Dictator Trudeau violently arrests hundreds to clear out Ottawa

And: The jab is likely damaging organs according to this doctor 


Hi Liberty Lovers. Ashleigh Dunn here. It seems the riot police dressed all in green without identifications in Ottawa may be UN mercenary troops. Their planes were spotted on a tarmac in Canada. That story is still developing. 

Today’s featured story:

Is Biden planning to use the Ukraine crisis as a scapegoat for inflation, gas prices, and everything else wrong in America? 


Additional stories for you:

CDC spending $5000 per shot to convince minorities to get jabbed. Couldn’t they do something good for people with that money? 


The truckers peacefully withdraw from Ottawa after Trudeau sends in the Goon squad to violently disperse them 

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Doctor claims the vax is causing “catastrophic” damage to organs 

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Even the Romanians think Trudeau is a tyrant 


This home invader picked the wrong window to climb though. Gun owners protect themselves with deadly force 

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