Florida booming, California sinking…

People having fun together at cafeteria with face masks

But…Is DeSantis committing career suicide?

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Hello Liberty Lover.

Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is back in action.

In today’s news:

  • DeSantis says Florida is > than NYC & LA–Should we all go there?…


  • Time sensitive information that you must hear–Zombie Joe’s secret war on you and I…

When Governor Rick Desantis refused to go along with the Covid agenda like many other governors at the start of the pandemic…

…He received much criticism and scrutiny from the radical left. 

Being in his shoes must not be easy. 

I imagine DeSantis was faced with a lot of pressure to concede to the lamestream narrative of lockdowns.

And in a recent article I read from Zerohedge.com, the author says, 

“As Democrat lockdown governors Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo struggle like drowning mice to lead their states out of ‘science’-based pandemic restrictions while embroiled in political scandals…”

“…Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) – who notably did not lock down his state – is looking so good that even CNN hit pieces can’t help but give him credit for a booming economy and low COVID numbers”

DeSantis said that New York and Los Angeles couldn’t compare to the booming economy of south Florida. 

And he’s probably right.

I was visiting LA when COVID just began. And it was miserable. I had to get out immediately.

I can only imagine how bad it must be after a whole year of this nonsense.

But DeSantis seems genuinely proud that Florida citizens are allowed to keep their businesses open and live their lives uninterrupted.

And if you saw the tweet I posted at the top of the article…

…You’ll see just how terrible CNN is at writing hit pieces on the freedom fighting governor.

In the first story from around a year ago, CNN reported that DeSantis’s choice to not lockdown Florida was a political move for him to gain power.

But that’s absolutely ridiculous. Because we all know any politician going against the Covid agenda risks committing career sucidie. 

I’m astounded that the Deep State has not been able to stop DeSantis. He’s a true leader.

DeSantis’s decision to not lockdown was a stand for the freedoms of Florida citizens.

But in the other hit piece which just came out, CNN claims that DeSantis is dishonorably taking credit for the booming economy of the sunshine state.

Well…What I want to ask these fake news journalists who write for CNN is…

Who is responsible for Florida’s booming economy? Saint Nicholas? 

It’s certainly not Zombie Joe. 

We can’t give DeSantis all of the credit. We should also give credit to the brave Floridians who took the courage to open up their businesses.

But DeSantis certainly played an influential role in sustaining the Florida economy and standing up against lockdown tyranny. 

I personally can’t understand how someone could be pro-lockdown.

Even the WHO came out and warned against the danger lockdowns present to society.

When people’s businesses close… Think about it…

…Not only do they not have income, but they don’t have a purpose.

That is absolutely no way to live your life. And this is all done in the name of a virus which kills less people than the flu according to many reports I’ve read.

Life is too short to live in fear. 

And let’s just look at the facts. Another excerpt from the article at Zerohedge.com I read this morning said,

“Florida has recorded around 9,200 COVID cases per 100,000 people and 150 deaths per 100,000 people, while nationwide there are an average of 8,969 cases and 163 deaths per 100,000 people.”

No one can say that Florida’s decision to resist lockdowns is doing any harm when their rates of Covid are right around the national average.

And one more final point I’ll make in regards to lockdowns:

Clearly Gruesome Newsom’s and Andrew Cuomo’s lockdown tyranny failed to reduce rates of the virus.

And furthermore, Gruesome Newsom has refused to release the data on how California is determining deaths and injuries from the virus.

So, it’s as plain as day that he’s involved in a cover-up.

To me, it seems evident that lockdowns not only fail to stop the spread of Covid, but they could even make it worse!

Where Are the White Supremacists? 

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If you’ve been following Daily Liberty News, then you’re probably familiar with Zombie Joe’s war on domestic terror.

And make no mistake… Zombie Joe is making this new form of war on terror his #1 initiative. 

In a new New York Times publication, I read,

“President Biden requested the intelligence community complete the assessment shortly after taking office, and his administration has made fighting domestic terrorism a priority.”

And another interesting quote from the article said,

“Along with the threat assessment, the administration is also reviewing what law enforcement and intelligence agencies can do to combat domestic terrorism.”

I don’t see personally how anyone buys this narrative of new domestic terrorism the radical left is selling us.

Intelligence agencies have become so advanced now that it’s absolutely unbelievable that they can’t defeat these white supremacist bogey men that they speak of.

Are you really telling me that with the combined power of the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA…

…They are not able to track down and dismantle these militia groups?

Some of us know that there’s a rough history between intelligence agencies. They’re often competing for power…

…But to believe that there are domestic terrorists that are actually a threat to them is an absolute joke. 

I’ve said this before… But I’ve only met one true white supremacist in my life.

And the guy was a total drunkard. There’s no way he could ever manage to carry out some kind of dangerous agenda that would be a threat to American society.

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Why these men never have blood sugar problems…

Recently I heard about these “El Dorados” of diabetes…

In these secret zip codes, men easily eat sugar and yet they have no diabetes, no pre-diabetes, no blood sugar problems…

While around them, blood sugar is shooting up — causing an epidemic in rockiness-killing diabetes.

What’s going on in these zip codes? Why do these men living in these cities have literally zero diabetes?

It’s not what you expect…discover the striking unusual reason why men in these zip codes have ZERO diabetes…

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Also, we’re hardly hearing anymore about Antifa. 

It seems to me that Zombie Joe and the intelligence agencies want to lump anyone who is a political activist…

Whether on the left or the right–And label them as white supremacist.

One more final point that I will make:

I really believe the war on domestic terror is psyop created to cause disharmony amongst the American public.

And it’s truly disturbing how well it’s worked. Many folks on the left have totally bought the narrative that Trump supporters are all racists and white supremacists.

This is simply not true. I know black folks who voted for Trump. 

And I’m not saying Trump is perfect or the savior or anything…But to say that everyone who voted for him is a white supremacist…

…Is an absolutely outrageous statement.

Our problems are not cultural like Zombie Joe and the Democrats want to brainwash us into believing…

…Our real problems are class struggles. It’s not left versus right. It’s top versus bottom.

One only has to look at history and examine the murder of Fred Hampton to see that this is ture.

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Fred Hampton was a young and influential member of the Black Panthers.

Hampton discovered that he had more in common with white folks than he did differences.

So, Hampton actively met with members of the KKK. It was one of the most significant events in the history of civil rights.

But when the FBI caught on to how successful Hampton was at bringing together the left and right…

…He was murdered in cold blood.

So…It’s clear to me that it’s them–the elite ruling class–And us–the 99.9%.

The left and the right have to put aside their minor differences to defeat the establishment.

So, thanks for tuning in as always. You can always depend on me to speak truth to power.

Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out. 

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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