Zombie Joe’s secret agenda nobody is telling you about

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The plan from the radical left– far worse than defunding the police…

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Hello there, Liberty Lover. In today’s news:

So, Liberty Lover, former President Donald Trump went on air this weekend to give a speech at CPAC 2021.

I’ve got to say, Liberty Lover, I have many criticisms of Trump.

But you gotta hand it to him, Liberty Lover…

He’s always been on point in calling out the Democrat Swampies.

But it wasn’t just the Democrats Trump roasted on.

It was Republican congresswoman, Liz Cheney, daughter of the despicable Dick Cheney.

In his speech, Trump remarked on Republican Liz Cheney’s criticisms of himself, saying,

“Liz loves to see our troops fighting. The good news is, her poll numbers have dropped faster than any human being I’ve ever seen.”

Also during his speech, Trump went on to bring to light some of the Democrat’s most agredidos policies. 

This included most notably, the Defund the Police movement. 

I’ve got to say, Liberty Lover, I really agree with Trump and other conservatives on the Defund the Police movement.

This is because this brings me back to this one story I read at the end of last year, Liberty Lover.

So, there was this young woman in an undisclosed NYC park. She was out on her morning stroll with her baby in the carriage…

…And out of nowhere a crazy guy comes up and tries to force the baby out of the carriage.

The mother tried all she could to resist the bloke. But he overpowered her…

… And he would have gotten away if it had not been for a man named Brian Kemsley who knew brazilian jiu-jitsu.

It’s truly a heartwarming story that shows there is real good in the world, Liberty Lover.

But the radical left wants to tell you that we need to defund the police. And it’s just ludicrous, Liberty Lover.

There are good cops and bad cops. We can’t just say all cops are crooks and we need to disband the police altogether.

In this story in particular with the kidnapping attempt, I had heard other reports, Liberty Lover…

…That the cops were called and originally did not respond.

It took over an hour for them to arrive on the scene.This is simply not enough time. 

And I’ve been told this is all a result of the Defund the Police movement.

If it weren’t for the brave martial artist, we would have had an infant in the hands of a mentally disturbed individual who could have seriously harmed it.

So, Liberty Lover, the point I’m making here is that the Democrat Swampies have awful policies. And it’s a big weakness which they have.

As Trump said in his speech this weekend,

“Fortunately for the Reublican party, the Democrats have horrible policies.”


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In fact, what I’ve come to realize, Liberty Lover, as Trump points out…

…Is that Democrats really spend all of their time only covering up and lying about their horrible policies.

Liberty Lovers like you and I merely need to confront them and expose the flaws of their wicked agenda to all our family, friends, and fellow Americans.

And maybe, just maybe… Conservatives can defeat the Democrats once and for all in the next election.

We all can see how fragile they are.

Who might be the candidate? By the looks of it, the chances are high that Trump will run again in 2024. Some have even said that Don Jr. is looking at a presidential bid.

Personally, Liberty Lover, I’d really like to see Ron DeSantis give a presidential run. I think he’d be our best shot at destroying the Democrats, Liberty Lover.

So, Liberty Lover, it’s good to know there is a resistance out there to the radical left agenda.

College Student Suspended for Simply stating Scientific Fact

So, Liberty Lover, This story might seem insignificant

…But it’s not.

A young man named Owen Stevens, who is a student at the State University of New York, has been suspended from his college degree program for making an Instagram post.

Now, if it were something that promoted violence, it would be one thing.

Then again, we all know how the radical left, or rather, “radical mob”, as I might start calling them…

…Calls anything that opposes their agenda violence.

Look, I know I’m not perfect, Liberty Lover. None of us are.

But I’m not accusing people of violence when they prove I’m wrong like the “woke” left does.

I’m getting too far off the point, Liberty Lover. What I’m trying to say is this incident is a further attack on our First Amendment rights. 

Literally, the only thing that Stevens said was,

‘A man is not a woman, and a woman is not a man.”

Imagine… You’re a young kid trying to get an education… You just want to find your place in the world, and you’re banned for exercising a constitutional right!

According to the article I read at Neonittle.com, the university made a statement on the issue, saying,

“We call into question his ability to maintain a classroom environment.”

They claim this decision was for the emotional well being of Steven’s classmates.

This is nonsense. If anyone’s “emotional well being” was hurt by this statement, I think they need to build some thicker skin.

That might sound harsh, but it’s just a fact.

What’s the poor kid going to do now? We all know there’s not a lot of stuff to do since everyone is still terrified of the dreadful virus. 

So, Liberty Lover, this whole transgender movement is a strange attack on our constitutional rights.

If they get away with banning kids from going to school, then what is next on the agenda of the woke mob?

Will we be arrested next if we state facts about human anatomy? It seems like that’s a real possibility if the radical left has their way.

So, Liberty Lover, I’ll be here as always, speaking truth to power. Ashleigh Dunn, your favorite editor and chief, is signing out.

Love from your favorite Blonde Bombshell,

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