90% more lethal than flu shots

Caucasian senior women having virus vaccine injection by medical nurse at hospital for coronavirus covid-19 immunization.

Is the Jab worse than getting the virus?

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Hello there, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:

  • The Lamestream media’s lies–Is war with Russia imminent?…
  • Covid vaccine is 90% more lethal than flu shots–You must read this report…

And finally…

  • We feature our reporter Tom Luongo–Journalists banned for speaking truth against medical tyranny…

The Lamestream media are truly the worst liars ever. I remember how bad they were just back in 2016 before Trump was elected.

I thought there was no way they could get any worse. 

But the Lamestream media knows no boundary when it comes to their ability…

…To become more and more pathetic. 

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One interesting point which Glen Greenwald points out in a recent publication is a scandal that happened with Julian Assange and Don Jr. 

It turned out to be a total fabrication spread by the likes of Rachel Maddow and other fake news reporters.

Back in 2016, the Democrats smeared Julian Assange as a Kremlin agent. 

This was the very beginning of the RussiaGate scandal. 

One interesting point which Greenwald points out in the article I read…

…Is how the Lamestream media was up in smoke about some emails Assange released that exposed the Democrat’s shenanigans–Most notably hawkish cover-ups by the rapacious Hilary Clinton.

 He says in his report,

“According to this historic CNN revelation, a stunning and incriminating email had been obtained by “congressional investigators,” and “multiple sources” conveyed its contents to CNN.”

“This email proved, said CNN, that Donald Trump Jr. was given advance access to the archive of DNC and Podesta emails ultimately published by WikiLeaks on September 14, 2016.”

Even if Assange did give Don Jr. reports about the Democrats…

…Who really cares? Is it not okay to release information that should be public?

That’s what journalists do. A real journalist doesn’t care about stepping on the toes of powerful people. 

And this is precisely why the Democrats hate Julian Assange so much.

Furthermore, the Democrats claim that Russia is sowing the seeds for the destruction of our Democracy…

…But to me it’s entirely hypocritical.

The Democrats won’t allow journalists to report on truth and facts–Like Chelsea Manning who also exposed war crimes– Was Then tortured By Emperor Obama. 

My point being is that the Democrats don’t really care about Democracy. It seems to me they are responsible for the destruction of American Democracy itself.

Putin and Trump are Trojan Horses so to speak that the Dems are using to distract us. 

Their attempt to tell the masses a ridiculous story that Putin has some sort of sexual blackmail on Trump…

…And Trump will do his bidding at any turn is a joke.

We hear this in a recent podcast where Nancy Pelosi joined Hilary Clinton in a discussion about the events on January 6th.

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I recommend you don’t watch it cause it is truly the most condescending garbage I’ve ever heard in my life.

Pelosi blamed the Capitol “Insurrection” on the Kremlin, saying,

“I don’t know what the Russians have on the president, politically, personally, or financially. But I know one thing. What went down on the day of January 6th was a win for Putin.”

It’s totally the most poor attempt to brainwash the public. It’s almost laughable at how awful their lying has become.

But the troubling thing is… ===> I think there’s a very dangerous game being played here.

Russia is certainly no country we want to go to war with. They have much more advanced weapon systems than the American Armed Forces–I’m sorry to admit, but it’s true.

And furthermore, Zombie Joe has already sewn the destruction of our military by performing experimental transgender surgeries… And much else. 

I don’t buy that the Democrats are ignorant of how devastating a war between the United States and Russia would be for both nations…

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…But in particular for the United States. 

With the Zombie Joe’s deep ties to intelligence–He’s absolutely up to something.

The Covid Vaccine–Much More Dangerous Than Flu Shots

I read another interesting report about the Covid vaccines which you might want to know about. 

An article I read from anthonycolpo.com, said, 

The new COVID-19 vaccines are rapidly accumulating a disturbing number of adverse event and death reports on the US and UK databases.”

I’ve myself seen firsthand how strange the vaccine side effects are.

I personally have not taken the jab…

…And I have no intention to, but I have a friend who did…

…And she told me she’s been so tired that she was out for four days straight.

What troubles me is… I’ve heard that fatigue is one of the main side effects of this experimental jab.

And there have been reports which show this issue is most likely chronic…

…As there are folks who still feel constantly tired even months after the jab.

Another excerpt from the report that I found to be stunning said,

“…The search results for the 2018-2019 show 22 deaths for the multitude of influenza vaccine products distributed in the US.”

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And finally the author points out,

“Despite less than three months of use and a far lower number of people vaccinated, the new COVID-19 vaccines have already accumulated a 96-fold higher volume of death reports than what was seen for influenza vaccines during the 2019-2020 season.”

Despite these facts… There are millions of Americans who are lining up to take the jab. 

As I’ve already pointed out earlier this week…

This vaccine is 100% experimental. It’s astonishing more people aren’t interested in hearing the truth about it.


Shocking new discovery of killer lipid causing Alzheimer’s in men — See how my KRAEPELIN EFFECT works to destroy killer lipid

I remember the day when I walked into my local Kroger and in front of a shelf that had 27 different items on it…

And every single one of those 27 items had the killer lipid in it.

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And now research has shown a connection between the killer lipid and Alzheimer’s disease.

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As BMI increases under the consumption of these killer lipids, research has also shown an increase in Alzheimers and dementia. 

However, lucky for you, I’ve got a special protocol…

…Which has shown to remove excess killer lipids from the body that cause Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

With my special KRAEPELIN EFFECT, you’ll feel sharper than you were when you were a lad


It’s also a dangerous time to be speaking the truth about these vaccines. People were already arrested for merely speaking out against lockdowns on Facebook last summer.

Can you imagine what’s going to happen this year to people who speak out against this vaccine?

It doesn’t sound too pleasant. But we mustn’t fear this agenda…

…And we must not concede to it. 

Because we need to inform the public about the jab and how dangerous it could be for them.

It’s not right to see well meaning folks inject experimental drugs in their body.So, we must educate our fellow Americans on the truth–Whether we like them or not–This is a civil rights issue of great importance.

So, that’s all for today about the vaccines.

But one more final thing before I finish….

Today, we are featuring another astonishing report from author Tom Luongo.

In his new article, Patreon, Censorship and the Self-Inflicted Wound

…Tom exposes the corruption with more Big Tech censorship–Most recently the shenanigans of Patreon.

A great reporter that I follow, Whitney Webb, was recently slapped with Pateron censorship.

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In this stunning new report, Tom goes deep…

…And exposes the truth of why Patreon is hiding with their tail between their legs about this sensitive information being spread throughout the public–It’s very important you must read it.

So, thanks for tuning in as always. You can always depend on me to speak truth to power.

Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out. 

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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Patreon, Censorship and the Self-Inflicted Wound

Special to Daily Liberty News – original article by Tom Luongo

2021 is quickly shaping up to the be the Year of the Censor.  Already this year we’ve seen the best of our journalists driven out of high-profile positions and going independent.  

From Glenn Greenwald being forced out at the company he helped found, The Intercept, to Matt Taibbi leaving Rolling Stone, the days of the independent voice in media is being driven underground.

Even with them gone to newcomer Substack, that hasn’t satisfied the gatekeepers of political correctness, who want them unable to even make a living.  

If they can silence voices that large, then it has chilling implications for smaller voices.

For a creator like me there is real risk tying my livelihood to a platform like Patreon whose history with hosting controversial material is spotty to say the least.  

Patreon has been walking this path for a couple of years now but with its recent spate of bans it is quickly morphing into a company without a future, a company with a permanently damaged brand.

And, for the record, I consider this a real shame.  

Alex Jones Was Just the Beginning

What began as a platform for creators to bypass the publishing gatekeepers that guys like Taibbi and Greenwald fought the good fight against for years has, sadly, morphed into a platform more interested in sanitizing the creative drive of budding artists rather than nurturing it.

I say this as a person who saw Patreon as my best option when I was forced to go independent back in early 2017.  Even then there were signs that “Cancel Culture” would reach deeper and deeper into alternative media.

What started with the de-platforming of ‘alt-right Nazis’ during the 2016 presidential campaign, quickly escalated into the war on disinformation from gadflies and performance artists like Milo Yiannopolous and Alex Jones.

Jones was targeted because of his coverage of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  He was a test case to gauge the level of public pushback against removing a dissident voice from the public forum.  

The story of Twitter alternative, Gab, whose only crime is strictly adhering to the First Amendment and the Supreme Court’s limits on it, is even worse than Jones’ story.

Patreon lost major revenue streams from people like Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin over Patreon’s treatment of Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin.  Rubin would go on to build a Patreon alternative, Locals, in response.

By the end of the Trump Administration Big Tech censorship kicked into high gear, further extending the argument about protecting public safety from ‘bad information’ into the public health narrative surrounding COVID-19.

Now it’s All Journalists–Whether on the Left or Right

And this is what got major investigative journalists like Whitney Webb, John Corbett, Venessa Beeley and others removed from Patreon recently, their coverage of COVID-19, the vaccines and political impulses behind them.

But that is the current line in the sand for the Big Tech firms.  Cross it and get de-platformed.  I’m not saying it’s right.  It’s not.  But that’s the state of play.

The lesson for all purveyors of any counter-narrative at this point must be aware of the ever-shifting line if they want to continue having a voice.

The Crux of the Problem

And this brings me to the crux of the problem.  What do we do about it as consumers and producers?  Patreon is supposed to be a middleman, I get that they only want to host certain kinds of content as is their right as a business.

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool.  I saw it validated first-hand when the legendary rock band (and personal favorite) Marillion accidentally created it by asking for the production costs of their 2001 album Anoraknophobia up front from their fans.  I jumped at the chance to back their next project, the incredible album Marbles, to support their assault on the rapacious record industry.  

Their goal was simple, use the funds to become their own recording and distribution company, freeing themselves from the wants of a label.  It not only worked, but it was also the proof of concept that spawned an entire industry.

It turned the entire business model for artists on its head.  Now an artist could keep most of the revenue their work generated versus the other way around.  Now unit sales in the thousands or even hundreds, priced properly, could sustain an artist rather than needing to reach the millions the big distribution houses supposedly had access to.

The board game industry is going through a boom like never before because of Kickstarter.  Boutique games with insane production values can make it to the market turning a labor of love into a shared reality. 

When your art, however, is journalism or political commentary, in a world becoming increasingly polarized politically and when those in power are paranoid about losing control over the public narrative, unfortunately all bets are off.

Crossing the Line

Now, those people, like me are faced with the very real threat of crossing the line and losing our lives.

Because stifling dissent is the last resort of a tyrant and a scoundrel.  And there is pressure on companies like Patreon and banks to cancel those out of political favor.  

In this kind of environment is is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a company helping the censorship willingly or going along under threat of extinction.

As a libertarian I believe strongly that companies, like people, have the right to deny someone being its customer.  Freedom of association implies freedom from association.

But I also understand the reality that the playing field is tilted towards those that control access to not only the internet bandwidth but also the banking system.  And when those people are also the same ones who control the government and the media there is no ‘safe space’ for anyone who speaks their mind openly.

It’s one thing for Apple to deny Parler or Gab an app on their app store.  I don’t agree with it, but I get it.  It’s quite another for a bank to deny them service because of the threat of retribution from government, which is what is happening here.

As a creator tied to Patreon today I want to continue validating not only my own business model but Patreon’s.  As I thrive, they thrive.  

I see them not just as a service provider but as a partner in my business.  I want them to make decisions which support the rights of all creators to have a voice in the marketplace of ideas, including those they disagree with or even despise.

Pateron Failed Our First Amendment Right

That’s what the first amendment is supposed to protect. 

If those ideas are terrible then let them not flourish.  And if the information is untrue let them bear the consequences of that as well in court.  

I’ve been inundated with notices from current and potential Patrons that they won’t do business with Patreon because of their latest abrogation of the public trust.  They want to support people they respect.  They want fairness brought back to the playing field and let the best ideas win.  

After four years of consistent attacks by the undeserved self-righteousness of the woke mob and the tyrants who support them, they want to exercise the only power they feel they have left in the Culture War.

And I fully respect that position.  I canceled my subscription to Netflix for this reason.  

But no solution today is a perfect one.  There’s always some part of the business that is offensive to someone else.  Locals, as Dave Rubin pointed out during the assault on Parler, noted that it uses Amazon Web Services for its data hosting.  

It’s a vulnerability.  If you hate Amazon for what they did to Parler, will you boycott Locals because of it?  

The hallmark of the free market is that it coordinates the labor and time of millions of people, most of whom wouldn’t like each other if they ever met.  Murray Rothbard is famous for saying to never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

And Patreon, to this point, has been very good to me.  And to my customers even though they are far from perfect.  

Something many of you may not realize, with the freedom to publish comes the responsibility of management.  Independent producers aren’t just journalists, cartoonists and writers, they are also marketers, accountants, managers and editors.  

There’s a time cost associated with the choice to walk away from Patreon or any other censorious platform.  That time cost is exactly what the tyrants want us to pay.  They want us distracted with their harassment and not producing content which challenges them.

Final Thoughts

That’s why I felt this article needed to be written, to remind us all what our goals are and the true face of the battle we are fighting.  

There’s a certain irony in continuing to use the very tools they think they are oppressing us with to point out their hypocrisy.

Most importantly, with the proliferation of competition and the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment layer and the blockchain as a bulwark against censorship, the days of this kind of pressure are numbered anyway. 

As always, the market will provide a solution. 

Patreon, in my opinion, is committing brand suicide with its decisions today that they will not likely recover from.  For now, I choose to take the high road and treat Patreon the way they have treated me. There is no profit for anyone in borrowing trouble that may never come.  

Because that may be the biggest self-inflicted wound of all.