The biggest monetary disaster in American history

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Should we all be buying gold or bitcoin?

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Hello there, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:

  • America spent more on the recent stimulus bill than it did on WWII [Inflation Adjusted]–You must read this…


  • AstraZeneca Vaccine extremely dangerous — Time sensitive information you must hear about — How you can protect your loved ones…

A friend of mine who is also a journalist shared a stunning article with me from that I feel I have to discuss with you.

And what I read is the most shocking news I’ve seen all month.

In fact, I’m a little disturbed. The new $1.9 trillion stimulus could be the end of America as we know it. 

And this isn’t my attempt to be dramatic either. It’s true.

Because even though many Americans will receive a $1400 stimulus check — Printing more money causes inflation. 

Sure, direct assistance seems great right now. If I were hungry and out of work–I’d surely welcome $1400 to my checking account so I could buy some groceries.

But the author from the article at said this:

“The average American is no doubt unaware of how extreme all of this is, and how quickly it is moving. Polls say support for ARP is very high, probably because people are aware of little more than the checks now on their way to them.”

He then goes on to say, 

“Americans have been bribed with their own money, never considering that they and their children will have to repay most of it.”

Zombie Joe and the Democrats want to convince you that they’re heroes. And that Zombie Joe is like FDR or something…

…However, the $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus bill will only serve the elite ruling class. It’s one of the biggest scams the Fed has launched–If not the biggest–In all of our nation’s history.

When economic hardship hits, especially caused by inflation– generally everyone loses except those at the top. 

As we’ve seen just this past year, there has been a massive concentration of wealth to the top 1% since the start of the pandemic — The combined wealth of all the billionaires has doubled just since last March. 

And what’s most disturbing — If you agree that this new $1.9 trillion stimulus package is egregious– Just read this quote from the article here: 

“It’s not a one-year effort…”

“…Most of the flood of federal cash, supporters expect, will continue permanently.”

Yes — You read correctly…

…This is never going to end. 

It’s the dream the Federal Reserve has had since its inception — An excuse to print infinite amounts of money and inflict further debt on Americans that they’ll only have to repay in the future.

The radical left is so blind that they think this is going to help people — It’s unbelievable how backwards they are. 

The Democratic party constituents think that their representatives are servants of social justice, but the things they support will increase poverty exponentially. Because the author from the article at points out that:

Pouring gasoline on that fire is the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Treasury’s partner in profligacy…”

“…They’ve embarked on the biggest monetary experiment in American history.”

Never before has money been printed out of “thin air” like this…

…And as stated above, inflation is going to be so high that the cost of living is going to increase at inconceivable rates. If you think your rent or mortgage is expensive now–Just wait one year and see.

My only hope is that we can somehow put a stop to this. Maybe you have some ideas?

You Must Read This Before Taking the AstraZeneca Vaccine

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So, if you’ve read our previous newsletters before — Then you might know how I feel about the new Covid vaccines.

And I’ll just state for the record — That I’m not anti-vaccine.

But the Covid vaccines are not like any other vaccine ever administered to humans before.

This is an experimental mRNA vaccine which alters your DNA permanently. 

The RNA molecule injected into the body not only attacks the Coronavirus, but also healthy cells in the human body.

It’s kind of like setting a nuke inside of yourself based on what I’ve learned. Well — Yeah, it’ll get rid of Covid…

…But it will also attack vital cells that your body needs to function properly.

Health activist and physician Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has expressed many concerns about how possibly these mRNA vaccines will cause folks to suffer from various kinds of auto-immune disorders for their rest of their lives


Blood pressure treatments and loss of manhood?

Doctors aren’t warning men that many treatments for blood pressure, such as the ACE inhibitors, can interfere with a man’s ability to be a man.

And weirdly enough, I found that I was able to use this unique and easy dietary change that let my doctor take me off the blood pressure treatments — 

…so now I don’t need them. I dumped my BP treatments in the trash!

The result has been a fantastic improvement in the physical act with my wife. The BP treatments had been deflating me down there — and now that’s all fixed and I’m better than ever


However, I read a wonderful article this morning from 

It’s a breath of fresh air — Because everyone I know is getting vaccinated, and no matter what I say to people…

…They don’t want to hear any facts about the risks presented with injecting these experimental vaccines.

But the article from brought to light details about how U.S. health regulators are raising serious questions about the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

An excerpt from the publication reads, 

“Pretty soon, maybe AstraZeneca can stop blaming European governments for stoking skepticism about the company’s COVID jab, and start blaming the US…”

“…(or maybe the drug making giant might consider accepting some responsibility, considering the reaction to rare blood clots isn’t the first safety issue to mar the jabs reputation)”

The author also says, 

“US officials are slamming the drug company and the data for possibly misrepresenting the vaccine’s efficacy.”

This is a much needed ray of sunshine. It shows that there is some hope on the horizon in the fight against medical tyranny. 

I don’t know what morals most folks were raised with…

…But in my view, It’s not okay to administer drugs which cause blood clots and kill people. 

And I would bet my bottom dollar that AstraZeneca is downplaying how many people are dying from these adverse side effects. 

We’re all just pawns to Big Pharma it seems. They think that they can sacrifice us to sell their lackadaisical manufactured hocus pocus. 

But it’s highly important we educate our communities about the dangers of the AstraZeneca vaccine. 

I know for myself…

…I don’t want beloved members of my community to suffer from a vaccine that appears to be more dangerous than Covid itself. 

So, thanks for tuning in as always. You can depend on Ashleigh Dunn to speak truth to power.

Your favorite editor and chief is signing out. 

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,


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