Rand Paul disembowels Dr. Fauci-Watch his response

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Will you wear double masks?

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Hello there, Liberty Lover. 

In today’s news:

  • Fauci says new Covid variants coming to the U.S.–Does he want to lock us down forever?…


  • Journalist Matt Taibi exposes Russia narrative for the hocus pocus that it is–You must read this…

Gosh… I just love Rand Paul–He’s the only senator in D.C. standing up to the coward bully Anthony Fauci.

In a special hearing, Rand Paul sparred with Dr. Fauci and brought to light some wild contradictions with Dr. Fauci’s Deep State policies.

Senator Paul said, 

“Rather than being pessimistic towards gaining immunity to people after they’ve had Covid, studies argue for significant optimism…”

“…Of the 30 million that have had Covid, only a handful of re-infections have been discovered…”

“…In fact, the New York Times reported last fall that more than 38 million people at the time had been infected with the Coronavirus.”

“In fact, as of that date, according to scientists fewer than five of these cases turned out to be re-infections.”

“Given the lack of scientific studies for reinfection–What specific studies do you cite to argue that the public should be wearing masks into 2022?”

And Dr. Fauci gave a lame attempt to avoid the Senator’s questions. He said, 

“I’m not sure I understand the connection of what you’re saying about masks and reinfection. We’re talking about people who have never been infected before…”

And Rand Paul quickly interrupted Fauci saying,

“Well, you’re telling everyone to wear a mask whether they’ve had an infection or not…”

“…What I’m saying is that they have immunity–Isn’t telling everyone to wear two masks just theatre?”

Boom. He nailed it.

And Fauci replied,

“Oh, here we go again with the theatre… Let’s get down to the facts. The studies you quote look at in vitro examination of memory immunity…”

“…Which in their paper they specifically say this does not actually pertain to the actual protection…”

And Rand Paul again confronted Fauci…

…And asked him what studies he had to prove that reinfection from previous infected patients was possible. He said,

“There are no studies.”

Of course Fauci then went on to blabber about different variants of the virus. 

He cited a study by Johnson & Johnson about a case of a Covid variant in South Africa.

And then Senator Paul said,

“What evidence do you have of significant reinfection from these variants?–None in our country–Zero”

And Fauci said this was because we don’t have a “prevalent” variant yet. According to him, Covid-117 is slowly becoming more dominant. 

But Senator Paul then slammed Fauci again saying,

“You’re making policy based on conjecture. You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show.” 

Fauci of course continued to deny that his claims were merely speculation and not based on actual science. 

It seems that Fauci himself lacks a real understanding of virology. He’s totally unqualified to be in his position–Like most Swampies in D.C.

A real virologist would not be telling us to wear double masks based on zero scientific evidence. 

It’s time Dr. Fauci takes a trip to Belize–If you know what I mean.

I’m sick of this indoctrination he’s spreading amongst the American public. We’re just all ready for this dreadful thing to be over with. 

But if Fauci has his way, we will all be wearing double masks forever. And make no mistake, there will be more lockdowns. 

Oh Boy–Here We Go Again About Russia

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The Democrats will not shut-up about Russia. Even now that Trump has been voted out…

…They’re still making claims that Russia meddled in our elections. In a recent article I read from journalist Matt Taibbi…former superstar reporter with Rolling Stone.

…Taibbi cited a new report from the Office of Director of National Intelligence. The report said, 

“We assess that Russian President Putin authorized, and a range of Russian government organizations conducted…”

“…Influence operations aimed at denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, [and] undermining public confidence in the electoral process…”

And Taibbi asked,

“How many times are we going to do this? We’ve spent the last five years watching as anonymous officials make major Russia-related claims, only to have those evidence-free claims fizzle”

Right. Remember two years ago when the Mueller report came out?

The left was cheering on Mueller like he was some kind of patriotic hero who would dispose of Trump…

…But when Meuller found no evidence of collusion–the Democrats said he was inept and awful at his job. 


How Does This Tiny Brain Pill Get Women to Want You?

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So there I am, walking into the crowded firehall for my cousin’s retirement party…

And I can’t help but notice that every girl’s head in the place takes a slight turn in my direction.

Well, well, well… it’s working again, I think to myself. Click for the rest of the story (NSFW).


My point is… As Taibbi says in his article, all claims about Russia meddling in U.S. elections have all failed to be proven.

And what’s more ridiculous, as Taibi points out, is that these claims about Russian interference and control of U.S. elections…

…Is always by an anonymous source.

How convenient right? They have zero evidence to back up their false claims, so they say the source is anonymous. 

And the Democrats smear anyone who opposes their sick agenda as a Russian asset–even people within their own party!

I remember when the Dems started calling Bernie Sanders a Russian spy. WTF?

You’re saying this guy who is an active U.S. Senator is a traitor to the country…That’s not a claim you just casually toss around. 

Of course, I don’t buy it. And neither should you.

However, Sanders wasn’t the only presidential candidate in 2020 running against Biden and the other Swampies who were smeared as a Kremlin agent.

They did the same with Congresswoman of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard–That was Hilary Clinton by the way.

And when Tulsi Gabbard resigned her candidacy back in April 2020, I believe it was…

…And endorsed Zombie Joe’s candidacy… Poof. No more smears about being a Russian. 

To me, it’s truly a shame that Gabbard and Sanders rolled over and let the Democrats have their way with them. 

It speaks volumes about the little amount of character they must have. I know if someone treated me like this, they would be my enemy.

I wouldn’t sycophantically want to continue my career within the Democratic party and beg to be let back into their sick club. But that’s just what Gabbard and Sanders did. 

I don’t want to get too far off point. The whole reason I brought up this story…

…Is because we need to stand up against this madness. The Democrats are sowing the seeds for a war with Russia. 

And make no mistake–a war with Russia would be indeed a catastrophic event that could end the world–Imagine the possibility of nuclear weapons being used.

I don’t want to be dramatic, but it’s true. The tension between the U.S. and Russia right now is so tight you could cut it with a butter knife. 

So, let’s inform our neighbors, friends, and families about the lies that Zombie Joe is spreading about Russia.

Because Russians are no different from us. They’re people just like you and I –There are good ones and there are bad ones.

We can’t allow the Lamestream media and the Democrats to brainwash all Americans into believing Russians are bad people…

….And a threat to our way of life.

So, Liberty Lover…That’s all I’ve got for today! Thanks as always for tuning in.

Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,


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