Even NY Times says Biden’s acting like a dictator

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Biden Thinks He’s King

By James H. Hyde, special to Daily Liberty News

Minutes after his inauguration, Biden was sitting in the Oval Office, a tall stack of binders to his right, a tray of pens to his left. In the binders were executive orders (EO), and he was ready to sign.

Dictators govern by decree. An executive order is nothing but a decree.

It has the power of law, but nobody votes for it.

So even though technically it is not law, it is a law. A law of a dictator.

Supposedly, only Congress can make laws. But that isn’t really the case.

Biden stayed in his basement for most of the campaign, but now he stays in the Oval Office with his mask on.

He has been resistant to meeting with senators who want to discuss legislation.

He is behaving like a king, or a dictator.

It appears that signing EOs will be his ruling preference rather than get congress to pass laws.

Presidents can’t legally govern by decree

The problem is the president cannot legally govern by decree—signing executive orders only.

He is not supposed to make laws, override Supreme Court decisions or trample on states’ rights.

But many of his executive orders step all over our rights as Americans.

For instance, immigration.

Biden is picking up where Barack Obama left off. Obama bragged that he had a “pen and a phone,” and that he’d start using executive orders and memoranda to do what he wanted if Congress didn’t go along.

It didn’t matter to him that he was overstepping his presidential boundaries.

Previously, Obama had told the immigration crowd—numerous times—that he didn’t have the power to protect illegal aliens, especially those known as “Dreamers” (children brought here by their parents when they were young), from deportation because Congress had passed a law that allowed it.

It isn’t their fault that they’re here, but Dreamers are still here illegally.

He kept pressing Congress to change immigration laws so they could stay, but the Legislature refused.

DACA is unconstitutional

With Congress not acting, Obama, bowing to the immigration crowd, wrote a memorandum titled “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” or DACA.

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Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Image Credit: Daniel Schwen

When he wrote it, he usurped power from Congress because he had unilaterally amended immigration laws, making his memo unconstitutional.

So, how does what Obama did relate to Biden?  First, Biden was Obama’s vice president, so he was well familiar with Obama’s, “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.”

Second, it’s important now because Biden, with his flurry of immigration executive orders (EO), is trying to grant a path to citizenship to Dreamers while the memo is still unconstitutional.

Biden scolded by the New York Times?

In fact, Biden’s preference for executive orders is getting him into some trouble, deep enough that the far-left New York Times took him to task for signing too many of them. The Times believes that many of his orders should be taken up by Congress.

In an article titled, “Ease up on the Executive Orders, Joe” the Times wrote: “President Biden is right to not let his agenda be held hostage, but legislating through Congress is a better path.”

It pains me to admit when the New York Times gets something right, but in this case they are correct.

There’s no question that Biden is doing all he can to cast aside all of Trump’s EOs and Congress’ immigration laws and become a law unto himself.

Lawsuits begin

His signing of an executive order stopping the deportation of any illegal alien who came here after November 1, 2020 triggered an immediate lawsuit from Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general.

A federal judge temporarily blocked Biden’s order. That was the right move.

If people are here illegally it shouldn’t matter when they arrived. They should be deported.


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Biden also wrote an EO stopping any further work on President Trump’s cherished and effective wall, despite the facts that the money has been allocated and all of the materials at the job site are ready to be installed.

That doesn’t matter to Biden. He and the other liberals, with whom he schemes, want to tear down our borders and allow anyone, good, bad or ugly, to enter the country. By allowing that, it assures that those coming in will vote for Democrats, keeping them in power longer.

Biden also lifted President Trump’s travel ban on people coming here from Muslim countries where terrorism thrives. The list of those nations, by the way, came from the Obama Administration.

So now we can look forward to more terrorist attacks. Swell.

Attorneys general will challenge

Fortunately, the orders won’t be implemented without a fight. As happened to President Trump, Biden’s executive orders are and will be challenged in court. According to FoxNews.com, six attorneys general have written a long letter to Biden.

They’re warning him that if he oversteps his boundaries regarding states rights and such issues as freedom of religion and gun control, he’ll face a volley of lawsuits, and quite likely from more than just six states.

Democrats sued almost over every one of President Trump’s executive orders. Biden is about to feel the sting and frustration of such lawsuits, perhaps not to the same degree, but he’ll be challenged.

As they say, “What goes around comes around.”