Crypto is coming to your MasterCard now

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The end of cash in 2021?

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  • Mastercard is set to make some big announcements.. I’ll talk about how finance will never be the same…


I have to admit Liberty Lover.. This isn’t a good day for me. I am TIRED of hearing about old folks dying in nursing homes..

My grandmother passed away this summer from the dreaded virus. And guess what?

It’s all cause she was stuck in her nursing home. Because of New York state laws, where my grandma lived, we weren’t able to get her released.

All we wanted was for her to be safe..

And she’d probably still be with us today if she hadn’t gotten the dreaded virus in the nursing home. So, as you might guess, I ain’t a big fan of Governor Cuomo and his laws.

Now, not only does Governor Cuomo have blood on his hands for his terrible virus policies, but now he’s even trying to cover the dang stuff up! What a lunatic..

According to the new New York Post, Cuomo’s top aide is “apologizing “privately”  to lawmakers for not telling the true facts about deaths.

And why? They claim it was a response of fear that the accurate numbers would be used against them by federal prosecutors. And this was all because Donald Trump was pointing out that people were in fact dying in nursing homes.

These people, who I say are responsible for my grandmother’s death, not only refuse to give an actual public apology, but they have the worst possible explanation for this cover-up!

Once again, the Democrats always have to fall back on Donald Trump as an excuse for their “deplorable” actions.

Matercard to Bring Bitcoin to the Masses

If you’ve read last Tuesday’s newsletter, Liberty Lover, you might be familiar with the fact that Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, purchased $1.5 million dollars of Bitcoin.

But Tesla isn’t the only elite institution to be hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Now, reports are coming in that Mastercard will,

“enable more merchants to accept cryptocurrency by opening up its payment network to certain digital coins this year.”

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It does to me appear we are amidst a financial revolution. Still, many people, some of whom are Liberty Lovers like yourself, don’t like Bitcoin.

The reason is they say, Bitcoin has no real value. It’s like gold or silver, except that it’s digital. This, they say, renders it totally pointless.

What this means is that Bitcoin has value only because people decide to exchange their fiat currencies with it. Therefore, the critics say that there’s no use to Bitcoin and that it is pointless.


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And I think they are correct. However, according to, the overall cryptocurrency market cap is worth nearly $1.5 trillion. That is a gigantic industry.

In case you didn’t know Liberty Lover, there are other types of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. My point is, there is without a doubt an surging interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This is forcing financial elite institutions like Mastercard to to adjust to the public’s growing interest.

The fact that Mastercard wants to allow folks to use cryptocurrency through their card services is a signal that big changes are coming in the world of finance.

“Gruesome” Newsom Is In Dire Straits

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Let’s remember a point I made earlier this week, Liberty Lover, that the Trump impeachment trial is just a distraction by the Democrats to cover up their shenanigans.

Now, Governor Gavin Newsom, is a fine example of the swampiest, swamp creature you can think of. Like Andrew Cuomo, Newsom handled the pandemic terribly.

Many folks in California lost their jobs, went out of business, and even some folks starved. And all he did was tell people to stay at home and wear a mask while he didn’t even do these things himself.

Governor Newsome might not be as invincible as he seems.

And it’s not just republicans who are upset with Newsom. In fact, according to an interesting report, Newsom even has enemies within the Democratic party itself.

The last time a Democrat decided to run in a recall election against Gray Davis, the fellow’s political career was over. And political activists in California have more than exceeded all of the signatures they need to recall to force Newsom into a recall election.

With all of these facts presented to us, Liberty Lover, it appears that Gruesome Newsom could soon be facing his political demise. So, there is some good news for us Liberty Lovers even amongst the tragedies.

With all this being said, Liberty Lover, it’s been a pleasure sharing these stores with you today. Thanks for reading as always, and we’ll see you next week back on the frontlines for the fight for Liberty.

Love your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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