Dems planning on agenda worse than Cuomo’s?

Shops reopened.

And Breaking: Governor Gregg Abbot resisting lockdown agenda–No more masks?

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Hello there, Liberty Lover.

In today’s news:

So, Liberty Lover…

Governor Gregg Abbot has gone against Zombie Joe’s direct orders to stay on lockdown.

Abbot said,

“Too many Texans have been sidelined from employment opportunities…” 

“…Too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills. This must end. It is now time to open Texas 100%.”

Abbot is not the only governor to go against the lockdown hocus pocus.

If you don’t remember, Liberty Lover…

We heard reports here at Daily Liberty News that Rick DeSantis told Zombie Joe…

“…Go f*** yourself”

This was after Biden shamed DeSantis and told him he would pay for the blood on his hands.

Totally crazy…

But I don’t want to meander, Liberty Lover.

During a recent press conference, Abbot was also prompted about other statewide mandates related to the virus which included the subject of masks…

…And Abbot said,

“We’re working right now on evaluating when we’re gonna be able to remove all statewide orders..”

“…And we will be making announcements about that pretty soon,” Abbott previously said when asked about the mask mandate.”

This is big news. I know many folks who say that we shouldn’t even be wearing masks.

I personally feel like we need to end the lockdowns, Liberty Lover.

Even the WHO(World Health Organization) came out not long ago and warned about how dangerous lockdowns are.

We can’t just stop living our lives because of a virus. It’s totally crazy.

Since when is it anything new that people get sick? I just don’t get why we need to end our lives and hide away in our homes for a virus.

That ain’t what life is about, Liberty Lover. Life is about being free, and not afraid…

…Like they say in New Hampshire,

“Live free or die.”

Look… I’m not saying we shouldn’t be careful. If you want to wear a mask and be cautious about the virus…

…Then do your thing.

All I’m saying is we need to open back up our businesses to focus on our livelihoods… 

… And provide for our friends and families because if we don’t take back our financial independence…

…Then we will forever be living in a George Orwell novel where Big Tech gives us a monthly pittance and we stay locked inside of our houses forever.

The Real Reason Democrats Are Turning On Cuomo

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So, Liberty Lover…

If you read yesterday’s newsletter, then you know that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s allies are all turning on him.

Now, according to a newly published article, I’ve learned that Bill de Blasio, NYC mayor, wants Cuomo’s emergency powers to be stripped.

However, Christopher Bedford, the author of the article, points out that de Blasio’s reason for wanting to shun Cuomo actually has nothing to do with the deaths in NYC nursing homes…

He says,

That fact(nursing home deaths)… You might notice…Has been in the media spotlight for weeks now. Even before then…

…The mayor didn’t seem to think the on-its-face-stupid-and-obviously-deadly decision was a good reason for removing extralegislative powers.”

But let’s not pretend de Blasio didn’t know what Cuomo has been up to this whole time. 

I mean, really?

He’s the mayor of NYC, and he wants to pretend like he just found out that old folks were being left to die.

I don’t believe this for a second, Liberty Lover.


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I’m almost certain that de Blasio knew about this long before the public did.

I think one reason Democrats are betraying Cuomo here is because they want to cover-up their own misdeeds.

Perhaps de Blasio is playing dumb here to hide his whole involvment in the nursing home scandal.

Bedford continues, saying, 

What’s most striking is that de Blasio’s call to “revoke the governor’s emergency powers” comes after nearly an entire year of Cuomo publicly wielding his power…”

“…To destroy his own state, closing schools, banning businesses, shuttering churches, prosecuting religion, and allowing rioters to run roughshod over citizens and police.”

So, clearly the line that can’t be tolerated here which Democrat Swampies are making is sexual harassment. Period.

And of course… Sexual harassment is awful. 

Look, I’m a woman, Liberty Lover. I’ve had some close encounters myself… Thankfully nothing happened.

Of course… I know it’s a serious issue.

It just doesn’t make too much sense that this is what causes them to say,

“We need to strip Cuomo of his emergency powers.”

But clearly the Democrat Swampies have discovered that Cuomo’s days are numbered. 

So, they’ve decided to conspire against him it seems. 

Democrats just want to throw Cuomo under the bus and blame him for all the things they’re guilty for too.

Their evil knows no bounds…. Truly wicked.

They’ll betray anyone… Even one of their own… To remain in power. 

So, Liberty Lover. I’ll be here as always…

…Speaking truth to power. Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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