If China Invades Taiwan, What Will Biden Do?

President of the People s Republic of China Xi

Sleepy Joe’s got zero abilities to stop China…..


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If China Invades Taiwan, What Will Biden Do?

By James H. Hyde, special to Daily Liberty News

What will Biden do if China invades Taiwan?

And while eyes are fixed on stuff like the price of silver and Gamestop…

…stuff is going on in this part of the world that can quickly get out of hand.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (dictator for life), is doing a dance now that President Trump has left the White House.

Trump was the first president with the guts to stand up to our China’s corrupt trade practices.

Trump made major strides in taking manufacturing out of China and bringing it back to the U.S.

He practically stopped the theft of intellectual property.

He also pushed back on China’s military provocations, and challenged them about their absurdly dangerous activities in the South China Sea.

But Biden is a different story.

Now that Trump is gone, Xi is flexing his muscles and behaving badly, especially with Taiwan. No surprise there. It’s been a thorn in his side ever since he came to power.

The Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) is issuing fresh warnings to Taipei:

Declaring independence will be “an act of war.”

Xi’s is now bullying Taiwan, and also countries that have valid claims to islands in the South China Sea.

Islands that China is now militarizing.

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Xi Jinping

Xi is a thug who wormed his way through the communist party to become China’s imperial leader.

And he’s not an old man we can expect to pass away any time soon.

Xi has referred to Biden as “an old friend,” who, with his granddaughter in tow, once dined with Xi.

That warm and fuzzy relationship is not good news. As we know, during the Obama Administration, Biden was pointman on China.

And that’s what enabled Hunter Biden to return from China aboard Air Force 2 with over a billion-dollars in his pocket.

All that cash was supposedly to be managed and invested for Chinese concerns.

Hunter had no experience investing a billion dollars.

Of course, China’s deal with Hunter — that couldn’t have anything to do with purchasing access to the vice president?


Xi Believes that His Relationship with Biden is Status Quo. Uh Oh

Xi thought rightly that Biden would do nothing when he boldly ordered his Air Force to fly incursions into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone multiple times.

It was a dangerous and blatant display of force. And Biden did nothing.

Reminds me of when Biden sent meals (MREs) and blankets to Ukraine instead of military assistance.

Russia took full advantage of that meaningless gesture. I guess Obama expected the Ukrainians to throw MRE hotdogs and broccoli at their enemies.

When Trump found himself in a similar situation with Taiwan, he fulfilled our obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act by providing military hardware to the beleaguered island.

He approved the sale of $1.8 billion in serious military goodies with no reservations about what Xi thought.

So far, the reaction to China’s invasion of Taiwanese airspace and threats of war have been met with tepid and meaningless claptrap in the Biden administration.

Throwing snowballs rather than rocks

“We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s democratically elected representatives.” That’s what the Biden Administration told the Chinese.

Those are the snowballs.

Xi must have laughed himself sick when he read that. It’s what’s known as a diplomatic love letter.

That’s big of you Biden, but what will you do when China ignores your vapid rhetoric and invades?

Fortunately, someone convinced Biden to send the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier group into the waters between Taiwan and China. Possibly Antony Blinken, his secretary of state. Blinken agrees with Trump’s approach to China,

But that won’t prevent an invasion of Taiwan.

Rehearsing to meet such a threat, the Chinese war-gamed how they would attack our carrier groups.

That’s really bad news, because they have the capability to do it. If they did attack our ships, it would be a real act of war that could go nuclear.

Worse, it could lead to an EMP attack. An attack that would render all electronics null and void — no bueno.

How does Biden respond, or does he resign and hand the reins to Harris and take off for his basement? Lord help us!

When Kim Jong Un was mulling sending nuclear missiles our way, Trump sent three aircraft carrier groups to the Korean coast. That had a major effect on Kim, and contributed to getting him to the negotiating table.

As Biden churns out executive orders behind the scenes, his new team members are scratching their heads over what to do about the Chinese Communist Party.

How will the administration stop China from attacking Taiwan?


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Fortunately, if they do invade, the Chinese will find it tough going and perhaps a lost cause.

The leaders in Taipei have carefully crafted their response. They have artillery encircling much of the island. They’ll also flood their beaches with American-made tanks, some old, some new.

In addition, the island is extremely mountainous, so if Chinese troops do come ashore, they face daunting terrain.

Nonetheless, don’t expect the U.S. to provide much in the way of military support.

Sadly, we are not obligated by treaty to defend Taiwan, although some of the language in the Taiwan Relations Act alludes to some support.

Nonetheless, what would Biden do if the invasion happened?

Perhaps send in more aircraft carriers, but little else.

Don’t expect any U.S. airpower to fend off the offensive. Instead, he’ll advise the Chinese to negotiate peacefully. That will do absolutely nothing.

Man, I really miss President Trump. If he could have finished what he started, the Chinese bullying might well have stopped.

With Biden, an invasion is a Chinese fait accompli. It’s not a matter of if, but when?

“Can I have the next binders of executive orders? Oh, and don’t forget all of those fancy pens I never hand out to anyone.”