Is Kamala running the country today?

Kamala Harris

It seems that we have the Harris administration…

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Hello, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:

  • Our first woman president (but not the first woman emperor)–Everything you must know about her wicked plans for you and I…

So, Liberty Lover…

I’d love to see a woman president.

In fact, I’ve said this before, but…

…When I was growing up, my dream was to become POTUS.

And the dream still lingers with me to this day.

But if the day comes where the wicked Kamala Harris rises to POTUS…

…I might just have to leave my beloved country that I hold so dear.

I know that sounds crazy, but this woman’s evil knows no bounds.

She’s worse than Zombie Joe. This is because she’s not decrepit and senile.

She still has the capacity to think. And while, yes…

…We need a president whose brain actually functions…

…But it’s pretty disturbing when that person is as evil as Kamala Harris is.

It wouldn’t surprise me in fact, if she was a closet Satanist. 

I read this fascinating article from one of my favorite new sites,

One important excerpt reads,

“You have to wonder whether or not the transition to Harris has already begun,” said Gaetz. “Joe Biden’s had more nap time than he’s had questions from reporters. And you’re right…”

“While the Middle Kingdom grows more ambitious in their goals, we are still toiling away in the Middle East. Joe Biden has had more attacks on Syria than he’s had press conferences.”

If we were to see a Kamala Harris presidency, it would certainly be the worst thing this great nation has ever gone through. Not an exaggeration.

We only need to look at one example to get an idea of how this swampiest of all Swampies will govern. 

She actually arrested parents whose kids skipped school. I’m not making this up. 

She said these exact words in an interview in 2010,

“I believe a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime.”

When Kamala Harris served as the 32nd Attorney General of California, she arrested parents of kids who were truant. 

She claims that she “regrets it”. But I don’t buy this for a minute, Liberty Lover. 

And furthermore, Kamala Harris looks at any person who isn’t a member of her fancy pancy Swampie club like they’re subhuman.

We only need to look at how she joked about prison inmates asking for more food and water to drive this point home. 

It’s absolutely atrocious.

And considering how Emperor Obama burned the Fourth Amendment to a crisp–our sacred right to due process…

…Can you imagine what wicked schemes will be carried out under one of the most disgusting politicians in American history?

I’ve got to say Liberty Lover…

I have an idea of how bad it will become if Kamala Harris becomes president…

…But her wickedness is so much that I don’t think I could even remotely guess how bad it’s going to get.

Like I always say…

We don’t want to spread fear here at Daily Liberty News. We only want to bring you the most accurate news possible.

So, watch out for a Kamala Harris presidency if it happens…Because it’s going to get ugly.

The Transgender Movement–Everything You Need To Know…

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So, Liberty Lover…

I am quite the Libertarian leaning person.

I could care less how people choose to live their lives if it doesn’t harm others. 

However, I have some serious issues with the transgender movement. 

To me, it seems like the transgender movement is a transhumanist movement.

I think that the Deep State and Big Tech are trying to manipulate people and shame them for their identities.

And since we’re speaking about this subject…

…This morning, I read a fascinating article from

The author says, 

“In the last few years, we have seen an increasingly enthusiastic embracing of the transgender cause by the Democrat Party.”

“So much so, that on the very first day of his presidency, Joe Biden signed an extreme measure known as Executive Order 13988…”

“…Fully titled “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”

But one man, who I’m sure you know well, is standing up to this madness.

Our fellow Liberty Lover, Rand Paul, stuck it to one of Biden’s new health nominees, Rachel Levine just a few days ago.

He said, 

“Genital mutilation has been universally condemed by the WHO, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the United Nations Population Fund.”

But that’s not even the point here, Liberty Lover.

The most disturbing fact which Senator Paul addresses is that genital mutilation and transgender operaitons are carried out on minors more than any other age group! Totally wicked.

So, before their brain has developed… Before they can make an “adult” decision…

…They are being lied to and manipulated by evil folks like Rachel Levine and Zombie Joe.

Think about it. What if this happened to your kid? It’s egregious.

Rand Paul notes that transgenderism is not often a forced procedure, but what the WHO says is “social convention”. 

A more direct definition would be brainwashing. 

And this Swampie health official, Levine, which Zombie Joe appointed, refused to address Senator Paul’s points.


My simple, easy method creates rich blood flow in men

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The more oxygen-rich blood is rushing into a man’s unit, the bigger and better things will be for him with his wife.

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So, one day I vowed to find an alternative, all-natural way to help my 350,000 male newsletter subscribers improve their blood flow.  

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Senator Paul said, 

“I’m alarmed that you won’t say that with certainty that minors should not have the ability to take hormones that would affect them for the rest of their life.”

“Will you make a more firm decision on whether or not minors should be involved in these decisions?”

And the Swampie responded,

“Senator, transgender medicine is a very nuanced field…”

“…And if confirmed to the position of assistant secretary of health, I would certainly be pleased to come to your office and talk with you about the complexity of this field.”

WTF? This woman/man, whatever she/he is.. Is like a total robot. She clearly has no ability to think for herself.

It’s obvious she’s only a puppet for Zombie Joe and she’ll do his bidding at any means necessary.

It’s egregious that this person is carrying out Zombie Joe’s agenda to experiment on innocent boys and girls. And I’ve got to say…

This was a very difficult subject for me to write about today. It’s just disgusting.

So, please protect your children from Zombie Joe and his minions. Don’t allow them to be brainwashed by these villains.

So, Liberty Lover…That’s all I’ve got for today! Thanks as always for tuning in.

Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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