten years, according to the EIA, Texas retired more than 5,000 MW of coal-supplied power while spinning up more than that in windmills.

Wind Energy Is Relied Heavily Upon in Texas

Wind produces the marginal, or last, megawatt in Texas, in this case the last 17%.  Nuclear provides the first megawatt, less than 10%.

Natural Gas provides most of the megawatts.

One would think in a world which is getting hotter that putting windmills and solar panels would be a good idea.

I’m sure that’s what the CEO’s of all those energy providers across Texas thought as well.  And our government at every level incentivized this.  The cultural zeitgeist of ‘sustainability’ and ‘renewables’ overrode, as it always does, common sense.

Because at the heart of this problem is, bluntly, the planet isn’t warming.  It hasn’t warmed net-on-net for the nearly twenty years Texas’ electricity market has been deregulated.

In fact, when one steps back from the entire CO2-induced Climate Change hysteria and sees it for what it is – a giant money laundering operation through taxes — we have been preparing for the wrong climate catastrophe for more than a generation.

More on that in a minute.

Abundance of Natural Gas

Because of the intense cold power, demands for electric heat in Texas spiked well above levels needed for air conditioning in their normally brutal summers.  Why?  Because those wind turbines which produce the marginal megawatt froze.

Even worse, because most of Texas’ power actually comes from its abundant production of natural gas and no one thought to consult the folks in Canada or North Dakota, apparently major parts of the gas pipeline infrastructure which delivers the gas to the power plants froze as well.

So, no gas, no power.  No wind, no power. Even with wind, no power.

On top of that one of the two reactors at the South Texas Nuclear Power Station went down this week adding to the state’s power woes.  Even ultra-reliable nuclear power

The result was the price for electricity spiking to unheard of numbers that make Bitcoin look like a stablecoin in comparison.

Off The Charts Prices For Electricity

From under $100 per MWHr to the limit, as defined by Texas’ regulatory board ERCOT, of $9000 per MWHr.

Anti-free market types will chime in and decry the evils of deregulation and protecting the little guy from price gougers.  Commies will scream that it wasn’t the frozen windmills’ fault or the lack of sunlight.

It will be blamed on the evils of capitalism because that’s what always happens when even a somewhat deregulated market like that of electricity in Texas is hit with a six-sigma outlier event, like Dallas dealing with a high of 9oF in mid-February.

It doesn’t matter if we socialize the costs or not, the bills for the power used this week in Texas have to be paid.  Those costs weren’t necessarily caused by deregulation the extremity of the situation was caused by something far more pernicious than price gouging, bad planning because of bad information.

CO2 Induced Global Warming Is a Myth

CO2-induced global warming theory is, simply put an illusion.  The emotions surrounding it along with the economic incentives created through government edict are real.

The planetary and solar physics have far more predictive and explanatory power than the endless data fudging associated with Mann’s Hockey Stick graph and Al Gore’s stupid movie.

The weather event which engulfed the center of the U.S. and is moving east, which pushed the Jet Stream to the extreme south cannot be explained by aggregate CO2 concentrations, but rather the interactions between fluctuations in the solar wind and Earth’s rapidly weakening magnetic field.

A strong solar wind event which pushes on the magnetic field alters the flow of the jet stream bringing strong polar winds farther south than thought possible by the builders of Texas’ energy grid.

In geological and solar system time scales fifty or sixty years of data are irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter that it hasn’t been this cold in Texas for a hundred years when the conditions which caused this event occur every few thousand.

You can’t plan for that unless you are looking at the right data with the right sets of eyes.

For decades the effects of solar physics on our planet have been suppressed in pursuit of the CO2 narrative enshrined at the heights of our political power structure at a global level.  They do this, in my opinion, to further their political power and advance an agenda of control rather than one of freedom and inquiry.

Because of this we’ve diverted trillions in useful capital into critical infrastructure projects which fail when we need them most because their bad information crowded out better information.

It’s pushed back the promise of home power generation for a generation.  This, to me, is real energy freedom.

It looked promising back when I built my house in 2003.  It is still just a dream outside of solar. The power companies and local governments will not give up that control, it is the key to their tax collection.

The President’s Propaganda 

The rallying cry of Joe Biden, when he can read it clearly off the teleprompter, is ‘Trust the Science.’  But science isn’t consensus anymore than chocolate is vanilla.  Science in our hyper-politicized world is just that, political.

Because if we listened to the science (SCIENCE!!) we would have given up on Global Warming decades ago.

The history of science is the scientists acting as gatekeepers of the dominant political system. New knowledge which threatens the existing power structure is suppressed, its advocates branded heretics slowing the adoption of new paradigms of thought for generations.

That’s where we are today in climate science.  The global warming story collapsed.  Now it’s Climate Change.  And even that is dubious as the solar physics story gains incontrovertible traction.

And remember, what we wanted was less pollution.  What we got was frozen wind turbines and solar farms in Germany covered in ice.

Even the IPCC will finally add some solar particle forcing data, the kind which pushed the Jet Stream down to freeze Texas, into their data set in 2022.  This is the first major step, officially, towards ending this insanity.

Reality is reasserting itself with a vengeance in this space and yet the Biden Administration is full steam ahead with the Green New Deal.

Final Thoughts

The sad truth is that if none of us had ever listened to the renewable energy hysteria and pushed for proper deregulation of energy markets things would be better today.

If Texas had left those coal plants running and built a few more nuclear reactors it wouldn’t be freezing today.

If we’d gotten the government out of the energy regulation market altogether and allowed a proper free market in it with a properly decentralized grid, we would be far closer to the socialists dream of ending price gouging during weather crises.

But because of the government’s insatiable need to control the real means of production – energy, communications, travel and education – we limp along with a hodgepodge grid just waiting for the next catastrophe.