Threat of nuclear war in Middle East

New York governor Andrew Cuomo greets well-wishers

Breaking: Zombie Joe bombed Syria– What is his next evil scheme?

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Hello, Liberty Lover…

In today’s news: 

And Finally…

So, Liberty Lover, a bunch of angry folks in Georgia stormed the state capitol to protest voter identification legislation. 

A new bill, Georgia Senate Bill 67, would require folks to provide a photo ID to receive absentee ballots.

I’m not really sure what the fuss about this is. Maybe they’re on the right side of the issue…

…But that’s not what is significant here, Liberty Lover. I’m not saying these women shouldn’t be protesting.

I’m saying that it’s a bit strange considering that Zombie Joe has declared a Domestic War on Terror

….And that protesting and gathering at government buildings is now considered an act of terrorism.

Folks are still being targeted and arrested by federal police for their involvement in the January 6th Capitol riot! 

Yet here there is no drama, no wild claims of violent extremism…

… None of this.

Look, I’m not saying that these women should be arrested and labeled as violent extremists. And I’m certainly not saying they shouldn’t be protesting.

However, why is there a group of people that are being targeted as radical extremists and another is not? 

My guess is that this wouldn’t tie into the narrative of what the War on Domestic Terror is all about, Liberty Lover.

Based on what I read, most of these protesters here were African American women. So, I think it would be hard for federal police to call these people white supremacists. 

So, we need to be cautious and observe events like this with a critical mind, Liberty Lover. 

Because I think we’re learning a lot here on what the War on the First Amendment is all about.

If we can reach out to our fellow Americans of different races and show them this Deep State agenda against the freedom of speech…

…Then they can’t call us white supremacists, can they, Liberty Lover?

So, my call to action here, Liberty Lover, is to unite. Not to divide.

Andrew Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

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So, Liberty Lover. Things were already looking pretty bad for wannabe tyrant Andrew Cuomo. 

Even his brother Chris Cuomo can’t defend the guy anymore. Lol.

People from all sides of the political spectrum were already gunning against him after he got caught lying about deaths in nursing homes.

And now… Women are lining up and coming forward about being sexually harassed by Cuomo.

Even Nancy Pelosi herself came out and backed support for an investigation into the criminal politician.

Cuomo is in a long line of Democrat elites who have engaged in sexual misbehavior. Well… That’s a very nice way of putting it.

Both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden have quite a few suspicious allegations against them.


It’s too late for my dad

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And Clinton is one of the worst of all. I mean, I can’t believe he hasn’t been criminally investigated for all of his misdeeds. 

But let’s get back to the point, Liberty Lover. Trace Gallagher went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to shed some light on Cuomo’s sexual misconduct.

According to Gallagher, a young woman named Charlotte Bennett, who was a former advisor to Governor Cuomo…

…Said that Cuomo probed her on many occasions about her sex life. And he asked her to engage in sexually promiscuous activities with him like playing strip poker.

According to Bennett, Cuomo said to her these exact words:

“Are you open to having sex with older men?”

I think this is disgusting.

But Gallagher humorously pointed out that in the past Cuomo been adamant in saying,

“All women should be believed.”

However, Cuomo has publicly stated that Charlotte Bennett, along with his other accusers, are lying. Lol.

So, the odds are truly stacking up against Cuomo. I wonder if he’ll be able to survive this coming storm that will rage on him.

But more importantly, Liberty Lover, I truly won’t be surprised if this ain’t the last Cuomo scandal that we hear about. Stay tuned.

Iran Turns Down Nuclear Negotiations… Is a World War Imminent?

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So, Liberty Lover…

According to a report I read, 

“Iran turned down an offer to engage in direct talks regarding the nation’s nuclear capabilities with U.S. and European diplomats”

This doesn’t surprise me in the least bit, Liberty Lover. 

This is because Iran and many other countries in the Middle East hate Zombie Joe and the Democrat Swampies.

Let’s not forget that Zombie Joe worked for emperor Obama who dropped so many bombs in the Middle East they actually ran out.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that Iran didn’t take the bombing of Syria, which Zombie Joe recently authorized, very gravely.

So, is it any surprise that they don’t want anything to do with the U.S. and their allies Liberty Lover? To me, not really.

So, Liberty Lover…

The point I’m trying to make is that the woke mob wants to convince you that these folks in other countries are a threat to the United States, peace, and freedom. 

But this is all a distraction that the Democrat Swampies want to use against us while they’re flying around on their private jets saving the world from climate change…

…And doing all that Great Reset hocus pocus.

So, Liberty Lover. Let’s not let the lamestream media brainwash us. We don’t need a war with Iran…

…And frankly, I don’t think they want a war with us either, Liberty Lover.

So, thanks for tuning in today, Liberty Lover. Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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